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  1. Surely any team in the Championship are aiming for Premier league status, however Raith fans don't expect it, some Dunfermline fans do and believe they should be in the Premier league as they are bigger than the likes of Ross County, Hamilton, St Johnstone St Mirren.
  2. A striker is a priority over a left back. Frankie Musonda and Bene can both cover there.
  3. Also when we're 3 nil up there is nothing wrong with putting on one of our spare centre half's and going with a back 5 to see out the last 10 mins.
  4. Good victory in the end, but we need to know when Frankie is back, best defender last season and needed to tighten up in there or maybe add something defensively in midfield. Interesting we take of Spencer and we lose goals. By christ we also need a striker. Get someone in JM.
  5. So no new striker signed on loan before today's game better hope Varian doesn't get injured as we have nothing of a threat sitting on the bench.
  6. Announced tonight on Scottish news that JM is looking to bring a striker in on loan.
  7. So play two players out of position, sounds like a great plan.
  8. Seriously Mahady who has hardly kicked a ball for one of the worst teams in Scottish Senior football. Zanatta who is a winger and McGlynn who wants 3 wingers on his books. Poplatnik who doesn't look like he'll score many and Mitchell who is nothing more then a promising untried youngster. Maybe Jamie Gullan on loan is an option as he can play out on the left and through the middle or perhaps someone like a Keatings who is currently sitting on a bench of a Premier league team and getting no or little game time. Oh wait Jamie Gullan comes to mind.
  9. Not very professional by the club and fans need to hear the full reason. Raith TV have to start asking the difficult question. Also I'm hoping we see a player or two sign in the next day or 2. There must be some decent strikers looking to go out on loan.
  10. Strange sub last week with McKay playing right back when he should have gone with a back 3 and he pushed Tumilty up to right mid/winger.
  11. Sorry have I missed something but McGlynn is going with 4 central midfielders today.
  12. Disappointments are part and parcel of supporting a club our size. We have ups and downs.
  13. Maybe they're not good enough or just not ready for senior 1st team football regardless of the league.
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