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  1. Flipper the Dolphin has better control and ability on a football than Chris Kane. Thanks Beast Fife for taking him off our hands and paying him 200 quid a week.
  2. Whoever gets it has a tough job on their hands. The need once the new man is appointed is to clear out the poor players recruited by Nicholl and Nish in past 2 seasons. Then the hard part starts
  3. Naw don't want Petrie. Doubt he'd be any good. Same mould as Nish. Jenks should get it.
  4. Sorry to hear about your mum, Rie. All the best at this tough time for you.
  5. Harry McNally was the manager in 1992. Chester City is of course no more and Chester Fc is the phoenix club. The 2 clubs are very similar in terms of history.
  6. Before Jenks time at Chester City. Chester played a friendly against Cowdenbeath at Central Park. I think the Chester manager played himself in the game and ended up hobbling off and ended up on crutches for the rest of the season. Ron there's a great book about Chester City called on the borderline by the club historian chas summer. Think its now reprinted and available on amazon.
  7. Would be an interesting appointment if Russell Lapaty got it. Has good experience from his time at ICT. Would also be a draw for players signing for us.
  8. Massive job for new gaffer. He will need us all united and mucking in to help him. Another tough job for the board to select a suitable candidate. I don't envy them that job.
  9. I'd settle for a gaffer that recruits the right type of player for us, develops our youths, has tactical knowledge and can inspire guys to sweat blood for the jersey for 50 quid a week. That aint Colin Pish. Having nightmares if the board has given him yet another chance.
  10. Keeping Nish will destroy the club. What are the board thinking?
  11. You are fucking kidding me. Fucking no just fucking no.
  12. Instead of getting into a navel gazing exercise about previous gaffers. What counts now is making a successful future. See what happens after board meeting and I'm sure they'll do what they best for the club.
  13. Don't want to get in a wangle with you CC but merely pointing out to 316 that Mickey did well for us and took us to a new level. He is an uncompromising character but respect for his achievements at Cowden. You know my opinion of Jimmy Nic CC. Never liked him in his 2 spells with us.
  14. You can be the biggest cnut in the world i dont care as long as you get Cowden winning. Lol. First things first board needs to meet and jettison Nish and then clear out the little gutless fuckers in the dressing room who never took things seriously. Caldwell was deffo one.
  15. John Brown with Archie Knox. ffs. Would be awful. Clyde fans will tell you how bad bomber is at this level.
  16. He inherited a team with the likes of Stevie Crawford, Bob Malcolm, Lee Sibanda, from Jimmy Nic. He then played the young boys who all came thru at same time. He made that team. Fitness and professionalism improved under him. Get those Gers blinkers off. Mickey did well for us.
  17. Agree with all that. New gaffer needs to be given a fighting chance for new season ahead by getting him in quick. Board meeting tomorrow needs to bullet Nish in first 5 mins and then build a job spec for the new gaffer and then work contacts to get the new man in. If Nish stays, I will be so depressed. Jenkins is a great shout but we need to sell ourselves to him as much as he does to Cowden.
  18. Jenks is Chester City legend. Great guy would be a good appointment.
  19. Well you can count on me and my old man to help. I feel one main area we must push forward on is getting more volunteers in. A very difficult job.
  20. In essence there is not really a Supporters Council in existence. What you have from last summer has been the involvement of my Dad, me in a limited capacity and John G , Andy M, etc in Roof Fall. Things have got that wee bit harder Davie with the drop. A quick decision on manager situation needs to be made to give either Nish or a new gaffer time to clear the decks and build a new team. Anyone in charge will struggle big time if we keep the present squad together. Then once that is done we can look to see what areas of the clubs budget we need to support. The commercial and fundraising work can start to raise finance. Though i urge caution on what figures are released. Also need to look at building a bigger pool of volunteers to help out will be looked at again. Will the new budget look to finance the squad training away from CP to help maintain the surface for matches?
  21. The club will die if Nishy stays. The football on offer has been awful. I know of at least 5 regulars that have stopped attending under Nishys tenure. More people will walk. In reality we are now a pub team. The lack of professionalism and discipline in the dressing room is absolutely appalling. It's an amateur set up we have.
  22. Tell me Rie what has Nishy just achieved today in his first season as a manager? Did you write the guff that's on his linkedin page? Apparently he's looking to pass on his experience and skills to the next generation of talent. God help the poor fuckers. Also on one section Hibernian has been spelt incorrectly. I had some sushi today before the game as well. It was alright.
  23. Thanks. You hit the nail on the head about Nish's coaching abilities. He's not been helped by Jimmy Nic spunking the cash from the season in the Championship but he's absolutely hopeless. If we get rid of Nish i very much doubt he'll get another chance in Scottish football. He really is that bad.
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