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  1. Just now, the_bully_wee said:

    It's a collection of the best football players in the division this season, sunshine. Your gang of a team might provide a few bodies to the League Two Good Guys XI when that's announced, though, so don't be too disheartened. 

    Thought it was an Interpol poster when I saw those two sexual deviants pop up on here. My apologies. 

  2. Everyone at the club will be hurting. Players, fans, board and the gaffer. However, there seems to be no fight in the team & for that alone Johnny Harvey should put his own ambition aside and say hands up I cannot do it and walk. Cowden were lucky that Fox and Billy Brown did that which galvanised us and helped us battle over the line in the last 2 play offs.  The board need to gamble and get someone in who could organise a team and get them doing the basics. The players will need to run through walls and I'm sure they will under a new gaffer for the play offs. Johnny Harvey needs to take a step back as it cannot be nice to hear the shouts, etc & from his interviews he doesn't look to be in a good place. 



  3. On 20/02/2019 at 13:48, A Believer said:
    On 19/02/2019 at 17:01, gogsy said:
    Decent thing to do here would be to "donate" the points to Albion Rovers, Johnny Harveys mob would really start bricking it then.

    I wish you had, it'd have hastened your return to your rightful place. I hear the gaffer was there to confirm you're still as pish as ever. Box ticked.

     Your team is managed by the tactical genius and post match comedian that is Johnny Harvey & under his stewardship you have amassed an amazing 8 points.  

    When will Berwick be forced to their rightful place in the Northern League? 

  4. I'd say the target for this season was mid table mediocrity. We are not as good as some folk on here think we are. Disappointing way we were turned over but Annan are a solid side and have been challenging for a play off spot last few seasons. I don't see what the fuss over Harvey Swann is. To me he is too inconsistent and makes silly defensive mistakes and does not work hard enough. However, he should have played LB yesterday. Pyper has been solid all season and has improved over this last season, imho. Too early to make a judgement on Jamie Todd & Luc Bollan.  

    Bollan did make a mistake in not putting Malcolm in midfield, that is where he is most effective. A frustrating day but we did play well in some spells of the game. 

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