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  1. Jimmy nic needs to resign. Three home defeats on the bounce. Walked out after he relegated us once and will do it the same. Signing a townie reject and from a lower league says it all. Hes a dinosaur.
  2. Instead of fannying about with an appeal why arent the board calling Jimmy Nic in to explain his signings and tactics and then sacking him and giving the job to Lee Makel.
  3. What has happened to colin marshall the lad who played in japan. Has he signed up for us
  4. Major improvements required from the team. Yesterday we made a very ordinary team look very good. Disappointed with the desire and fitness of the players. We are short of at least 5 players. Midfield we were over ran and too easily bullied. Congrats to Brechin they just wanted it more.
  5. Think Sutherland will do well for us. He looked good against St Mirren. He's worth a punt. I think certain football players won't sign for us because we are part time and for other non footballing reasons. They're idiots who's abilities are often talked up by the press and who are in fact shite. We just need to see how Kane and Greg benefitted us and themselves. Also can anyone tell me where higgins jr came from in fact what's his first name.
  6. Its sad to say but some poor unfortunate will be scammed into supplying them with goods and services without an upfront payment. However, this seems to be a common practice in the world of business - winding up companies with loads of debt and turning up in a different guise six months later. What these people don't realise is that without the goodwill and support from a local community, most clubs will find things even tougher- shame on clubs like Montrose, Albion Rovers, Cowdenbeath, Raith Rovers, East Fife and the rest but once again Livi walk away smelling of roses.
  7. Well if they do change this rule - it will open up a whole crock of shit for Scottish Fitba, more clubs will be seduced by the "dream" of being 3rd in the SPL knowing full well when it all goes Ken Tong, they won't have to stump up a penny. To the likes of MCL - what about those Livi FC staff who were made redundant - are they geting their jobs back - cnuts like you make me sick. Go on Angelo - burn Almondvale down !
  8. I hope Angelo goes round to Almondvale and sets it alight for the insurance money. There is no way Livi should be in business, they treat everyone with contempt and continually cheat, and they get away with it. There should be a boycott by all local businesses against the club. If Cowden & other smaller clubs were in this position , we would have been left to die.
  9. If livi survive they will end up screwing up more small businesses and sending many more folk to the dole
  10. McDoog ain't short of a few bob esp after the court case in Edinburgh
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