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  1. Well deserved. Still looks as though one of the good a few years ago, Croatia or Belgium will still get a half decent chance to qualify.
  2. The commentary team I've got are showing a re-run of the goal and talking about revs per second FFS.
  3. Morroco are a solid unit they would go far if the had a striker
  4. Belgium are a bit like England, start like a train and if the take the lead usually cuff teams but when a team handle them the run out of ideas.
  5. Looking forward to this, 8pm kick off here so meeting up with a few English lads for dinner then local girly bar for game, Scotland top on and a load of your boys aren't too bad for a team that got bodied 4-0 of Hungary at home soundbites. Think England will squeak this 1-0 with the press going ballastic about the treatment the cops dished out to the coke fuelled corporate fan(nies)
  6. The 2 arse cheeks pretty much did f**k all to support the war effort in WW2. Yet here we have arse cheek blue(version2.0)playing the part of staunch armed forces club. Shameless. Much has been made of the Ibrox club retaining their players while such as Hibs, with 30, and Motherwell, who had 13, delivered many men to the front. Celtic supporters of a certain vintage will argue blind their club lost many influential players in contrast to their ancient rivals. Yet Crampsey notes that both clubs were criticised for the “microscopic contribution” they made to the war effort in this respect. He states that, of the 22 players that were regular first-teamers immediately before the war, only two from each “ended up in uniform”.
  7. I'm getting on a bit now and probably at the age when I'm meant to become an old right wing racist, climate change denying ,anti-woke, nearly dead spiteful c**t . Luckily I've never picked up never mind paid for one of the GB tabloids, so unless I go senile and put my x in the wrong box all those grey rinse jogging suit wearing fucks can bolt.
  8. The Ruskies are maybe pulling back so they can blow up the dam and flood Kherson. KYIV, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Russia will slow Ukrainian troops' advance in the south by just two weeks if it blows up the vast Kakhovka dam, but such a move would flood territory occupied by Moscow and lose it a vital water canal for annexed Crimea, Kyiv's military spy chief said. Kyrylo Budanov made the comments to Ukrainska Pravda in an interview published on Monday after President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said last week Russia had mined the hydro-electric dam on the Dnipro River and was preparing to blow it up. another view. ARussian strike on the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) in Ukraine's southern Kherson region, where a Ukrainian counteroffensive is ongoing, could be like dropping an "atomic bomb," an expert has assessed. The Kakhovka HPP has been shelled by Russian forces since the beginning of the war, which began after President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion against Ukraine on February 24. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a U.S. think tank, assessed this week that Russian forces may be preparing to carry out a false-flag attack on the Kakhovka HPP where Kyiv is conducting extensive military action to take back its territory.
  9. The reply here is very interesting. Basically Putin is a Magpie picking shiny quotes and philosophies that make him look all clever and strong.
  10. All this manufactured "lest we forget" is just Britnatary gone mad. Thick gammons worshipping the fleg and uniform and getting it up those lentil eating kaftan wearing peacenik lefties. The whole media, politics and public are having a game of who can out poppy one another, a crazed cult of hero worship for an armed forces that's basically been involved in regime changing and bullying bewildered locals on a global scale since any fair and justified reason for going to war.(those bloody nazis, what were they like)
  11. The same Effie Dean who has been doing laps round the East Kilbride roundabout as Gaelic signs have her all confused?
  12. Nice to hear Today finish with Tory peer Nicky Morgan and James Heal an editor at the Spectator cheer leading the new boss and how the Tories can finally get on with true conservative governance and how the big guns like Gove and Patel should be welcomed into the cabinet......FFS it was all these c***s that have made the UK the basket case of world politics. Do the BBC ever hold them to account?
  13. LBC giving it "the joint ticket" Basically lazy lard ass goes back to playing to the crowds and generally putting his foot in it. The wee brown guy gets to be the power behind the pantomime but never gets to go to the ball thus keeping the racists onside.
  14. I'm Yes to No as I've seen what being a Scottish Yoon withnot an ounce of moral fibre can do to the bank balance.
  15. How's your marvelous mini budget looking?
  16. This guy has probably just invested in generator's and kiddie Elastoplasts.
  17. He just took the Rush Limbaugh playbook and cranked it up to 11. He seen the opportunity in right wing bullshit and made it into a last battle of the patriots spiel. The c***s just an actor who plays the snake oil(herbal power) salesman down to a tee.
  18. Already got a shakedown today for riding without a helmet. Now I feel like Henry Hill driving about off his tits seeing helicopters overhead.
  19. I'm going to Boo the f**k out of him, it will be like a St Mirren game only with humidity and people with nice smiles.
  20. Was Effie not some sort of educator in the past. Imagine that loon ball teaching weans.
  21. You've never met me. I don't run about wi c***s or anyone who talks shite for a living.
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