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  1. No disrespect but hopefully. We have made a very good start but our first priority is to stay in the league.
  2. Davo will ebsure he sits out Christmas again whether through bookings or a sending off.
  3. Great result. Good to see Frankie getting a wee run out. Any idea how many not including season tickets signed up today. Also do away fans have to sign up to Raith TV if so do we know how many of them signed up.
  4. Just watched the highlights good to see Vaughan get a run out, cracking goal by Duku, Bene and Davo going to cost us big style this season. Thought Mendy may be the issue not so sure when I see Hearts 3rd goal, Davo caught up field missing a tackle Bene beaten too easily with skill and pace. Hopefully Frankie comes in and shores up the centre of defence or we may need a loan player in there, bearing in mind we only improved last season when the experienced head of Anderson arrived.
  5. I'm basing it on the fact that he isnt getting a run in the team and got overlooked by Bowie, Anderson and Allan who was terrible. I also believe that Mahady will go above him on the list of 1st choice players.
  6. An answer to our injury problems is the loan market. We could do with a right back for cover anyway but maybe one that can slip into the right side of a back 3. We need to plan this season without Vaughan if he gets fit and stays fit it will be a bonus but we should be looking to bring a loan player in to play either wide left to fill that role but also hopefully can play through the middle ad Smith ain't good enough.
  7. The stands a dump it offers nothing for fans, limited viewing with pillars uncomfortable seating and facilities underneath or behind that provide limited income to the club. If we ever had the money I would knock it down bring the entire stand up to the pitch line, provide corporate facilities with boxes etc in a modern stand and utilise the whole area for trying to increase income. Will not happen as we dont have the money though.
  8. It's not administration I'd be worried about. When the investors sell EEP and leave you playing at Kelty that's when I start laughing.
  9. Got to wonder if he will ever be back. My concern is he breaks down again that will be end of career.
  10. Watch our chairmans interview sounds like we are relying on Raith TV and fans signing up to get through the season. He doesnt think its cost effective for us to open a stadium with 300 or 500 fans allowed in.
  11. Who cares we helped our club out financially through COVID to the tune of over 100k. Like I say enjoy the Seaside league and although you will be favourites to come up I csnt help but think that Partick and Airdrie will be up there all season and if you dont go up then part time football will loom.
  12. Our desperation for promotion your club is the one who finished 2nd were top of the league for 2 weeks over 28 games and still thought they should be promoted. Get over it and enjoy the seaside league. Nevermind no pressure this season but if you dont go up, more cutbacks.
  13. Would love to see him stay fit and see if there is a player there but I think he will be overlooked this season and I think the young boy Mahady will get in front of him for chances. If Vaughan shows he is fully recovered and will be playing games then I would loan Smith out till January and see if he developments with regular games in league 1 or 2.
  14. Give it a break, one thing is for sure East Fife won nothing and were awarded with the title of being shit.
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