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  1. Nothing to do with the game but why do people write and say could of, should of etc? It's a horribly tin-eared expression. It ought to be "could have" - shortened to could've, if you must. For comparison, does anyone at all say "I of done this?" rather than "I have done this?" No.
  2. I haven't yet. I can get to the stream link but when I click on it it says you need to purchase a pay per view ticket to watch it.
  3. Firing wife? Loads of blokes might be dreaming of that.
  4. Nevertheless people on here have been relentlessly critical of them. All of those clubs below them (in the EoSL and WoSL) could have applied to the LL themselves at the time it was being set up. They didn't.
  5. Agreed. It's never too soon for the "Aitken out" banners.
  6. As it reads that would give us a more than three players to one advantage all over the pitch. We'd surely win a few games that way. (As long as the ref doesn't notice.)
  7. If you click on the first line under Recent Posts you do get to https://democratonline.net/2021/07/13/78369/ which seems to be the article concerned.
  8. Would they do something like that just for devilment do you think?
  9. My memory is it was a second strip (used at home, not away; in those days the home team in Scotland changed strip - and then only if there was a colour clash) for that one season in the black and gold stripes era until it became the main strip around 1969.
  10. It makes me feel very old indeed to see something posted here by a granddaughter of Hugh Harra. He is an abiding memory from my youth watching the Sons at Boghead. Opposing players always had a tough time playing against him.
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