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  1. Sorry everyone I did not check P&B for a while. I found out Nishy a few days ago by Cowden Twitter. If any of you find out which club he is going, please send me PM. At moment, I need to think about my mum (and my postponed work and also where Nishy is going too) as we were told by doctors that my mum has bowel cancer. We have an appointment with surgeon here to discuss about operation and so on.

    This is one of the worst time for me _ about my mum and Nishy :(

    Sorry to hear about your mum, Rie. All the best at this tough time for you.

  2. interesting piece about Iain Jenkins...

    Chester City FC: Iain Jenkins a big hit at Legends Night

    Of all the Chester legends on show, none had made a bigger effort to be there than Jenkins.

    Showing the kind of commitment and passion that made him such a hit with City's fans during his playing days in the 1990s, Jenkins drove 5 1/2 hours from his Cowdenbeath home to Chester.

    But with typical modesty, the 37-year-old said: "it's not a massive commitment for me to come down here from Scotland because I would do anything for my former clubs, especially Chester City.

    "The first result I look for each week is Chester City, so I don't count it as a token gesture to come here. I've not travelled 5 1/2 hours for this to be a token gesture.

    " I've done it to be here for the fans who have done an awful lot to help me over the years. It feels like a payback. It's something that all ex-players should do and it's an absolute pleasure to be here."

    Jenkins, currently enjoying success as assistant manager of Cowdenbeath in Division Two of the Scottish league, added: "The fans have got to stick together. Chester City is a family club and as long as the people in charge and the people around the club realise it is a family club the better it will be. We need to start making Chester City a family club again. That's the most important thing."

    Here's a link to a video interview with Jenkins in his present position:


    I'm sorry James Fowler has distanced himself from the Cowden job. I was going to suggest a "dream team" of Jenks and Fowler, with James getting his boots back on! Too bad.

    Before Jenks time at Chester City. Chester played a friendly against Cowdenbeath at Central Park. I think the Chester manager played himself in the game and ended up hobbling off and ended up on crutches for the rest of the season.

    Ron there's a great book about Chester City called on the borderline by the club historian chas summer. Think its now reprinted and available on amazon.

  3. He apparently applied for the Alloa job but didn't get it. Heard an interview with him on BBC Scotland where he was suggesting that there was a racial angle to his failure to land a managerial role. Kevin Harper was cited as a similar case. He was certainly some player and a bit of a lad as well ;) .

    Would be an interesting appointment if Russell Lapaty got it. Has good experience from his time at ICT. Would also be a draw for players signing for us.

  4. Much as I like Toorie, he is not a manager. I would rather keep Nish than have John Brown, or any other ex Rangers player.

    I'd settle for a gaffer that recruits the right type of player for us, develops our youths, has tactical knowledge and can inspire guys to sweat blood for the jersey for 50 quid a week.

    That aint Colin Pish. Having nightmares if the board has given him yet another chance.

  5. That isn't true - none of those players were inherited by Colin. However, Stewart, Brett, McKenzie, Armstrong, Winter, Robertson, Linton, Adamson, Coult, O'Brien, Mbu, Miller, Ramsay and Cameron himself were all inherited by Colin from Jimmy and had all been very much 1st team players under Jimmy Nichol. Let's not try and rewrite history.

    Don't want to get in a wangle with you CC but merely pointing out to 316 that Mickey did well for us and took us to a new level. He is an uncompromising character but respect for his achievements at Cowden.

    You know my opinion of Jimmy Nic CC. Never liked him in his 2 spells with us.

  6. 😂 not saying he didn't do well but always came across as rubbing people up the wrong way and a bit arrogant but if he can bring success to Cowden again then maybe he should be considered and wouldn't cost much but sometimes going back doesnt work out

    You can be the biggest cnut in the world i dont care as long as you get Cowden winning. Lol.

    First things first board needs to meet and jettison Nish and then clear out the little gutless fuckers in the dressing room who never took things seriously.

    Caldwell was deffo one.

  7. Don't personally fancy Cameron his only claim to fame is obviously the success he brought Cowden and will always be recognised for that but as people have indicated in their past he inherited a good team he does not have a history of rebuilding and do we really want a manager who has already failed in League Two with Berwick.

    He inherited a team with the likes of Stevie Crawford, Bob Malcolm, Lee Sibanda, from Jimmy Nic. He then played the young boys who all came thru at same time. He made that team. Fitness and professionalism improved under him.

    Get those Gers blinkers off. Mickey did well for us.

  8. Players not taking it seriously. Players showing poor levels of fitness. Poor tactical decisions. Aimless punts up to a lone striker. Poor footballing skills being displayed by players selected in place of others. A general lack of guts displayed by players pulling on the shirt. Poor quality, unprofessional, pre-match, half time and training drills. Poor signings. A 9-0 drubbing. A relegation that should never have happened,sending us down to the basement division of league football. I cannot for the life of me contemplate that anybody on the board is seriously considering, from a footballing perspective, extending the contract of Colin Nish. It is clear that nice fella though he may be, he has lost the fan base (bar a small minority) and to retain his services would send the most negative of messages which might have an impact on attendances for next season.

    A more forward thinking decision that I would like to see would be to appoint a new manager to take the footballing side of the club forward. The new man should have excellent footballing coaching credentials to improve the skills of the players. The new man should have tactical acumen.The new man should be able to motivate the players, to improve their conditioning and fitness and not to suffer fools gladly. The new man should potentially have some history of success at the level Cowdenbeath will be at and at a higher level to which we should aspire to. The new man should ideally be reasonably locally based and have a knowledge of the younger talent pool that might want to come and show their wares at Cowdenbeath. The new man should have the respect of the fans possibly because he has delivered success at the club before.

    Step forward, Ian Jenkins. Ta dah.

    Agree with all that. New gaffer needs to be given a fighting chance for new season ahead by getting him in quick. Board meeting tomorrow needs to bullet Nish in first 5 mins and then build a job spec for the new gaffer and then work contacts to get the new man in.

    If Nish stays, I will be so depressed.

    Jenkins is a great shout but we need to sell ourselves to him as much as he does to Cowden.

  9. That is one of my points Phil - folk post on here saying the Board should answer questions/tell the fans and that is exactly what the Supporters Council was set up to help accommodate. We aren't in the least secretive but instead of folks getting involved they left it largely to others such as yourself and the others mentioned. There was also a Cowdenbeath Forum set up where we would willingly answer points but hardly anybody bothered. So why ask questions on P&B instead of using the routes established to facilitate good communications?

    Are more folks willing to put their shoulder to the wheel and try and achieve something as sitting back letting others do it gets us nowhere? On Facebook I saw the Directors are Old School, new blood is needed and some should fall on their sword - would be delighted to take that advice and go far an easy life. Not sure who this new blood would be (oligarchs perhaps) but bring them on and get their hands in their pooch.

    Phil - a good deal of training was away from Central Park - latterly they wanted to train on grass so some came back to CP. The budget needs a lot of work and some planning sessions around various aspects. Volunteers and funds are even more important now - it needs to go to a new level.

    Well you can count on me and my old man to help.

    I feel one main area we must push forward on is getting more volunteers in. A very difficult job.

  10. Yes it would be ideal if something like say a Supporters Council could be set up and ask the club/board these questions instead of folks just posting on a website! Why do you say resources shouldn't be scarce - can you give me your analysis of the cashflow dynamics behind this calculation - I do remember sharing the club's full cashflow forecast with Supporters Council after the Rangers game? That will now need tweaked further following relegation - where the SPFL league monies reduce in League 2. Then we will drop around £50k in gate money from this season. Where are we on Roof Fall - a key part of the budget for 2015/16 and by implication 2016/17? Sponsor income/directors input - how will that be impacted? In the last 4 years, Directors have input the best part of £400,000 out of their own pockets by donation or loan - £142,000 is the outstanding loans to Directors figure. They could have repaid those from the Rangers money but didn't take a penny. CFC openly shares more financial info than almost any other club via the programme and at Supporters meetings. Please though don't tell me resources won't be scarce.

    In essence there is not really a Supporters Council in existence. What you have from last summer has been the involvement of my Dad, me in a limited capacity and John G , Andy M, etc in Roof Fall.

    Things have got that wee bit harder Davie with the drop. A quick decision on manager situation needs to be made to give either Nish or a new gaffer time to clear the decks and build a new team. Anyone in charge will struggle big time if we keep the present squad together.

    Then once that is done we can look to see what areas of the clubs budget we need to support. The commercial and fundraising work can start to raise finance. Though i urge caution on what figures are released.

    Also need to look at building a bigger pool of volunteers to help out will be looked at again.

    Will the new budget look to finance the squad training away from CP to help maintain the surface for matches?

  11. I have now completed a letter to club asking to keep Nishy. I have just emailed them and will deliver Mon morning (as Royalmail is far too slow). Really hope not too late :unsure:

    The club will die if Nishy stays. The football on offer has been awful. I know of at least 5 regulars that have stopped attending under Nishys tenure. More people will walk.

    In reality we are now a pub team. The lack of professionalism and discipline in the dressing room is absolutely appalling. It's an amateur set up we have.

  12. I believe your bad mouth is much worse. You are born with your foot in your mouth :thumbsdown

    I will be busy tomorrow writing a letter to the club :smartass

    Tell me Rie what has Nishy just achieved today in his first season as a manager?

    Did you write the guff that's on his linkedin page? Apparently he's looking to pass on his experience and skills to the next generation of talent. God help the poor fuckers. Also on one section Hibernian has been spelt incorrectly.

    I had some sushi today before the game as well. It was alright.

  13. It must be a sad sign of the situation that you're in that you had to bring him on though, I know he featured earlier in the season, but just assumed he'd quietly retired.

    Anyway it's a shame what happened in the end, and I'm not one to hit out with the 'Told You So' patter after Nish's appointment as I didn't think the board had much choice, but I knew a few boys who had played under him in our 20s, and they did not rate him at all. He was reliant on long balls to small strikers and couldn't change a game apparently, I've no idea if that's the same as it's been for you lot this term.

    The last 8 years since that title winning season for us has seen some great battles with you, and some memorable games for both teams. Who could forgot the 0-0 in 08/09 with a crowd that must have been near 1000, or the 3-2 Cowden win at Central when Hemmings missed an injury time penalty, and then scored minutes later. That was a sare yin!

    I remember being delighted when you humped the Pars in the playoffs, as a neutral that was a greatly enjoyable match to watch, with (nae offence) one of the smallest sides in the league dishing out a telt'ing to the 'big team in Fife.'

    All the best for the next season, and maybe you can finally win that title we pinched/you bottled in 08/09 ;)

    Thanks. You hit the nail on the head about Nish's coaching abilities. He's not been helped by Jimmy Nic spunking the cash from the season in the Championship but he's absolutely hopeless.

    If we get rid of Nish i very much doubt he'll get another chance in Scottish football. He really is that bad.

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