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  1. Get yer Langoustine here, 3 fur a quid, buy a box and get a free brexit flag and lighter.
  2. Which was a lie. "But they came to the UK in the 1960s and she was born in London in the same year that dictator Idi Amin expelled Uganda's Asian community - many of whom settled in Britain as refugees."
  3. Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish · 21m Two Iranians die after testing positive for #coronavirus | https://aje.io/l2qje Here comes the Iranians off the bench to try be a game changer.
  4. Hopefully the first farming dynasty to go to the the wall due to no workforce will be this sourpuss.
  5. It just seems that musicians seem to get a pass on all the child explotation stuff as it's a bit rock'n'roll/different era/everyone was loaded, so abusing underage girls was seen as just a perk of the business rather than a predatory act.
  6. Mackay is a creepy b*****d who needed well punted. Now that's out the way, on the subject of child grooming/abuse how come Bowie wasn't prosecuted for shagging 14yr old Lori Maddox or Bill Wyman for shagging Mandy Smith?
  7. He looks straight out of a Las Vegas Siegried and Roy tribute show. It may be a coincidence but they also got into trouble for allegedly abusing pussy.
  8. Off to join the Barlinnie Bluenose Bigot Band. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-51505324?fbclid=IwAR34sPxKgJ1lcG-LMsjW4BeSKqVC-kcbtPmqowvH1fOw_npwjFJ132SCFvQ
  9. Came in this morning to Edinburgh from Frankfurt. All those sausage munching krauts and greasy frogs joined the same passport line as us true blue upstanding Brexit Brits. This needs immediate attention.
  10. Yeah think there may be more casualties as can't see him giving up. Eventually got into the bus station from opposite direction and jumped on bus to Chaiyaphum, stayed there last night as late in.
  11. Was on bus into Korat when this happened emergency services were squeezing by us and I seen one dead body at side of road on stretcher. They closed the main road stopping us getting into bus station which is a 5 min walk from Terminal 21 and we drove around for about an hour on outskirts of city. Would have went there for my tea if I had caught earlier bus so a bit of a could have been me.
  12. It's always been about England, your average Brexit loon doesn't give a f**k about the Union. The Scottish ones are either gullible fishermen,OAPs or loyalist rangersy types.
  13. I see the Brexit hardship will kick in almost instantly and the eating of terriers is accepted as the norm.
  14. I'm even more invincible, just took out a 30 quid travel insurance policy. Didn't read the small print so not sure if they cover my bills or pay me 30 quid when I contract the virus.
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