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  1. Really quite optimistic about this one. Assume the fellow with the ankle bracelet isn't allowed out on a Friday night? Sent from my recently upgraded Nokia 3310 using the Pie and Bovril Basic program I entered manually from a 1984 edition of Computer User and a long range antenna fashioned from a rusty coathanger.
  2. Seems crystal clear to me. Enforcer, hit man, mule all share common requirements to this job description...
  3. How will replacing the manager guarantee against that? It's the same ones on here that go quiet when we go on a winning run ...then toys oot the pram on a losing one. The league has tightened up again, granted, but now is no time for panic. Just because there are a number of folk shouting, loudly, doesn't mean that's the majority.
  4. Vast majority? More like very vocal minority. This season has pretty much been inconsistent as expected. Next season should be what Crawford gets measured on. Last two games have no doubt knocked the stuffing out of confidence (which has been key reason that we go on runs of losing and winning). If chances had gone in early doors yesterday when we were well on top we’d probably have seen out that game comfortably. Need a bit of luck and I’ve no doubt we’ll again be challenging for playoffs again. Some of our fans again acting like there is some sort of pecking order based on crowds and want instant results rather than being patient. Probably pretty much alone on this forum with these thoughts but I’ll take the flak no doubt coming my way. Don’t for one minute think I didn’t leave the ground devastated by yesterday’s result. It’s just I think that changing management team will cost money and will not guarantee success - just look at Falkirk and where they ended up carrying out multiple managerial lobotomies.
  5. Devine to play a blinder and score one of the goals in a 2-0 win. Think absence of Hearts players confirms what I heard about Stendel recalling them in JTW.
  6. Thought I had this sewn up when I saw erroneous Twitter post at 4-4. Gutted.
  7. And so it begins. Not content with "once in a generation" strapline the "never to again be revisited" comes to the fore. I treat my referenda like the Martini ad. I'll vote anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Bring. It. On.
  8. What, one of her candidates winning election is not worth celebrating? Media will no doubt spin it as delight at Jo Swinson being defeated. Which is also worth celebrating the demise of the squirrel scarer.
  9. Scoring draw with Pars coming from behind this time. Dundee to get a controversial decision go their way.
  10. ...just £4 a month can buy wee Jimmy, fae Fife, a Mcdonalds. Now I've pulled on your heartstrings can I have your account details and sort code?
  11. Was geared up for going to this but £34 for me and the laddie + fuel + food. So £50 for a couple of hours "entertainment" in the cauld. Giving it a miss, pure greed. Don't even get me started about our two home Friday night fixtures that allow Dundee fans to get their away fixtures against us free. Hoping someone goes to the game in a submarine [emoji6]
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