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  1. Karlsruhe were relegated last season to 3rd Bundesliga. Bundesliga 2 is a tough league & I think Karlsruhe sold a lot of players from the previous season to help with financial difficulties. Mark Fotheringham was working as a coach there. He has a decent career behind him with Norwich, Dundee & Freiburg. Happy with the efforts from the players today. Jordan Garden needs to stop waving his arms around like a demented seal & work harder.
  2. Leave Cowden316 alone. He's well happy that Donald has used his managerial shortlist drawn up from ex players from Rangers glory years to make Gary Bollan the new gaffer. Who knows how it will work out, we've been shit for years so Bollan's work will be tough going. He doesn't have much talent to work with. I personally would have given the gig to Nelly so all in all I'm a bit meh about it all.
  3. And to think I was calling him a baldy c*nt the last time Forfar played Cowden at Central Park after his antics when Rutherford was sent off. Good luck Gary for the rest of the season. Being a fickle football fan & an idiot I will no longer call you a baldy, cheating c*nt from now on. Gary will need support to get us going. Happy that someone has taken on the job for a start and it's a positive appointment. It will take time with the players we have but I hope for the best. All the best and welcome to Cowden. Ticks all the boxes for Cowden316 as well with him being an ex-Ger & a hard taskmaster.
  4. Always knew you're the man to get Cowden out of the shit. Mon the Nelly. Is Big Al part of the new set-up? Which players have you lined up for the midfield and full back positions to come in ? Exciting times ahead for Cowden.
  5. We all know that Dick loves singing a sectarian song or two from time to time. Just like our chairman does. This could be a massive lure to leave a buoyant Arbroath to come fight a relegation battle to the Lowland League. Don't worry no one wants to come to Cowden. Even I find it hard to visit CP these days. Board need to get the finger oot & appoint the dream team of Nelly & Big Al with Scotty G as 1st team coach fast.
  6. Wonder if the fella who coached Jossys Giants would be up for the Cowden job? He was a great manager.
  7. For me I would like to see a managerial dream team of Nelly & Big Al as joint managers with Scottie G as first team coach. They would get us safe & they're Cowden diehards.
  8. We need to face facts and we have no cash so it will be difficult for us as when young players start loosing it is very hard to rid that habit. The club needs a major shake up as we have had 4 seasons of failure. A new manager will need cash so the fans are helping with bonus ball etc but we have a small fanbase and no interest in the club from town. If we continue as we are at the club we are fucked. I don't know what the answers are. Best of luck to next guy in the hotseat.
  9. The next manager with the budget will only be able to sign young lads as experienced pros will not sign for us as they can get more money elsewhere. We are fucked. Jim Moffat will get it if he wants it and can be arsed with the hassle.
  10. Feel absolutely gutted for Billy Brown working with a bunch of youngsters and no money. He was up against it from the start. He deserves credit for walking away and not holding out for a payout like that arse Nicholl who is the man I blame for our current plight. Whoever gets the gig needs support from the fans and a bit of cash if we are serious about staying in SPFL. Very, very difficult for the next man in the Cowden hotseat. Also board track record has not been the best in appointing managers so it doesn't fire me with confidence. I think Jim Moffat will be the next manager with Ovenstone remaining as no 2. All the best to the poor and mad b*****d who takes the gig.
  11. The perfect place for that horrible neanderthal Gary Bollan to bottle the league.
  12. Yeah Forfar team and management are some of the biggest fuds to visit Central Park this season. It was great today denting their title challenge after their players goading the Cowden fans after winning 4 - 3 at Xmas. Also one of their coaches was verbally abusive to volunteers at the club due to a missing tactic book after the same game. It was nice to give some of that abuse back today. Gary Bollan should be totally embarrassed of his antics in helping get Rutherford sent off. What a knob.
  13. What you saw last night and in previous Scotland games is the result of bad coaching from youth level upwards for the past 40 years. The is evident in the lack of technique and tactical awareness against a Canada B team. Football in Scotland is fucked. Run by self interested idiots. Standard of leagues in Scotland is terrible and its all hit and hope. It's going like the Northern Irish league. Only thing that keeps the interest going from overseas is the sectarian Old Firm freakshow. Thanks to them your national side and league is bust.
  14. Based on the Scotland team's performance last nite Slovenia will cause you many problems and will beat you. Still in shock at how bad the Scottish players were at controlling a ball. Wtf are they teaching these guys in these academies?
  15. As a Canadian expat I went along tonite and was delighted with Canadian players performance. Scotland were dreadful. The lack of technique and creative ability in the Scottish internationals was a total shock to me. They made us look really good and we're not. Oh loved the meltdown of the 3 teenage Leith jakeys behind me at the end of the game. They didn't take it well they didn't beat Canada. Ha ha GIRFUY ya wee Hibs hoors.
  16. Cheers Moneybags. Love it i fucking love it when we beat Berwick Rangers.
  17. It was me who said that Pat needed to do more sit ups and chinnies. I want Super Pat back at the Cowden. Him and Mark Ramsay are my 2 favourite Cowden players of all time. Im also in Bannatynes on Sunday mornings when i see a few of the Cowden fitness squad dotting around.
  18. Thought the memory of you banging Hayden Panitierre on yer big American holiday a few years back would help keep you erect not Cowden but each to their own. ☺
  19. Disgusted with the players. If there was a time to give us a lift by putting in a performance, it was today. Instead what these little cheats and wasters cave in and go down 4 nil. Thanks Arbroath for the charity goal, your players must have felt sorry for the Cowden fans who wasted their time going up to Arbroath today. Kept away from SKY, BBC etc until 5.10pm and found out the score. Beyond angry at our players, I wish they would...............(Not going to say it) The little weak arsed c***s. They've given up and we are down, no way are we coming back. As for Fox...............just get rid. He cannot do the job, he's not a manager. Sad, sad week for the club and it just keeps getting better ! At least the players coupons came up. That performance shows to me not only Dean betting against the club.
  20. As i have been led to believe not only Dean Bett involved in betting against club. Dentons tweet doesn't surprise me.
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