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  1. It's always nice to see the dummy being spat out by the Gary Glitter of Scottish Football aka Mr Craig Thomson.
  2. Please can someone pop up the link to Johnny's post match interview. It is vital we get the great man's thoughts on today's result & performance.
  3. Cheers pal. Must be gutting for him that the players have let him down again. I feel for your gaffer but what he seems to try doesn't seem to be working. Have the players he brought in with him made any real impact?
  4. I wish you had, it'd have hastened your return to your rightful place. I hear the gaffer was there to confirm you're still as pish as ever. Box ticked. Your team is managed by the tactical genius and post match comedian that is Johnny Harvey & under his stewardship you have amassed an amazing 8 points. When will Berwick be forced to their rightful place in the Northern League?
  5. I'd say the target for this season was mid table mediocrity. We are not as good as some folk on here think we are. Disappointing way we were turned over but Annan are a solid side and have been challenging for a play off spot last few seasons. I don't see what the fuss over Harvey Swann is. To me he is too inconsistent and makes silly defensive mistakes and does not work hard enough. However, he should have played LB yesterday. Pyper has been solid all season and has improved over this last season, imho. Too early to make a judgement on Jamie Todd & Luc Bollan. Bollan did make a mistake in not putting Malcolm in midfield, that is where he is most effective. A frustrating day but we did play well in some spells of the game.
  6. Nice to see Johnny Harvey branching out into written humour with the club statement and not just sticking to the stand up routines in his post match interviews
  7. The point you are making about Donald Findlay QC is also valid about your club as you and your fellow fans laud an individual who sexually assaulted and raped a vulnerable young woman and another player who thinks it is acceptable to racially abuse an opponent. Are Clyde morally superior to Cowden because the individual who is our Chairman has been guilty of sectarianism and is not simply a paid employee? Who fucking cares anyway !!!! I really don't see why it's ok to slag Cowden when we were in trouble and not for others to slag Berwick when they are going through a rocky phase. That's football
  8. Well it was more than interesting how the Berwick players performed vs QP this weekend. Got to go now, busy negotiating a deal with Johnny for 2 Burntisland Shipyard players to head to Berwick.
  9. Anyone got the links to the twitter videos. If so please share.
  10. Bollan will have his reasons for not playing Harvey. We have to maintain faith in the gaffer.
  11. Take a bow Queens Park for destroying Barfwick today. Johnny clearly holding back the salty tears in his post match message is something that will stay with me forever Thank you Queens Park.
  12. Get some posts from the Berwick club twitter feed up on here.
  13. Now get the post match interview up on here for more good times
  14. Johnny Harveys did say he would not be at Berwick long when he first got the manager's job. Agree time is not now to sack him, keep him until after 9th March after the mighty Cowden have beaten you 5 NiI and you have had 4 players sent off. Now get his post match interview up on here for us all to see the man in action.
  15. I am really looking forward to Johnny Harveys post match interview today. Berwick obviously are the better team Lol.
  16. It is you're not your. Fergie1 spot on again with his assessment of the guff that Johnny Harvey is coming out with. On a more serious note, Johnny & previous to that Robbie Horn were and are hamstrung by the boardroom battle at the start of the season. I felt you were better under Robbie Horn. I just think that Johnny comes out with some pish at times that is not really his honest thoughts.
  17. Nice to see all you Berwickers sticking up for Johnny. Cannot wait for this week's post match interview.
  18. Let's face it Johnny Harvey is only good for spouting shite in club interviews and you sad deluded Berwick fuckwits lap it up. His record is worse than the manager you sacked. Only one speaking sense amongst you is Fergie.
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