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  1. Saddlers versus Mclarens Bridie. Having sampled both for my dinner over the last 2 night. I prefer a Mclarens bridie. Great meat filling that held it's consistency and nicely seasoned. Even tho used to Fife Flaky pastry the shortcrust pastry on it was very delicious.

    Saddlers in comparison was disappointing. The pastry was dry and never complemented the meat filling. Meat filling was good tho. A lot of it and good seasoning to it. 

    Hopefully we stay up in the league and our paths cross in League one in the near future As I would like to sample the pies and rolls from both bakers. If not I'm coming to Forfar for my summer holidays. 






  2. I will be purchasing one bridie each from Saddlers and Mclarens and will do a comparison. I will.update on here my findings. Stewarts of Buckhaven do a nice steak bridie type pastry. Nice flaky pastry tho. It's also good that Tom Courts has now opened a shop in Burntisland. A great butcher. Sorry off topic.

    As for the game I'm a bit meh. Hope Fox doesn't start with CJ. That will show he's taking the piss. 


  3. Lowland League here we come ! 

    The board cannot sack Fox, so no point in wasting my breath. We will be out of contention at bottom of league by the end of Feb. We really should start making our preparations for the play off games in May 2017. See the Edinburgh City climb up the table has started. 

    I really thought it could not get worse after Nishy...................I was wrong. 




  4. We are currently in that season m9, next season hasn't started yet, but if you are really confused by this then:

    You were in a league above us two seasons ago, and now you are 2 leagues below us.

    Is it confusing to hate a club so deeply, but so desperately want to be them at the same time?

    Naw don't hate the Pars. They are a good solid provincial team. Thought the season ended after the playoffs?

    I'm enjoying the seethe😊

  5. Who let you out of League 2?

    Oh yeah, nobody, because you got relegated, again, as in for the second time in a row, back-to-back, you were one division above us last season and next season you will be two divisions below us, and one below East fucking Fife. :lol:

    Imagine fans from lower league clubs commenting on the magnificent DAFC. The sheer audacity ! I think you'll find last season we were in the same division.

  6. Bullying?😂

    So two people have a bit of debate on here disagreeing stating it might not be Fox and giving a bit of banter to you regarding you showing of a bit on here that you were in the know aboutFox.Hardly bullying is it.

    Sorry I have clearly touched a nerve but you need to be pretty thick skinned on here especially in the Cowdenforums.If not these forums are not for you.

    Poker Mongo is a sensitive wee soul. Leave him be.

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