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  1. I wanted Murray from outset and I heard today from someone with connections to the club that he is the BOD first choice.
  2. I said at the beginning of the process that Murray was my favourite. His team plays good football and can score goals. No reason why he can't do that with us. If he is willing to talk and is available then we should look to appoint early next week.
  3. We don't need a quick fix, we have a squad which needs a couple of strikers, 3 defenders a couple of midfielders if Spencer leaves.
  4. Bow is looking to leave, Mahady will be released from his contract and I struggle to see how Coulson impressed when he struggled for a starting position in a piss poor Cowdenbeath side.
  5. I'll be very surprised if Jack Ross takes a job in Scotland. He never relocated to Scotland when Hibs manager and his family appear settled down south.
  6. For once I totally agree. Should not have even been considered for interview.
  7. Least you're not bothered by it. Not in the slightest but when Hughes is not sacked I think you lot will be bothered.
  8. And yet you still got relegated. Now away and piss off to the seaside league and enjoy Hughes for another few months before your board finally see sense.
  9. What is your obsession with the youth at the club. If they are good enough they will play. Mahady IMO will be released, Bow from what I've heard will also be away, struggling with an injury. If Thomson takes the job I'm sure he will be given a budget that he is happy with as he wants to prove himself and move on to bigger things. Unlikely to happen if he takes us backwards.
  10. Why is it that some fans constantly want us to go with an ex player or in this case an ex coach. We don't need Ellis, he failed at QP, we don't need Craig Brewster, we don't need Colin Cameron last I heard he was driving taxi's. Craig Easton hasn't done much either with us or since he left. Ian Murray IMO is who we should target, he has Airdrie playing well and scoring goals. He is still relatively young, but experienced in management.
  11. I know we still have a few days until all applications are to be in, but it is very quiet. Normally the press will give a few names that have applied or shown an interest.
  12. Next Spring, if JM doesn't get Falkirk up near the top he'll be sacked.
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