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  1. Again the point of what I said has been totally missed. If we win tomorrow 1-0 we will go down because of the dodgy penalty. The whole just forget the penalty incident as they almost scored a few others is nonsense.

    I fully expect us to get humped tomorrow as I've little faith in Nish's tactics. Spence can't be left up top on his own to chase high balls 90 minutes every week.

    We aint gonna win tomorrow. Ha ha. You think we are actually gonna get a shot on target? It was a bad decision but these things happen when you are down the bottom. We had our chance to avoid it all in the home game vs Stenny. Didn't take it.

    Let's just get tomorrow out the way and take our punishment of relegation.

  2. Right, so because you've done it once it's now expected of everyone? Not everyone is in a position to walk out of a job and sit about twiddling their thumbs until another opportunity comes up, especially when your opportunities are are limited in a game like football (especially in this country). Expecting Nish to resign is unreasonable. Expecting your board to sack him when he's clearly out of his depth is reasonable, but I'm sure they have their reasons for not doing that (i.e. they'd need to pay Nish the money he was due anyway so it's largely a pointless task when you've got nothing left to get a new guy in).

    I'd maybe stop replying to a pie and bovril thread whilst at work or you'll be the one seeking new opportunities whilst twiddling your thumbs. Haven't your IT dept got round to blocking P&B?

    Nish's contract is due up at end of June so board will be waiting for that or something else more amazing may happen with Nish.

    Love the hypocrisy of failed football players and managers like nish. If he'd made a go of it he'd be off as soon as next big gig came along but because he's made an absolute holwer of it all he's hanging on in there. Football is a wonderful game

  3. Here's a one off post. I am not sure why I should be taking fans concerns to the Board - is that not part of the role of the Supporters Council, part of the reason why it was set up? Why write letters when the Supporters Council has open access and could quickly have arranged a meeting between fans and Board? Why if there are real issues is that not the route followed? Why isn't the Supporters Council asking the questions direct instead of web posters?

    Yes I read posts on here and get lots of folk speaking to me personally and the odd abusive message. Most of the Board don't read P&B but some do. Of course I will relay some of what is said.

    I have seen much more anger than this among fans but hey I have been going for 50 years now - I do though have a pair so don't have a problem in accepting some blame in respect of where we are - if we are in a blame game. There is a time for a post mortem but it isn't pre mortem. So the best course for now is surely to follow Al's view for 1/2/3 games.

    On the one odd subject re the Rangers cup monies which got my back up a bit - I am the idiot that published what was received same as I have done for all the other matches over the season. I don't accept that being open and honest is in any way wrong and the Sky monies were widely known whilst most estimates of gate money were way over what we did get. A fan run club shares info with the fans and I just don't accept the cause and effect argument put forward here.

    Now I will butt out again!

    The information regarding the Rangers gate money should have been kept quiet as we have a load of mercenaries playing for us and they thought they'd get their hands on that money. One factor imho that has led to our current predicament. That and not sacking Nish by now.

    Not the fault of the board as I can see the positives of doing so but it has had a negative effect.

    I apologise David for any offence caused but I'm so angry at the minute with it all.

  4. I think you're shite at your job, Phil, why don't you walk away from it and do the right thing and give someone more qualified a shot?

    Our U20s have been folded so unfortunately that campaign would be a bit pointless.

    I haven't once stated that I think Gibbons is a decent player - he played a few games and turned in okay performances and it looked like dropping down a level would help him.

    I'm having a lovely day thanks, enjoy League 2 and watch that trapdoor...

    I'm excellent at my job. I meet all the kpis and maintain and exceed in my target areas. If I was not up to it I'd realise I was not giving it my best and secure another position more suited to my skill levels and abilities

    I suppose Nish will be doing his best to get us down via the trapdoor to the Lowland League next season.

  5. Livi have some good players in that team, they're suffering from a similar ailment to Cowdenbeath in that they've got a buffoon picking the team and tactics each week. Gibbons had played a few games at Championship level and looked okay, dropping a level looked like it would suit him - it didn't work out.

    I can go through the rest of your irrelevant points if you want, but it's getting late in my working day and I just couldn't be arsed. You've given me many examples of why Nish isn't a good football manager, absolutely none of them suggest that he's not trying though.

    So walk away as it's been proven that he aint doing his best. All of Scottish football knows it. I'm sure you can campaign to have Nish back at Dumbo u20s.

    Plus the fact you think Gibbons is a decent player shows that you know the square root of f**k all.

    Have a nice day

  6. Honestly, if you can't decipher between someone not trying and someone not being good at their job then this debate is largely pointless. Nish thinks that playing Kane and signing Caldwell and Gibbons is the best way for the team to gain points, this doesn't mean Nish isn't trying, it means he's not very good at picking players or organising football teams. FWIW, both Caldwell and Gibbons looked decent signings on paper, sometimes it doesn't work out.

    I don't remember any comments about Nish not being interested when he was manager of our U20s, plenty comments about how woeful our results were but as I've pointed out about 3,000 times now, that didn't mean he wasn't trying his best.

    Picked out 2 comments ans jumped all over them. I have given you many examples of why Nish isnt doing his best.

  7. :lol:

    Why is it so hard to understand that Nish can try his best but still be shite at the job? If Nish wants to make it in management (which I assume he does given that he's been trying to be/has been a manager for the last 3 years), what good will "not giving a f**k from the start" of this job do for his chances of getting another job? Bizarre claims.

    If he's under-qualified for the job and your board keep him on then blame has to lie with them, not Nish.

    The board need to answer serious questions about keeping him when it is not working out. Christ they sacked Mickey for less and he'd won us League 1 but apparently that was due to Jimmy Nic according to some.

    Nish isn't doing his best he's just going through the motions. If he was doing the job to the best of his abilities he'd not play absolute shite like Kane and then sign dung like Caldwell and Gibbons.

    He'd have realised that playing long ball to Greig Spence doesn't work and changed the set up.of the team to suit players strengths. He didn't do this and sticks with his plan A as he has no other plan. He's the gaffer and needed to find a way to win games. What did he do - nothing.

    The job has demoralised him and since late Feb he's chucked it himself. See his post match interview after Stranraer game.

    The dumbo fans were overjoyed when we signed Nish. Previous posters told us he was lazy and uninterested when running your u20 team.

    But hey we are stuck with Nish. That brandy they drink the boardroom must have them all tripping as they see things differently from the fans.

  8. He has not done his best. That is evident in the performances and results this season. He's there for the money only and has not given a f**k from tbe start.

    From my sources his training sessions are like that of a pub team. The players fitness levels have dropped over the season. He has no tactical ability and has no professionalism. He does not inspire confidence in the players. Quite simply Nish gave up in late Feb.

    If our board keep him on next season it will not be a pleasant experience for Nish and fans will stop.going.

  9. You don't respect the guy for trying to do his best in a difficult job? Probably says more about you than him to be honest.

    The thing he hasn't done his best. He is a worse manager than Brian Welsh. Nish has had resources given him but he's not used them correctly. This job is beyond his capabilities.

  10. I think the big worry for Cowden is if the managerial appointment isn't spot on in the summer they could be in the mix to go down again.

    Surely to f**k Nish will not be kept on?

    You don't know our board. Donald was talking about signing up most of the squad again for next season. I couldn't believe that one until confirmation at AGM. Nish more than likely will be given another season to make the playoffs next year to get us into the Lowland leagues. Depressing time to be a Cowden fan.

  11. Well that's just simply not true :lol: Our performances dipped after the Rangers game yes. But that was more down to losing Murdoch and Smith as opposted to our players deciding to pack it in as they weren't getting any extra pay.

    Oh and this will be the same Dick Campbell who has won just 2 games at Arbroath out of 9 since he took over.

    You obviously haven't seen us much this season. The spirit went out of them went they realised what their cut of the rangers money would be. To have yet again have two.loans as our best players shows the.limitations of our gaffer. No lessons learned from last season. Spence and Kerr aside his signings have all been shit. El Zubadi, Yaqub, Donaldson, Beaumont, the Romanian keeper all utter dross who will struggle to get a game at Sunday amateur level.

    Dick Campbell would not have has us in this position. Not a popular opinion but he would have had us safe.

  12. :lol: Clearly that was the problem. If only we hadn't published the figures we'd be in the promotion play offs just now!

    The players are paid peanuts and the effort went out of most of them after they found out they weren't getting a bigger slice of the Rangers money. That and not sacking Nish and getting Campbell in when we had the chance has also royally fucked us up

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