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  1. He was an advisor to Cameron and gave the tories ££££ he's a c**t and pops up on tv far to often.
  2. Scottish Parliament to be set up in Elgin scout hut. High court of Justiciary to move to the Peterhead fish market.
  3. I thought he just pulled a few old christmas crackers on a saturday morning to get his lines for the show.
  4. sportsound spending more time apologising for the swearing than commentating. Aberdeen sound honking on the radio too.
  5. Even that horrible wee w**k Balfour turned away at 15 seconds.
  6. Nicola Sturgeon @NicolaSturgeon · 32m This is correct from @CMO_England - we simply can’t do everything and expect the virus not to surge again. This is why @scotgov announced very little change yesterday except the return of schools - that’s our priority for now. A wee get it up you to Westminster.
  7. Without admitting it they are trying to stop muslims meeting up during Eid al-Adha, even clownshoe Sarah Smith realises this and Hancock just waffled some shite about how social distancing is better in a pub than a garden. A happy medium would be allowing folks/familys to meet up in gardens as it's meant to be nice weather down there.
  8. The judge has released court paper and unsurpisingly fannybaws is named, also puts maxwells defence of i haven't heard from epstien in 10 years in the bin. https://twitter.com/chrisonchris/status/1289014695396028419 https://uproxx.com/viral/ghislaine-maxwell-documents-unsealed-alan-dershowitz/
  9. Be careful out there folks, the crazies are posting advice on facebook. POLICE BULLETIN Warning!!! People are going door to door handing out masks, they say it’s a new initiative from local government. They will always ask you to please put it on to see if it fits you. It has been doused with chemicals which knocks you out cold and once you're knocked out they proceed to rob you. Please do not accept masks from strangers. Remember, we are living in critical times and people are desperate to take advantage with the aim of making money. Crime rate has skyrocketed, so please be cautious and play safe! Please send to all your friends, colleagues and loved ones so as to help them stay vigilant in this adverse situation. Remember, sharing is caring!
  10. There was a cluster of 8 positive tests in port glasgow from a pharmacy. Think they should just nuke the port to be on the safe side.
  11. That's only one type of training. Swinging a 20kg kettlebell about down the park isn't of much benefit to someone who trains as a powerlifter or a strongman, for example. They can go down the park and pick up random passerbyes and depending on their lifting prowess they can go for the fatter or thinner chaps accordingly.
  12. Surely they'll let me in...I've bought a mask.
  13. I'm meant to be off to Thailand in November but can't see it happening, they are still closed to international visitors and the other countries in the region have got 14 day quarantine in place, Cambodia make you give them $3000 US then start deducting charges from it. $100 for a test and $85 for accomodation at their specified place. If any one on the flight has tested positive you have to do 14 days at their place then have to pay for another test before release, I've had a few heads gone moments with customs in Cambodia and I wouldnt be surprised if every flight will produce at least 1 false positive.
  14. So the St Mirren outbreak was a load of false positive shite, probably done it to swizz the government into more furlough money the manky bassas.
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