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  1. That's a pretty fair assessment, by someone who is obviously a real fan...not a part timer like messr chubbs
  2. Happy clappy? No, just a bit more grounded than your reactive nonsense - when you admit to not even watching half of it. #Crawfordin, since it it'll pass you off.
  3. If you can't be bothered to watch a full game before commenting, I can't be bothered discussing how unlucky we were in that game.
  4. This is shite for season ticket holders...not everyone is WFH. If I get held back at work I could easily miss most of the game. Thinking about it, that may not be a bad idea.
  5. What we need to hear, is a BoD statement that they fully back Crawford. Then we can rest easy.
  6. Not anti Levein, but not sure he would take the job ...or that the fans would take to him.
  7. You'll not be playing like that every game though. Pretty sure you'll not play like that again for a couple of seasons as you'll not be playing the Pars again till then.
  8. Actually that's a pretty good shout, he could shore it up with 4-6-0
  9. Unless Crawford has Vaughan signed on a pre-contract tomorrow then I think he may be gone...so obvious he wants to play at the bigger club.[emoji476]
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