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  1. Where does their ground sit in comparison to the midline of the Tay Bridge? (I know that boundary is only defined for relegation into the Lowland League not promotion to it but it's an interesting point.)
  2. If ruth had been staying theyd be ok. You've got to laugh haven't you? That is one of the main factors against independence is the politicians in the parliament are absolutely awful. And the ones down south are brilliant I suppose?
  3. You really shouldn't call her Wee Nippy.
  4. Gala historically were always an EoS team. SoS was/is predominantly for Dumfries and Galloway sides.
  5. The Scotland women's team is mostly full-time though isn't it? And the Cyprus game wasn't a friendly.
  6. I wouldn't talk about things being over people's heads if I were you.
  7. My point was that the ugly sisters wield too much power as it is and they're not going to want that diluted in any way.
  8. Good luck getting the ugly sisters to agree to that.
  9. The word this side of the Atlantic is maths. (In any case despite the way it's used the phrase should be "do the arithmetic." That's what you are doing when adding and then dividing. )
  10. Not necessarily. The situation was different, more games played, no-one knowing if the season could finish or when a restart would be. There is now more likelihood of things being more "normal" come July (when the 2021-2022 season would start in non-Covid circumstances) so better chance of getting things going again then. In the meantime we have no idea when restrictions will be lifted and the 2020-2021 season resume. 18 game is still the best option if it can happen but if not why not consider roll-over?
  11. I was there. The game was held up for some time. It was well before mobile phones. I had to leave the ground to tell my wife the game would not be ending for some time. (They did let me back in.)
  12. I doubt there will be time to finish even an 18 game season never mind 27, but if there is time, 18 is now the best option. Otherwise just roll this season over to next (even though this will mean no relegation and promotion.) That might make for a total over the two years of 54 games!
  13. Third Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. So Lanarkshire.
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