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  1. What war? I'm fucked on Voddy, you told me Is was a special military operation.
  2. He's got an arse like a Hamadryas Babbon. The stoatie baw wrong 'un.
  3. Most of these 2nd amendment weekend dressy up soldiers have a hard on for Putin and are moaning about the US arming Ukraine. Look at the Qgammon heroes like Taylor Green , Carlson,Trump jnr, Bannon etc..... and the anti Ukraine shite they spout. https://www.murphy.senate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/murphy-the-republicans-lifting-up-putin-are-the-same-ones-trying-to-destroy-democracy
  4. I've got one on my wrist. Like any tattoo you will feel the odd little painful bit. Make sue you go to someone who knows what their doing as some think they are digging for bait when the start going into your skin.
  5. I left on the day of the election and my friends who were voting were all going for the Move Forward Party. If the coup takes place it will make the red shirt protests in 2013 look like a may day parade. Hopefully a few cooler religious heads and less militant army guys speak up for democracy.
  6. Could any of the clued up folk on weaponry answer this for me. There's been fears and threats from Putin about Nuclear strikes but if Ukraine is shooting down Russian super hyper-sonic missiles, drones and other missiles etc at a really high percentage would firing anything nuclear not get the same response or would it be delivered like the old style atom bombs and dropped from a plane? Or would it be hard to hit as they are detonated well above ground level?
  7. From twitters blue tick grifters and bible bashers who usually have this in their bios
  8. They must have know it was a bit of a a squib as they had the caveat that social media views weren't taken into account.
  9. Latest today, the left wing are saying he was wearing a RWDS (right wing death squad)patch associated with the alt right proud boys and the right wing are saying he was an MS13 gang member. So neither want to condemn the actions of a madman as he may be a useful tool in either sides political agenda.
  10. An average of 18.8 million people tuned into watch the Coronation across 11 channels and services, including BBC One, Two, ITV and Sky News. On BBC One, a peak of 13.4 million viewers tuned in to the broadcast led by Huw Edwards and the channel had an average audience of 11.9 million, the BBC said. So basically on every channel and got 1m more viewers than womens football.
  11. Seen that still which is horrific and the video of the dead (armed to the teeth) shooter. The Maga Q lot already dishing out the racism and saying they need their guns for protection and accusing the Hispanic shooter as a gang banging illegal immigrant not realising they're making an argument for tighter gun control.
  12. I read it wrong as though it read as they'll be children there, so the joke wasn't personally directed at you it was a Prince Andrew joke so sorry if I offended you as it wasn't my aim.
  13. I'd watch that but tweak it to replace Bridget Bardot's tits with Jayne Mansfield's. Last strike was when Heroes was out, was a great show up until the writers walkout then turned to shit and never recovered.
  14. Oliver should do a serious called Toast where he walks up and down the front line looking for biolabs.
  15. The only way I'd watch this shit live is if it became one of they rolling news live terrorist attacks. And here we have Sophie Wessex Duchess of Edinburgh looking resplendent in lime green from the primark royal summer dress creation......Allaha Akbar mother fuckers.....
  16. Super Tanskiii - I fucking hate tories, tory b*****ds elitist c***s, vote Keir etc.etc. Scottish/Socialist twitter - Starmers a tory Supertanskiii - I'm being bullied by leftist
  17. Tucker Carlson to show up on Talk TV or GB news?
  18. I'm all for this "National Alert" if it stops women on my Facebook feed posting missing teenager reports from Slough. What's the point? We have ongoing terrorist shenanigans at the Tesco in the Port, it will just get all the idiots to rush there with their phones to TikTok it live. If it's for a 4 minute w**k warning before nuclear war it could be a useful addition to the Apps on my phone.
  19. The Gincardine has to post uber staunch made up Bitnattery or his successful pals down the golf club wouldn't let him carry one of their golf bags at the weekly 4 ball scramble.
  20. These Tory c***s have been ripping the pish for years getting away with lying, stealing, bullying, breaking the law etc etc. No wonder Rabb is raging he's just the arsehole who was at the top of the iceberg when the compliant media acted. How Patel, Baverman, Johnson, Handcock, Cox are even walking the streets is beyond me.
  21. Semi automatic with bump stock = automatic. OK I'll be clearer on my initial point, why do you need semi automatic armed forces weaponry for shooting rabbits and turkeys? Now the NRA and right wing republicans are prepping these fucking loonies with the threat of a left wing uprising and the days of revelations. It's these armed to the teeth militia that are going to be a major problem in the states for years to come.
  22. Steven Paddock literally killed 60 people in a civilian mass shooting in Las Vegas using Automatic weapons some with bump stocks.
  23. Why not just ban all automatic weapons? Hunters don't need bump stock A15s to shoot Bambi or Turkey Lurky.
  24. I think he's yesterday's man and will end up getting fined after doing a deal and slink away to play golf and beam out Alex Jones type shows from Mar-a- Largo. Outside the group of hardcore Trump is Jesus disciples I think most Republicans have woken up to the snake oil salesman and even though "it was fun while it lasted" they're to conservative to risk a loose cannon again.
  25. Troll process - Manky Jaiket insnae a Jew hating Nazi as he supports the Tories and we all know the Nazis were Socialists.
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