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  1. They haven't announced the venue, selling tickets for a fiver to members and free for the compliant media. Some folk saying it's in concert hall but may be moved to a quieter out the way venue (mcdiarmid park?)
  2. Truss is in Wales for hustings and is now saying she's coming for Drakeford and will be holding him to account. Surely that's the job of the Welsh electorate.
  3. The program also has leisure time post de-radicalisation with trips to the local Spoons to watch this stripper while pouring warm flat beer down your throat.
  4. I worry for Alex Rae and radio Clyde's telephone operator
  5. Been a good day till I hit twatter. What the score with these loonies? Not Truss and Sunak and the rest of the shysters in Westminster who are obviously power hungry greedy morality vacumes but all these clowns that activity whoop cheer and defend their horrible policies. Some of Poundland Maggie's biggest defenders call themselves left wingers. They can't get over the fact labour died selling Tories lies. Get a grip you bunch of fucking morons.
  6. That will be because the Independent Green Voice Party, Britain First or the DUP didn't field a candidate in Kinkyshire.
  7. Who would have thought all those racist UKIPers and Britain First types that rushed to join the Tories after brexit would be against a brown PM? Mind blown.
  8. GB bawbag showing why most other nations dislike their twattery.
  9. Yon Ellen White is a torn faced greeting cheating fanny.
  10. Hereditary monarchy, general Tory cuntiness, social media w**k spangles and a weekend of sobriety are grinding my gears this fine evening.
  11. The seethe on social media from the Scousers booing the national anthem again is a joy to behold. Always good to get a heads gone by saying by singing it they are coming across as a nation of paedo and terrorist apologists. Good to see the entitled c***s getting brought down a peg(ging) or two.
  12. The thing is Scotland will get the brunt of the winter weather so it will be ignored by the tories till a cm of snow dusts London. There was a blind guy on LBC saying he'll be spending the winter in the local bookies. What the fucks it come to when people with disabilities have to leave their homes in the depth of winter so as not freeze to death. There will be places to be warm but it will be from buildings and barricades burning. A winter of discontent is a definite.
  13. Why would they? They work in partnership with them up here and actually sack folk for refusing to join the love in. Both anti-democratic Little Englander gammon shit shows. We know it and the Scousers know it, just need the rest to give their heads a wobble.
  14. Diane Abbot, Ian Lavery,Beth Winter, and Zarah Sultana all came out supporting Tarry, wonder if his girlfriend angela Rayner will come out and support him too? This could get messy especially if the Unions decide to remove funding.
  15. He even has the built in look ridiculous Tory stance. Fucking charlatan.
  16. That was a pile of shite. Sunak thinks talking as fast and as long as he can is a winning tactic....it's not. Truss thinks being white, vacant and playing dressing up is a winning tactic. It probably is. The rapid fire questions at the end mass delusion for the Gammon to chug over.
  17. What's this giggle along shite, start fucking grilling them you BBC lickspittle c***s.
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