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  1. You are a total embarassment. An adult woman making a total exhibition of herself for the sake of a diddy Scottish manager.
  2. Get rid of Nish and we will never hear from Rie again.
  3. What a load of pish you spout. You need to face facts the football that Nish has us playing is awful. End the sycophancy and admit he's not up to it as a gaffer. Nish is one of the worse managers Cowden has had. Nice guy but he needs to go for the sake of Cowdenbeath FC.
  4. I'm not going back until Nish is gone. Cannot stomach watching the shite served up and what few good players we have Brett and Spence being dragged down by the rest of the lazy spineless little b*****ds who don't give a toss under the watch of a failed youth coach as the board stands idly by as we sink to the bottom of Scottish football.
  5. You cannot ask people to put their hand in their pockets and volunteer and suffer the dross that has been served up all season. Board need to man up and take the flack for appointing a failed youth coach as gaffer and sticking by him when we all knew how it would all end. He's had funds for players and brought in absolute shite from Livi. He's played no hopers like Kane, Caldwell, Scullion and CJ. We are in even worse shit finacially now as the cash down the leagues is scarcer. If he stats avoiding league 2 relegation play off is the best we can hope for. We are so bad.
  6. Donald and rest of the board are culpable for agreeing to Nish appointment and then sticking by him. They are not without fault. Whose idea was it to publish the figures on how much we made from Rangers cup tie. Performances went down after they were published.
  7. Gave the man his chance but writing on the wall at 7 nil game at Peterhead. What does our board do about it? sweet fa. We have gone backwards.
  8. Quite right. Yet again the club sticks by a useless appointment. We are a laughing stock. Absolute joke. Pish poor players recruited and retained. No tactical nouce from the manager. Humpings off the pars, ayr and peterhead. Absolute embarassment. Board needs to answer some serious questions. Second useless appointment made.
  9. See what sticking with Nish has caused us. Not too long till we loose our league place but i think that's what the board wants. Fucking joke
  10. Fucking useless spineless little b*****ds. Went and stuck with the cheap option in a failed youth coach in that useless clueless c**t in Nish and now we are in the playoffs. Cant wait till our surrender in the play offs. f**k em all
  11. You obviously never done your English homework you fucking retard.
  12. Fact is most of them can say they'll do it but they don't have the ability to get us out the shit. This lot are the most gutless mob I've seen in a Cowden shirt.
  13. The board need to take the blame for appointing Nish as the cheap option and getting us relegated. With the football we have played all season we should be automatically relegated. Put simply most of the squad and manager are not good enough.
  14. Board should have had the brains and balls to sack the useless Nish months ago. That performance today shows his limitations as a manager..
  15. Well done Stenny. Nish cunted it again with his tactics again. Fucking useless c**t
  16. Just a case of hoping the Brewsters see sense and take an offer.
  17. I'd settle for the ownership situation resolved with the Brewsters gone and then plans can be made for a decent stadium. This is vital for the club's long term future.
  18. Are you huffing glue? Play Kane ahead of Milne?ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜. Milne whilst he has his faults is the only player we have capable of delivering a good pass. Chris Kane cannot even demonstrate any basic level of football competency. If he was a horse someone would have shot him by now.
  19. Good. I feel he's done well for us as we have been poor in games. Did well vs Ayr. I saw his debut fir us and he played well. Good attacking outlet.
  20. Others have said Gibbons has done well for us. Prob for us is that our midfield gets dominated too much. We lack an old head or composure in there. Last player like that we had was Fowler. One of the reasons we stayed up that year.
  21. Climb down from that moral high horse you fucking roaster. Oh the outrage ! Sad dick
  22. Nish's subs nearly fucked it for Cowden yesterday. We were lucky in last 15 mins.
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