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  1. Oor Nicola Sturgeon thread.

    Your like a clock, every weekend between 9pm-2am when yer drunk you give us yer pish. Happy days.
  2. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Yer Da' middle aged football hooligans go all blue peter and show off their flair for crepre paper creations before trying to riot against mooslims. full story https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/13/football-lads-charge-at-police-as-far-right-march-turns-violent-8035492/?ito=social
  3. Question Time

    Nelson has more accents than Mike Yarwood. Oh and Ross is a c**t.
  4. Israel v Scotland

    FFS Mcleish talks pish.
  5. Israel v Scotland

    Beating Spain 3-1 in 84 will be my w**k bank till I die.
  6. Israel v Scotland

    Willie Miller slating his centre half bro, fair play.
  7. Israel v Scotland

    You were doing so well there.
  8. Israel v Scotland

    every outfield player has been pish
  9. Israel v Scotland

    O'Donnell needs to stop getting to far ahead of himself. Both McGregors look good.
  10. Israel v Scotland

    check inbox
  11. When will indyref2 happen?

    Oh Mintermind your fantastic.
  12. When will indyref2 happen?

    what an uninspiring stain you are.
  13. One for the w**k bank Jambo.