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  1. The squad is starting to take shape with recent signings and another centre half about to sign. We needed changes to defence and midfield and JM has delivered. We look like we will be a big strong physical side which will be hard to beat. I reckon we have a Gk still to sign and either 2 strikers or a striker and a right winger to come in. I'm also saw a young lad who is currently staying at the Strathearn Hotel who I believe may be training with the club. Dingwall done this last season. Build stature etc would suggest an attacking player.
  2. Can someone post the article cant access it through Fife online.
  3. From what I've heard the French defender is huge, an out and out centre half, not a left back.
  4. Michael Miller thoughts please. Just signed appears to have had a good early career until his injury.
  5. Michael Miller looks like a good signing can play a few positions but he must stay fit.
  6. McKinnon is a snake, never stayed loyal to any club. I personally hope he fails for two reasons, so we have a chance of promotion and no other club of any stature touches him.
  7. Just listened to McGlynns interview and now slightly worried. Thinks that Bowie and Smith will score us the goals which has to win us promotion. Sorry but I don't think they will. Appears McKay will be our right back shoehorned in there to allow Davo and Bene to play centre half, two players that contributed to virtually no clean sheets last season. Not much business to do, again we were told a squad of 21/22, Bowie and Tait may be signed but modern apprentices so really shouldn't be part of the 21/22 so I would have thought 6 players to come in, sounds like maybe 3 or 4 max.
  8. We made a mistake re-signing Davo, wage would have been better spent on a right back. I would also like to see a big commanding centre half come in, someone who just commands the penalty box and none of our centre halfs have done that recently.
  9. Not sure you can class Tait and Bowie as part of the 21/22 they are modern apprentices who are still very much learning the game. So I would say we have 15 with 6 to come in. That will include a keeper, 2 strikers, possibly another centre midfielder who is likely to be Michael Miller as I've heard it's a done deal then 2 more for defensive cover.
  10. If true very poor should be freeing up his wage. Poor attitude, a liability sick of seeing his awful punts to nobody. His best years are way behind him.
  11. Spencer and Hendry look like good signings, Victoria hit or miss, Anderson no thanks. A lot will depend on who we still sign and quality loan players, but at the moment I agree EF, Airdrie have done good business and that's before we mention Falkirk.
  12. Don't think so player I heard wasn't playing for Bromley. Don't know the name but think he will be a youngster.
  13. I'm aware one of the strikers is someone coming up from England.
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