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  1. A fantastic coach? Are you mental? A HUGE part of the role is people management. Hughes demonstrated on tv that his people skills could easily be eclipsed by those of a phone box, and that's before we consider the post match dressing room confrontation which saw an ex goalkeeper almost skelp his big desperate dan jaw. Didn’t he relegate Rovers by loaning Vaughan to Dumbarton so poster has a point re recruitment, or should that be de-recruitment, not being his forte. I remember the Yogi for Scotland campaign, initiated by and supported…by Yogi. It’d be a laugh but I’m clean out of humour.
  2. Simmer down there on your lofty perch, checks table, slightly loftier perch.
  3. I was underwhelmed by the appointment of "Pointer" but thought I must be missing something that others see. Looks like he is out of his depth with a vacuous void of ideas. Please end this torture now and replace with someone who doesn't necessarily talk a good game, but has his/her team playing one. What's Shelley Kerr up to?
  4. That line up, sacre bleu, I'd be starting the bench with a selection from the ones playing to fill in the gaps. Is this where I find out I know f**k all about football because this could be worse than the 5-1.
  5. Was hoping that taking the lead would pause the stream of unnecessary commentary, but alas, no.
  6. Pretty sure I already rewrote the lyrics some time back, maybe even on this thread?
  7. Is a cocksocket management speak for a fanny? Genuine question.
  8. I'm going to reserve judgement on this appointment. Don't want egg on my face as he leads the Championship by 15 points next March. However unlikely that may be.
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