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  1. Where to start someone who posted up that the Wee team doing the right thing by signing players until end of July at taxpayer's expense. Who the f%#k do you think pays universal credit for the 17 players you released. Who do you think paid the 10 million you pissed up the wall the taxpayer. Not only did your so called big team screw several small businesses a few years back your now screwing over players rather than doing the decent thing.
  2. In terms of Davo bashing never been a fan, I think he is now way past it and there was a reason Steven Anderson was signed, it was to help a struggling defence. Davo should have been binned after the away tie against Alloa when he was sent off for the umpteenth bloody time.
  3. Regardless of his history he served his time and deserved a 2nd chance. His quality as a player would have been a real asset to our club but some fans just would never accept him. These are probably the same fans that constantly want us to sign ex Raith players or go into the Championship when ever that may be with a team that struggled against the likes of Forfar, East Fife etc.
  4. So as long as the assault isnt too serious it's okay. Hitting someone with a bottle being locked up is okay just not jail time.
  5. Do you still think that Davo should play for us then?
  6. Well considering you cheated us out of promotion by bringing in players you had no intention of paying for then screwing small businesses by writing off 10 million I have little time for Dunfermline. Now you've ditched 17 players when you had options for at least another couple of months.
  7. So you would prefer to put players on the dole. Here's hoping that players wont want to sign next season for you. You've shafted small businesses and written off millions in the past now your shafting players rather than working with them and extending contracts to give them an income.
  8. Now that we are Champions and will be playing the likes of Hearts, Dunfermline, Dundee hopefully with some decent crowds Covid 19 dependant who would you like us to sign within reason. Which areas do we need to strengthen.
  9. If he retires the heres hoping Davo retires.
  10. Exactly all for reconstruction if it's for the long term good of Scottish football but a one season change to save Hearts should never have been on the table.
  11. Completely agree. Depending on finances we need to strengthen. Remember we could be up against Hearts, ICT, Dunfermline, Dundee who will all have decent squads. We need IMO a keeper, left back as back up, a commanding centre half, a right back, a left sided midfielder and 3 strikers. Bowie, Baird, Anderson, Victoria and Allan will all be away. I would let Watson and Dingwall go along with Mendy who will never be given a chance and either release Davo or keep him as backup but certainly not 1st choice. Try and sign Anderson, perhaps McLean to add much needed experience and sign any others out of contract. In short release or lose 8 and sign 8.
  12. Just in the car following us thrashing Falkirk today 4 nil and winning the league. Well done Raith, 1st Division Champions. Well I can dream, never mind still Champions.
  13. What's surprising from that game is how Bobby Barr seemed to take Arbroath apart and 2 trialists both scored but were never given a run in competitive matches.
  14. Why, does that mean Cove play Edinburgh, Utd play ICT and Celtic play Rangers. I don't think so, away and enjoy 2nd Division football. As I've said the only guaranteed thing is that top go up and bottom go down, playoffs dont guarantee anything other than further games.
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