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  1. And another season in the 1st division will help our finances. You mentioned Sutherland he may have been a target but was it realistic. A player that was under contract and scoring goals. A players unwilling it appears to love out of the highlands. We have gone 29 days and now appear to be looking at the bottom of the barrel. We've put Victoria out on loan to save a wage, we're unlikely to get Gullan back unless Hibs sign a couple of strikers in the next 48 hours. We're looking at Kenny Miller but he has other offers. If we want out of this league then we need to strengthen. Airdrie and Falkirk both have.
  2. Yet other teams in our league have managed to sign players and strengthen their squads, we've weakened.
  3. Or what if the talk of two players under contract was crap and just a ploy to sell season tickets. I'm going to predict one loan signing before Saturday and that will be it.
  4. No new faces in the gym today. Thought there may be one or two depending if we had players in we may be looking at.
  5. Just further people need to get behind Mendy. He comes into the gym smiling, bouncing looking like he loves it here. He is an absolute rock built like a brick you know what. Hes come from a foreign country and will need time to get up to speed and adapt remember Klopp gave Fabinho 5 months before he got into the first team. Hes also had good reports from Kelty. I for one hopes it works out for him.
  6. Steven Anderson very much part of the Raith squad. Just been training with the rest of the squad in Gym 64. Doesn't look like he has much of an injury but I'm no doctor. Lewis Vaughan also in looks like hes been on his hols. Brad training with squad not on his own like last week so would suggest he'll be fit for Saturday. Dan Armstrong also training with squad so shouldn't be far away. 2 new boys training, one just a kid the other a little older but not sure who he was.
  7. Heard rumours that clubs are looking at MacDonald with a view of putting in an offer.
  8. Just watched the highlights and all 3 goals came from errors in defence. Davo should never be giving away a handball, McKay then clearly at fault for the 2nd and hesitation on the left lead to the 3rd. I'm in favour of a back 3 with wingbacks but Anderson makes a huge difference in a 3. If he is out for the next 2-3 months then we need to look at other options.
  9. Why didn't the interviewer ask about potential signings, we wouldn't be given names but might be given an insight to see if we are getting closer to a deal or 2.
  10. Brian Graham is not signing for Raith, Jonny Court is not good enough to come back, East Fife ditched him cause he was crap. Henderson has not scored goals this season. Panayiotou is not likely to return to Kdy or even Scotland.
  11. Nevermind with Crawford and Dair in charge it looks like relegation is a distinct possibility. Here's hoping.
  12. I take no notice from fans of a club who were happy to screw over all small businesses and give them virtually nothing when they went into administration. Remember though it was only the chairmans fault and nobody else's. He put them millions of pounds in debt.
  13. Like everyone else I have some concerns for the debt but there is a difference we do have assets signed for more than one season. Bowie will leave and will bring in a decent transfer fee, Hendry will also likely leave at the end of this season if we dont go up and again a few clubs will be looking to get him again a transfer fee and we also have Spencer under contract who if he wanted to go fulltime could certainly move up a league or 2 and again bring the club some money. I dont want to see any leave but the reality is they will but the club have had the sense to get them signed on longer deals stopping them just walking away.
  14. St Johnstone management have said they need to move people out before they can sign anyone. 2 or 3 teams interested in Callaghan problem we have is that St Johnstone will clearly need to have any team taking him pay the great majority of his wages we are unlikely to have that kind of money.
  15. I would hardly say they play in a league miles away from us. Cove, Edinburgh City and Kelty would all give us a good game.
  16. I still think Mendy will come good. He's getting game time at a good level playing beside an experienced player. He's raw but so was Marvin.
  17. The difference is he doesn't get booked for dissent every week and never learns from his continual stupidity. How many times has Davo been sent off it's a joke. He needs to be punished by the club. Hes the senior player but I would have him cleaning boots etc. In the summer I for one hope he goes and his wages freed up to bring in a centre half with a better attitude.
  18. Sorry it's not he continually let's himself, the team and fans down. How many times does he get booked for opening his mouth an experienced player should learn to shut up. How many times does he get sent off, the only saving grace is it never cost us the game on Saturday. He's now put the team in a very difficult position especially when we are probably playing our main rivals for the league this Saturday. A stupid foul that didn't need to be made. I hoped he would leave the club last summer and I again hope he is let go this summer.
  19. When are we going to get rid of this fucking idiot, hes a liability and at that not a great footballer.
  20. No in terms of transfer fees they have done very well. Young players going down south for big money. We have failed in this for years now we have an asset we must get the best deal possible.
  21. I think we need to hold out and get a deal like Hamilton and Falkirk have got. Maybe just maybe enough to clear our debts. Get him playing, scoring and hopefully u19s Scotland and U21s and his value will rocket.
  22. That was a piss poor performance by everyone in a Raith shirt. No desire, no urgency, no pressure, no shots on target other than the goal. Lewis Allan is clearly no where near fit, our ball from keeper to Anderson in the 2nd half was a joke. Davidson in midfield, well he wont hurt teams other than a rash tackle as his passing is sideways or back. We then bring on Dingwall what has he actually done since signing, yet others dont get a chance. Too many players arguing with each other than supporting each other. On a plus it was a good cross for the goal and Dave Dave McKay didn't do anything wrong at right back.
  23. Saw the players in Gym 64 today well most of the squad. Reagan Hendry was there but taking it easy. Did notice an unknown player with squad number 28. Young, very short blonde hair. Any ideas.
  24. Not surprised be interesting to see what gig if any he gets. Failed at Falkirk, failed at Utd and proved at Raith and Morton that he has no commitment or loyalty
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