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  1. The big achievement for me by (dour faced messiah)SC is the way he's installed some national pride, all players are now desperate to play for the national team. In the past if foppy haired agent Kitchen had took out the majority of the team we would have had Crawford Baptie's maw filling in after 20 call offs but up steps guys like Porteous and Taylor who have been bench warmers at best, Clarke gives them the nod and they go "Let's fucking do this." When your playing so many games in such a short time frame to have a strong squad with nae greetin faced primadonnas and everyone pulling together must be that wee extra 5% that brings success, see Serbia and Ukraine for examples.
  2. Even a working radio link would do if this premier sports channel is pure shan.
  3. Looking for a big favour if anyone could pm a (global)working link as I had real trouble finding one the other night(kept counting down from 30 then freezing on 1 second....c***s) I'm heading out the now and won't be in till kick off.
  4. This is a good piece on the Hasidic Jews and their pilgrimage to Uman. This is also an interesting channel for front line reporting, it is obviously a very pro Ukrainian perspective but it's good to hear the views of the people from the disputed territory and the guys on the front line.
  5. These 2 are c***s for jookin the queue, the rest that waited hours are stupid c***s.
  6. They also abandoned 2 of their cousins in a mental hospital https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerissa_and_Katherine_Bowes-Lyon
  7. Boo Khaki said it was 15 - 20 years ago, I'm pretty sure Phil the Greek was already in a Weekend at Bernie's state then. Mind you no problems with him getting stiff. RIP, God Bless, met him at a charity event etc..etc..
  8. I always thought it was the new King who those gay rape allegations were about.
  9. Karen is sound and she'd probably kick yer c**t in for that sort of talk.
  10. As Bert Racoon said Irvine Welsh character Freddie Royal in Lorraine goes to Livingston is Savile, Jerry Sadowitz was blackballed for calling him out on TV. He was definitely protected within the BBC as I'm pretty sure they covered up him groping a lassie on TotPs. I agree to that it was more accepted back in the day look at Jimmy Page he had a 13 yr old girlfriend in Lori Maddox which seems to get the ah well he's a rock star treatment.
  11. Andrews antics only came to light because it was the FBI doing the investigating. It's obviously still excused here after all the shite last week celebrating the life of a woman who shelled out £12m to make the noncing allegations disappear. Now we have a king who was besties with Savile and actively tried to help beasty bishop Peter Bell.
  12. Or maybe he knew where the bodies were buried concerning the people who make the laws and silence the critics. We've had PM nonces, Royal nonces and faith leader nonces. So no doubt they'll be plenty more in the establishment.
  13. Was that naw Bill Wyman? Ronnie Wood was into mature ladies as he only ran away with an 18 yr old Russian lassie.
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