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  1. Ah; predictive text. Always gets it bang on Oh, wait a minute.
  2. I fear it might be sooner than you think....
  3. I think it's in the laws of the game - ie football as a whole - that a game must be stopped if the number of players on one side falls below a limit.* Presumably then a game can begin if that limit hasn't been breached. I remember a gaem where reading of a game where Neil Warnock was manger of one side which had gone down to nine men and he was actively encouraging his players to be sent off so the game would be abandoned. *I had thought the limit was 8 but it must be 7.
  4. Oh, I know. I've been to the Imperial War Museum North just over the road from it. And the Lowry over the Ship Canal.
  5. They'll regress when Dick Campbell leaves. And maybe even as soon as next season.
  6. I remember Sons playing Livi for the first time at Almondvale and the Livi programme referred to it as their first home game against the Sons. Not a hint that we'd played Meadowbank Thistle many times before. That programme clearly implied that the writers/editors felt Livingston was a new club. Not that this sort of thing is restricted to Livi. I was also annoyed when I visited Caley Stadium for a Sons game that home fans were saying, as if Inverness Caledonian and Inverness Thistle had never existed, that they were only twenty or so years old.
  7. Sorry to see you guys go. Maybe you'll be the first to get back.
  8. Just sent this to the club office email account. I am emailing today about the present state of the club. I have been a Dumbarton supporter for over 50 years (albeit long-distance for the most part as I have lived in Fife for at least 30 of those) but have never felt so much despair at its prospects - not even when we went over a year without a win; not even when we finished dead last in the bottom Division of the Scottish Football League. I have no confidence in the present owners, no confidence in the board and no confidence in the present management of the playing side and I see no hope of improvement in the short term. As things stand any chance or promotion next season is a pipe-dream and there is the real prospect of being relegated from the SPFL altogether - a situation from which the club would not recover for a long time, if ever. I am sure I am far from the only Sons supporter who has these feelings. Many will be so disillusioned that they will cease to support the club - either via season ticket non-renewal or not turning up at the gate - until these matters change: and perhaps not even then. In the hope that it may lead to a concentration of minds to avert a real threat to the club's existence I would ask that you please convey these thoughts and fears to the board. Yours in sadness,
  9. but it’s also probably a symptom of him not being used to having complete donkeys infront of him. Arguably he should have got used to that after a few games. I’d have him over Ramsbottom every day of the week. Indeed.
  10. You'd think the groundsperson could clean those up.....
  11. Cliftonhill is one of my favourite grounds. It takes me right back to when I started watching football. As a child, in the 50s. It's just a pity the terracing opposite the stand can't be used these days.
  12. Doubt it. He didn't score for us until the next season, as I recall.
  13. We've done that before. Two seasons in a row, except we were saved from the final plummet by there being no relegation from the bottom tier then. (Freefall isn't a good description of our plight anyway. Technically freefall is when you feel you're weightless. We are far from feeling weightless. More like being "dragged down by the stone".)
  14. We entered freefall a couple of seasons ago.
  15. Progressed up the SFL? Theyr'e in the same division as when they got there. And haven't moved.
  16. Both bank-rolled heavily. And Bo'ness United didn't exactly storm the Lowland League this season.
  17. As part of a league reconstruction which is arguably what is happening in the WoSL and EoSL right now.
  18. A possible three relegations from a ten team league? Would you accept that?
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