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  1. Like you say give some an incentive to attend. That first half performance was totally unacceptable at ant level. Isma was extremely poor balls bouncing off him etc but no support for him either. Misplaced passes no urgency no break of the ball. The 2nd half only changed with Isma going off and Stanton being direct but having said that some of our balls into the box were not great and we became very predictable both both flanks. As I said to the chap beside me with 10 mins to go we could have played all day and still not scored but they had been a problem for almost 2 seasons now. I thought Tumilty played very well and Im still not sure if Zanatta touched the ball. Moving forward we need a couple of strikers and an experienced centre half for next season. Isma is far too slow.
  2. You do when he's never going to get on the pitch.
  3. Hardly a strange decision he just is no where near good enough.
  4. I had heard previously that Sim wants to retain 20% of his shares.
  5. Our owner seems keen to sell and keep a small stake in the club. We need someone/group to come in willing to spend some cash, take us up a level to be competing for promotion and not mess the club around like previous owners.
  6. What is the script with your owner. Rumours afoot that he may be involved in a take over at Raith. If true would it be good for our club. Is he still involved at Kelty.
  7. Your team clearly won the other night and look likely to come back up. You've been very quiet for months on our page and no doubt you'll be very vocal next season how you are such a big team and should be winning the league. Until then please piss off.
  8. What it tells me is we need to find a couple of strikers that's been missing for almost 2 seasons. Where would we be this season with 2 players up top that could put the ball in the net. Even last night we created chances some better finishing or decision making would have got us 3 points. I'm also a big fan of Spencer but if he doesn't sign on again I would try and find another Scott Brown we would have one hell of a midfield. Brown is some player.
  9. Completely agree, although they won't name anyone surely the fans should be getting some form of an update.
  10. Two things why is there no newer about a potential takeover and what the hell has happened to Hamilton.
  11. I can fully understand the romance of the cup but from a financial point of view the club will be celebrating. Yes we could have drawn an ICT, Falkirk or Ayr but there is nothing to guarantee a victory especially away from home. This way we get a share of a 40k attendance, quarter final money and some TV cash. You never know we have nothing to lose, Partick gave them a game and anything could happen. Surely VAR wouldn't get a Duncan Ferguson headbutt so wrong.
  12. Decent payday. At least we're not away to ICT or Ayr.
  13. Would be amazing to get to a semi final but to ensure a payday we need Celtic, Rangers or Hearts. Remember we are the giant killers this round so should get TV money if we draw one of them. Knowing our luck we'll draw ICT or Killie away.
  14. What a result, great performance, all played well but I thought that Easton and Brown were very good.
  15. Alfies offers some nice food at a reasonable price. I also heard that Alfies may be welcoming 3 Motherwell buses on Saturday so may be very busy.
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