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  1. How he's stating the truth. Bring in players to win a league and dont pay for them.
  2. No training on the pitch last night so pitch must still be covered in snow. With low temps zero chance this game will go ahead.
  3. How have we lined up today. I take it we have 3 at the back with Mendy in the middle.
  4. Oh please dont have a joke or banter on here some dont like it
  5. What were your thoughts on the Raith stream and commentary today.
  6. Adam King has just signed for us on loan till end of season. I believe he was on loan to QP. Is he any good, what position does he play.
  7. As I said a few weeks ago he was signing a pre contract but was told it wasnt going to be a Scottish club. Heard Brentford being mentioned.
  8. Not a great performance even with 11 but on the plus side Lewis Vaughan played 60 mins. Not sure what Ethan Ross has done to be dropped though. We should maybe try Ross on the left, Armstrong right with Kennedy playing behind the striker. Put Vaughan on the bench on Saturday and maybe give him the last 20 minutes.
  9. Most of the players are apparently out of isolation today.
  10. You are right although the dirty scum along the road probably will cheat through this as well.
  11. Did you see our trophy, our name will also be on the trophy as 1st Div winners. You've had one good result all season and now probably think your league challengers.
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