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  1. Well, it's a body. But one thing we weren't lacking was midfielders.
  2. No. I spent the first 70 or so minutes of that game wondering why I'd travelled half the length of the country to watch us play like we'd never seen each other before. The two goals were magical but the overall performance was way short of inspiring. There was magic in the sheer scale of the turn around but it was, let's face it, totally undeserved on the balance of play. The play-off final win on the other hand was a joy from start to finish. We were in total control. I wasn't at the 4-3 Falkirk game but that must have been brilliant. The 3-1 game there the next year was sublime. All our good results there have been. And what about the 2-2s at Easter Road and Tannadice? (I wasn't at the 1-0 at the latter.) And the 5-1 at Alloa which did Hartley in?
  3. Agreed, but you won't find it on show in this one. This season our home strip is yellow (yes, yellow) and black stripes, and our away one is plain white. Okay at home we look a bit like Borussia Dortmund - but that's the only resemblance.
  4. Goal difference should put Berwick above Selkirk?
  5. "On our behalf ." That means "for us." I think you meant "on our part" which is "by us." sure the same player had a free header It was actually our other centre-half but it was still a warning to your defence. Unheeded.
  6. Maybe it was the angle we had. All the Sons fans around me agreed Brennan had got a hand (or fingertips) to it.
  7. Brennan got his fingers to it to tip it onto the bar.
  8. Old Boghead was great in the 60s but it had become totally decrepit by the time we moved. Gayfield always reminds me of it with its similar arrangement of terracing and stand (after the stand at Boghead opposite the 'Pavilion' was condemned.) My favourite old ground, though, was Firs Park. That was so old school, up a claustrophobic lane of tenements to the turnstiles, covered terracing to one side, uncovered behind the goals, and even picturesque - till they built that huge concrete wall at one end. Ah the good old days!
  9. He was brilliant on the wing that day at Alloa.
  10. Not worth checking regularly. There's typically not much activity on there.
  11. Was called James Okole. (Okoli? As in the post above.)
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