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  1. Checks thread, counts back 100 posts, finds no drunken rambles from myself, agrees wholeheartedly .
  2. I those folk that like DRoss toast are the tesco pan loaf with stork margerine variety, not the Plain outsider with the EU Lurpack loving toast good guys.
  3. The only way DRoss will be on my viewing schedule tonight is if he's skipped out of his political pasting and is running the line in the PSG v Bayern game.
  4. SA variant doing it's thing in London. Check out the different headlines between UK and US. ABC - In rare instances, South Africa variant may evade Pfizer vaccine, researchers say. Telegraph - South Africa variant can 'break through' Pfizer's vaccine. I don't know if this is down to the UK press always looking for sensationalism or whether there is a concerted effort to scare the public.
  5. Compulsory Drinking for all MSPs in the hours leading up to First Ministers Questions.
  6. I don't really believe that the governments think folk will not be meeting up and doing their own thing . They are just covering the bases(passing the buck) onto the public if any variant appears that can make the younger/healthier folk sick as they'll not be vaccinated till later in the year.
  7. He may join up with the tories and form a formidable political double act with Mike Oxsmells. The listerine alliance.
  8. They are still droning on about Phil. Don't think that many folk give a shite about him. Just feel as though the Establishment are using it as a dress rehearsal for Lizzy pegging it and pushing it to see how many tributes they can get away with before a nationwide heads gone storming of the Mall moment happens.
  9. Aye, seen some private health provider has secured 1 million doses. That will be the wealthy getting sorted. Also read they are going to get Phuket vaccinated first so they can open it up to vaccinated tourists. I'll be double dosed by late May but will hold off getting flight as I don't fancy getting told to go visit Phuket or Pattaya and if they get a surge in numbers no point visiting if in a hard lockdown Edit - probably the same Monk and the story has grown arms and legs.
  10. Seems as though there is quite a bit of fear of getting jagged in rural Chaiyaphum. There is a story circulating of 2 monks dying after getting the vaccine. Don't know of this has happened or just scaremongering. A few Covid cases in the area now, can only see it increasing over Songkran.
  11. Are these not countries on the current list where we will not be accepting any of their population only repatriating brits? I thought all visitors to the UK had to go to quarantine as travel corridors are shut. He'll bypass any quarantine is he will be classed an essential worker😂
  12. thought the red list wasn't out yet.
  13. He better jump on a plane the now as he'll have to do his £1700 quarantine.
  14. Spiteful boot Brewer has got some gammon on gammon action going down. Will be fun to see how the government spin Phil the Greeks funeral attendance.
  15. Every BBC radio station played god save the queen, even talk sport are talking about him, scared to look at pornhub to see their tribute.
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