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  1. There was one on the other night, it was the one where the band get back together and play all the old hits but they are all bloated and jaded from booze and years in the wilderness. You can see they are a wee bit embarrased trying to fit into the old costumes but when Disney comes calling you disnae say naw, that was the one I watched.
  2. Tony loves any sort of mass, did he not become a catholic a few year back?
  3. Seen this elswhere. The US is fucked. This picture is from 3pm today. You can see exactly where Duval County ends and St. John’s County begins. All beaches in Duval are closed, while St. John’s only blocked parking at the beach. Gov. DeSantis needs to order a state-wide closure of all Florida beaches.
  4. Suppose it could be argued a double nugget is a necessity after an hours outdoor exersise
  5. The whole never seen the E-mail from EU about pulling resources and not replying to the company offering access to thousands of life saving ventilators should see the Westminster clowns up against a wall. Cheers @Slippery P canny get Jason Leich aff my telly now.
  6. Think he was on off the ball yesterday. Suppose you can only repeat the same mantra for so long, he's also an Airdrie supporter so needs binned.
  7. Seems as the everyone was on the Gin last night, place just got a big grey cloud over it. Need a few +ves from the Covid 19. As soon as we are allowed out to play there will be a massive rise in opportunities for getting yer hole. A pint from a tap will be like manna from heaven. Going to Cappielow will be like a visit to the Maracana. Queing up will become a leisure pursuit.
  8. Charlatans - And if I Fall. Wonderland is a very fine album
  9. A cabinet of bad aids. Who all sit on COBRA? might have to bring in S.H.E.I.L.D at this rate.
  10. With God on our side. https://www.rawstory.com/2020/03/christian-pastor-who-thought-covid-19-is-just-mass-hysteria-among-the-first-in-virginia-to-die-from-virus/amp/?__twitter_impression=true&fbclid=IwAR3TvR2w_Bm3N6U0fdwRq1GZFy93iu1A72iVeTZavsZqTaaOWx0AhctC208 On a side note. Why is Bear Grylls career over? Seems to be all over my interweb. Is it some sort of seedy porn algorithm?
  11. Even the local gangsters are getting into the community spirit....fair play. https://www.inverclydenow.com/easdales-offer-former-ibm-call-centre-as-field-hospital/?fbclid=IwAR2yB_NXeU_FyA1FRcSVJnVbK64PcmmRxlnk-KLrTBtMzREVIRpu6SZK7JY
  12. Is there only about 4 journalists in the UK. Get Kunsberg Peston and Rigby tae f**k. Get ones on who wil ask why c***s like charlie and the wetherspoon clown haven't been hung yet?
  13. Crackdown/Lockdown will be an easy way to clamp down on the FFP. Have also been seeing a few posts online generally flaunting the lèse-majesté laws by saying how things are turning to shit since Bhumibol died.
  14. I heard that it started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich 'cause he was hungry.
  15. This whole 2 weeks behind Italy warning, why not say we're a fortnight behind Italy, sound more matey and less formal for the approaching Armageddon.
  16. Take it Camilla is banished to the outhouse
  17. That's a fair leap from the paper shop to the supermarkets. So are the newsagents a critical service? The response has been pish everyone non critical should shut down. Building sites, hair salons, car showrooms, newsagents, factories not producing food medicine or other essential needs. The longer this half arsed approach goes on the longer I'm stuck in the house.
  18. https://www.dailysquat.com/boris-johnson-to-limit-contact-with-mistresses-to-two-at-a-time/
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