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  1. I think you will find that Cowdenbeath FC are everyone's bitches in the league this season. Ffs you have 7 points off us so far.
  2. Saddlers versus Mclarens Bridie. Having sampled both for my dinner over the last 2 night. I prefer a Mclarens bridie. Great meat filling that held it's consistency and nicely seasoned. Even tho used to Fife Flaky pastry the shortcrust pastry on it was very delicious. Saddlers in comparison was disappointing. The pastry was dry and never complemented the meat filling. Meat filling was good tho. A lot of it and good seasoning to it. Hopefully we stay up in the league and our paths cross in League one in the near future As I would like to sample the pies and rolls from both bakers. If not I'm coming to Forfar for my summer holidays.
  3. McGurn has decided to catch dodgykeeperitis. Did well 1st half but heads went after Davie decided to become Michael Andrews. Bought my bridies and off home to sample Mclarens one tonight then Saddlers on Sunday. Congrats to Forfar.
  4. I will be purchasing one bridie each from Saddlers and Mclarens and will do a comparison. I will.update on here my findings. Stewarts of Buckhaven do a nice steak bridie type pastry. Nice flaky pastry tho. It's also good that Tom Courts has now opened a shop in Burntisland. A great butcher. Sorry off topic. As for the game I'm a bit meh. Hope Fox doesn't start with CJ. That will show he's taking the piss.
  5. Hi Silver Fox. Thanks for the info. I'm going to Saddlers. I also like flaky pastry.
  6. Sadlers or Mclarens? Which one does the best bridie.
  7. We were poor in the wins against Edinburgh City and Montrose. Fox and the players are incapable of raising their game. It's more a case of hoping the opposition have an off day for us to get something from any game this season.
  8. Lowland League here we come ! The board cannot sack Fox, so no point in wasting my breath. We will be out of contention at bottom of league by the end of Feb. We really should start making our preparations for the play off games in May 2017. See the Edinburgh City climb up the table has started. I really thought it could not get worse after Nishy...................I was wrong.
  9. Good luck to Faiss at Dundee. One big factor will be to his and Dundee season is keeping Greg Stewart at Dens. Faiss game will get better if Stewart creating his chances. Plus Stewart can help him make the step up to a big team with a great support like Dundee.
  10. You will be left speechless by Caldwell. He just basically doesn't care and is living off his rep as an ex Hibs youth.
  11. Ross Caldwell is terrible. Offers nothing to you. Doesn't make any runs as he just stands there upfront and he cannot finish. A total dud.
  12. Good luck to Greig Spence. I think Alloa will bouce straight back up. They have a good manager and have made some good signings.
  13. FAO cowdenbeath who you referring to when you say Rat Boy and why?
  14. Naw don't hate the Pars. They are a good solid provincial team. Thought the season ended after the playoffs? I'm enjoying the seethe😊
  15. Imagine fans from lower league clubs commenting on the magnificent DAFC. The sheer audacity ! I think you'll find last season we were in the same division.
  16. Smpar wades in with his two cents worth and we are all better for it.
  17. Liam Fox has a big job on his hands. I wish him all the best. We all need to be united from the fans to the board and players. This exciting move by the club needs us all to pull in the same direction. I have a positive feeling about this appointment.
  18. Its defo Fox. Just spoke with Cameon. All the best to Liam next season
  19. Ha ha. See the heroin is still strong down in Methil. Beast Fife a proper football team. I'm sure Flipper will be a great player for you. Beast Fife: signing Cowden rejects since 1903.
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