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  1. Good runs always come to end. Queens to succumb and the Pars to hand out their biggest hammering in 5 years. ...or 0-0.
  2. Think apart from Hearts there’s not much in this league. If the standard is “pretty grim” maybe Grant should be under pressure given he’s bottom of the pile? Anyway, I've said enough here.
  3. Couple of classy saves yesterday, even at the goal it was a wicked deflection after his initial save.
  4. Agreed. Professional sport can be won or lost in the players heads. It makes a difference. Going out on the pitch having lost the battle to get the game off went a long way to ensuring a negative mental attitude.
  5. A piece of roof hits you on the back of the heid you might live.
  6. We can look back now to when we used to draw every game, those were simpler times. A meh feeling after each game rather than high and low extremes.
  7. Not grammar (although that's pretty poor too), it's more coherent thought that is the issue. Anyway, continue giving it big licks because you beat our bogey team.
  8. Not saying it happened here, but... Never complain about the conditions to the players, and don't accept any complaints from them either. Leave the call to the ref. The weather had already beaten us before kickoff today. Dick Campbell's prematch interview alluded to what was being said, and he no doubt boosted his players morale by making the point we didn't fancy it. Arbroath's gameplay worked. Still an absolutely hideous game to watch. My retinas will suffer the scars of that for a long time.
  9. Glad the BBC have stepped in and moved our final game to a Friday.
  10. Part-time is still pro. Not sure how you have been able to see him play in anything other than the 1 game for the last year.
  11. Strange thing to say. What makes you think "he's not going to make it"? Surely leaving is due to seeking an opportunity elsewhere? Did not look out of his depth at all in the one game he played in.
  12. No activity for 22hours? Where's our deadline day signings?
  13. I'm too concerned that I might miss our first league victory at Tynecastle in 30 years that I'm going to pay their Premiership PPV price (at least they don't charge us more than other visiting teams). Have absolutely no idea how this will pan out. Looks like Hearts got complacent last weekend and have now had the kick up the arse needed to get them in the zone. Plus looks like their marquee signing has already settled in. Revenge may also be on their mind. ...on the other hand we have some players that like the big occasion. 3-0 Hearts.
  14. Okay, Challenge Cup edges it on that basis being a UK wide comp.
  15. Not as prestigious though. Marginally better than the Challenge cup in my opinion. [emoji849]
  16. What are you havering about? Always been a flat rate.
  17. Only 3 clubs get your standard price, but the club calls them premium games. Sort out your story. Just a wee team.
  18. A Raith Rovers fan complaining about PPV prices? At least Hearts don't vary them dependant upon who they are playing.
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