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  1. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    This guy said he would grow a beard after the Pars last lost a goal and wouldn’t shave until they lost another.
  2. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United Tue 26th March

    We'll freeze em for you. It's not ideal, but it's the refs call, he could've come earlier? It's an inconvenience, I got to the ground when I found out as left house at 13.40 and missus had me pickup groceries when found out match off. I'm more out of pocket than a round trip to Dundee. Anyway, that's karma for the time we came to Tannadice and match was abandoned nearly 30 years ago and we had to pay again. Karma never forgets.
  3. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United Tue 26th March

    Kick off at 3. Takes 45 minutes to get from Dundee to Dunfermline. Double it. 1hrs 30. Plenty time to stop away fans leaving. If they were going to the pub they can bevy for longer, win-win.
  4. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United Tue 26th March

    On a run of form AND long overdue a win over United at home. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    Biggest bugbear of that "stand" is the seats are too cramped. Back was in agony for a week after sitting there. At least it's covered. Still, don't blame Alloa, just those fraudsters pretending to be kids or OAPs ...sometimes on the same visit. And those like myself that went to Dundee on Saturday.
  6. Dunfermline Athletic vs Dundee United Tue 26th March

    Will you get your remortgage through before the odds drop?
  7. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    Steady, it's hard to build quality facilities when away fans turn up offering 50p in the pound.
  8. Athletic (A) vs Athletic (D)

    What voice did you use? Jack or Victor? (Just for future reference)
  9. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Not sure about the atmoshpere, Sir Sean, but it’s a spectacle. If it’s good enough for Barca... ...or Barsha as you’d call them.
  10. All aboard the Pars Promotion Party Bus

    Promotion? You’ve taken that too far.
  11. Pars vs Partick

    Oh yes, "he's shite" they said.
  12. Pars vs Caley Thistle

    Danny Devine was absolutely outstanding today. Didn't make one mistake that led to a goal. Serious man of the match contender on that form.
  13. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    You’re a bit touchy.
  14. Walking Down The Halbeath Road

    Stop crying wolf, Bruce is the man given that he got in the swing of things right away. He’ll scare the living daylights out of these Championship defences. I’ll get ma hat an be awa before Skyline Drifter gets here...
  15. The Dunfermline Relegation Express

    Sammy will be ready, if the end of the line has a wee team awaiting.