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  1. 1 minute ago, the_bully_wee said:

    Mercifully, my club doesn't live just for the odd plum tie against Rangers, so as much as losing any game of association football to Club 42 is an utter disgrace, I couldn't really care less. 


    A few seasons of your largely pointless history being spent at a higher level is obviously - and justifiably - a source of great pride for yourself and other Cowdenbeath fans, but it's not really relevant any more when you're now firmly established as Club 42. If you think Clyde have spent anywhere near £1.6m on players and staff in the last 8 years then it's clear to see why you might think this level of idiocy is forgivable.

    Same could be said for Clyde over their history. Punted from Glasgow as the club had no fans, having to move about club grounds in Glasgow & the move to Cumbernauld hasn't proven to be a great success for the Bully Wee.  Clyde have consistently had one of the best budgets in League 2 for say 5 or 6 seasons and yet despite your club's higher professional standards have failed to achieve promotion & will do so again this season. Spending 200k + for that shit has obviously made you a bitter man. 

  2. Let's not forget the basic professional standards of Clyde FC  which has seen them spunk out over 200k on players and managers to spend 8 seasons at the arse end of Scottish football.

    Whilst Cowdenbeath have enjoyed winning championships and playing at a much higher level. 

    No wonder these supporters of pub teams get their knickers in a twist over a frozen pitch when they've had shite to put up with. 

  3. FAO BTU

    I'd be more concerned about some of your squad laughing at your gaffer's inability to set up a decent training session. Also heard there was a fight between the Penicuik lads and some of the others this week at training.

    The other week it was the directors and fans fighting now it's the players. Your club is in a bit of a state at the minute. 




    6 minutes ago, big al said:

    No, it doesn’t. I was at the ground 3 times this week helping out(including today), and I think you will find all my messages had a hint of doubt in them. It was very cold here, especially last night and our park is good for drainage but sits in a cold spot so no surprise for me it was called off.

    meanwhile, you have been sitting in your bed sit, salivating over your keyboard at your big chance to show the pie and bovril world what a big, important man you are in world football. 

    Well done, enjoy your moment. You must be so proud.

    He's still hurting from the fact that it's another shite season for the Berwick Rangers. The club is in an absolute hole with Directors & ex Directors fighting amongst themselves. Also heard a few rumours that dressing room is split with some of the players not happy with Jonny and his favouritism of the lads he brought in from Penicuik.  Let this weapon have his moment of fun.

  5. The facts are we are a poorly supported part time club who does not own its ground & which costs us rent & we have lost stock car/ market income. Club has made some poor managerial choices which has resulted in relegation & now we are facing our 2nd relegation play off.  All these things are not helped by volunteers, supporters, board members & all involved in the club having disagreements, getting frustrated and folk walking away. 

    Now that's the past. We now need a clear plan & strategy to ensure survival. For me, we need to address the ground situation firstly. We need to move from CP to a ground we own & where we have the facilities such as catering & a wee social club where we could earn income from. To help us do this we need to unify 100 club, bonus ball, club 135, Cowden Lottery under one fundraising initiative. Bring all the volunteers together from these schemes and unify membership of schemes under a New Ground New Future fund. with all money pit aside for buying land, etc, putting in a plastic pitch and getting the Portacabbins.  The vision we need to sell to the hardcore fans and wider public is we want to build a sustainable strong community club with facilities for community to use.

    General consensus is that fans want club to stay in SPFL structure so if we get relegated this year we need to accept is that for a long period we will have a playing budget that is in line with mid table LL side at best or a side at bottom end LL or EOS side as we build our funds to get a new ground. 

    We all need to play our part. This involves from forming a supporters council to more folk helping out on match day.  We need new blood in the club from fans to new directors. IMO a restructure of the board needs doing as well to help those who have shouldered the burden of last 5 seasons but also to give new ideas. Part of that involves reaching out to those who left & seeing if they want to get back on board. I'd love to see John Lints & Big John back at the club. 







  6. We have just been told that the club needs 135k to survive or it's gone in 1 year. So to me it shows that Cowden cannot survive within the SPFL whether at LL or L2 levels. We have no assets and limited income so why not take the parachute payment by going into LL, bank the money for eventual plan to go junior as it is highly unlikely 135k will be raised, resign from SPFL and set up as junior in season 2019/2020. That means we can build with lower costs and hopefully found a ground with a basic set up away from CP. Then we can survive with a budget based upon the 300 regulars showing up now.

    Can't see what the problem is with going junior is if it means Cowden can survive.  If you don't want to stick around Cowden316 that's up to you & you can go back to Ibrox. 

    What would you do, apart from what's been tried and failed? 



  7. Interesting detail from Cowden Cowboy about folk undermining Jimmy Nicholl. IMHO he undermined himself with his incompetence. Thing is club needs a major restructure. I'd go junior after taking SPFL parachute payment, find & buy a bit of land  set up a pitch there with a say 4 portacabbins 2 for dressing rooms, 1 for club office and shop and another one where we could run a social club.  Lower costs at junior level, have own ground with a social club that could gain us a bit of income.If that meant club had a sustainable future I'd be happy.  All of Scottish football is terrible, for me doesn't matter if its juniors, SPFL. It's all brutal. 

  8. Going junior was only an idea so take your points on board. Reality is we need to steady the ship after 4-5 seasons of absolute guff and disaster.  As stated by me earlier it never ends well for a football club when sold to property developers & this is what we are faced with. now. 

    If we go down to Lowland League (and it's looking now like when we go down) we will struggle in that league next year and will not go straight back. Bookmark this and quote me if I'm wrong in the future. Spartans, EK, now BSC Glasgow have money and winning sides who desire to get into the league. Plus they don't have the disadvantages we at Cowden face.  

    On playing side the team has gone backwards since GB initial start. GB is working with poor players but he doesn't seem to have a plan B when hit and hope isnt working. 


  9. 16 hours ago, Cowden316 said:

    A few people I think  are getting confused regarding if we go Junior. The Lowland League is not a Junior league if that is what they are referring too.


    No it wasn't what I was referring to. What I was meaning is resigning from SPFL to join junior set up i.e do the opposite to Kelty Hearts have done.  Keep hearing from folks it takes less cash to run a club in the juniors and maybe we could do that with the 300 hardcore fans sticking it out in the minute and finish mid table in the junior set up whilst we rebuild. Maybe now that is our level as we don't have a big support and the extra cash which paid the bills in the past has gone. 

  10. Need to find some kind of form going into play offs. Otherwise we will get drubbed in them against a side that can actually win a game.  The Cowden job is  the toughest job in SPFL football but GB needs to find the magic formula fast for us to get momentum for play offs. 

    What is facing the club now is the end game of selling Cowden and Central Park to property developers and the lack of support and interest in the club from the town.  Despite the money pumped in by the board a few years back no real extra fans came through the gate on a regular basis. What kept the club afloat was the other income streams which have now gone. If we are looking at the club from a business viewpoint, the club is not viable with 300 regular fans putting money in. 

    Dunno but if we went juniors would that mean the club could operate on a cheaper and more sustainable model? 



  11. 4 hours ago, onecowden said:

    Another good effort today. I would have grabbed a point before the game. City winning ruins it a bit, however we need to keep going. Saturday is a big game now.

    Edit to add- Craig Henderson came on as sub then he was subbed. Injured?


    My old man said the young boy was rubbish and struggled to keep up with play. Gave away the free kick that led to Montrose goal.  BTW what's happened to Conor Scullion ? 




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