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  1. What are you havering about? Always been a flat rate.
  2. Only 3 clubs get your standard price, but the club calls them premium games. Sort out your story. Just a wee team.
  3. A Raith Rovers fan complaining about PPV prices? At least Hearts don't vary them dependant upon who they are playing.
  4. I'm going against common opinion... 3-2 to the Pars in an exciting tussle. Needs to be.
  5. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/inverness-caledonian-thistle/2819509/scot-gardiner-spfl-caley-thistle/ If ICT was the club rumoured to have started this (a misinterpretation by the SFA?) and their position is clarified as continue, I think this means the season will be carrying on. I’ve not yet heard a player say that they don’t want to be playing.
  6. That would have been a mistake. An unhappy player who would leave at end of contract, for free, is not conducive to good performances (except maybe the last few games of season). The sell on clause was also a good move.
  7. That's a bit of an unfair advantage getting to train on the playing surface, we only get that benefit playing Alloa away.
  8. Chris Sutton will be fuming tonight... a former Pars player winning the league for Rangers...while 14 players laid down for Celtic on sun loungers.
  9. Update on car buying.... Was gutted after a found a pre registered Leon in Kent (Covid epicentre) and they sold it while I was negotiating me getting there after lockdown. Ended up going PCH on an Octavia for £190/month. Not leased before but probably makes more sense in current uncertain climate with electrification, Covid, Brexit etc.
  10. Excuse me officer, I was trying to get my chest to match with my hair-do.
  11. Just play the same one. I missed it as had to prep the tea (decant food into dishes etc and place in oven)
  12. It’s only a bargain £12 to see the game at EEP. There was no freebie commentary available from Starks, no and you lot bumped the PPV price up to £14. Faux grievance. Just buy the stream and listen to our fantastic commentary if you can’t bear to watch. You can get text commentary from RRFC or DAFC on Twitter. the BBC will have text commentary too. No doubt they’ll also have someone at the game to give updates on the radio too.
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