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  1. 12 minutes ago, the_bully_wee said:

    Why not? Because you're more than a little donkey-brained? Do you believe that Donald Findlay is an upstanding gentleman?

    The point you are making about Donald Findlay QC is also valid about your club as you and your fellow fans laud an individual who sexually assaulted and raped a vulnerable young woman and another player who thinks it is acceptable to racially abuse an opponent.

    Are Clyde morally superior to Cowden because the individual who is our Chairman has been guilty of sectarianism and is not simply a paid employee? Who fucking cares anyway !!!!

    I really don't see why it's ok to slag Cowden when we were in trouble and not for others to slag Berwick when they are going through a rocky phase. That's football


  2. On 22/01/2019 at 13:11, gameofthrones said:

    Speaking to one of the management team after a decent performance against Peterhead at the weekend he said confidence is quite high in the squad so should be interesting to see how they perform this weekend v QP.

    Well it was more than interesting how the Berwick players performed vs QP this weekend. 

    Got to go now, busy negotiating a deal with Johnny for 2 Burntisland Shipyard players to head to Berwick. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Slaverysam said:

    Your a complete nob

    It is you're not your. 

    Fergie1 spot on again with his assessment of the guff that Johnny Harvey is coming out with.  

    On a more serious note, Johnny & previous to that Robbie Horn were and are hamstrung by the boardroom battle at the start of the season. I felt you were better under Robbie Horn. I just think that Johnny comes out with some pish at times that is not really his honest thoughts. 



  4. 7 minutes ago, the_bully_wee said:

    Interesting to note that nobody can actually offer any justification for this disgraceful and embarrassing gaffe by Cowdenbeath FC. Desperado deflection doesn't go any way to making your club's spectacular blunder explicable.

    Let's not forget Clyde's inexcusable gaffe keeping a player who racially abused an opponent during a game on the books too. Those higher professional standards of the Bully Wee ! Kudos to Clyde ! 

    Despite having a racist & a sex offender at the club they will still f**k it up again and not get promoted. 

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