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  1. Heard 2 new signings being announced this week. No idea who they are or positions.
  2. Trying to get back to team matters. Both Lang and Mackay were training in Gym 64 today.
  3. Two strikers, 1 central midfielder and left sided winger short of a squad
  4. There must be some rumours out there. Surely someone was along at SP on Friday to see who turned up.
  5. That's why you appointed a manager that relegated a team last season.
  6. Some delusional Dunfermline fan thinking Hendry would move to them. Do they not understand he wants to move up in his career. No chance he will stay in the Championship when he apparently has several Premier league clubs plus others down south interested in him.
  7. See my earlier post I also think Michael Gardyne. Also threw in the name Liam Polworth. Released by Motherwell and highly thought of up north
  8. Theres a massive pool of available players out there. Agents will be offering players to several clubs. Although Hendry will be difficult to replace if we get the right body in then we should be okay. Matthew's improved last season, Tait still developing but had massive potential and Spencer is a good fit. Two players that could be tempted one at the end of his career is Michael Gardyne old experienced head, something we have lacked, the other is Liam Polworth released by Motherwell. Adam King struggled in a league below us and did not stand out in any games for us. Not good enough if we are looking to finish top 4.
  9. Most on here are saying we need 2 strikers and at least one a presence. Now that Davos away what about Todorov.
  10. We need a big striker, if not 2 for competition to complement Keatings and Vaughan. We need a left winger, fingers crossed Ethan Ross and a centre mid to replace Hendry. With preseason starting on Friday I get the feeling that some are already signed and might be announced tomorrow.
  11. Will never be able to afford him. More likely to be at St Mirren or one of the Dundee sides.
  12. Nope I think we are at least one striker from being finished. Preferably a big striker to offer something different
  13. I have a feeling that Ethan Ross will be announced today. Fingers crossed.
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