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  1. Colin Marshall. What a cretin. Hope someone ends him and he never plays football again. I just want to smash his face in. Two boys at end were gonna have a wee word with him.
  2. Any shite at the Rovers ticket office, say you phoned to them today and were told you can use the kingdom fm tickets anywhere in the ground. Got me in the away end.
  3. Folks if you have bought the kingdom fm vouchers you can use these for the away end. Just phoned the rovers now. I like the Rovers, no a bunch of lino lickers. Great guys !!!
  4. Most of the boys were decent enough last two seasons to keep us up. The stalwarts kept us up. Nicholl chopping and changing, not playing our best players, piss poor tactics, preseason shambles and wasting our loan and budget. Not the players, one man's fault Jimmy Nicholl.
  5. It's not the players. Its Jimmy fucking Nicholl. If someone had the bottle to sack Nicholl after the 5 nil thumping against Hibs we would be fighting for safety.
  6. See what punting a failing manager does. Alloa show us the difference it makes. No big old Jim knows what he's doing, not showing up to our games and we're in a relegation dogfight. He's an c**t of a man.
  7. It's not the players fault. They lack confidence thanks to Jimmy Nicholl. The cancer at our club is Jimmy Nicholl
  8. Lee Makel in charge next week at ibrox as Jimmys left us in the lurch and swanned off to Belfast to do his muck and nettles routine to international players.......yet he's still in charge. The board need to hang their heads in shame.
  9. Jimmy doesn't want to be there. We'll end up bottom. The malaise needs stopped now. Someone at the club needs to man up and take responsibility and sack the chancer Nicholl. He had destroyed all the good work Cowdenbeath FC has done and wasted our pot of gold along too. Club needs direction end of. No one is giving it.
  10. Cowden 316 do us all a favour and stop defending nicholl whos a selfish shit. He's destroying the club and he should walk now. He's treating us with contempt by signing up for his escape route even before the season has ended. Nicholl should remember Cowden gave him another chance after his failures at killie and hibs and then he does this......
  11. Sick of these happy clappers in the Cowden support, they really fucking annoy me. We lost 10 nil 10 nil yet it's all we can save ourselves and let's keep Jimmy in a job cos he's a nice guy. Stick with plan guys and see where it gets you.
  12. 66 goals and counting. Lost last game 10 nil. We are down. It's a case of getting the season finished and doing damage limitation
  13. Give me an example of a manager with around 11 games to go and were facing relegation and saved them?Although I am sure Jimmy Calderwood comes to mind!?? Face facts we are relegated cos we have stuck by Jimmy Nuc for too long. Latest he should have gone is before Xmas. Giving a new manager a chance now means we can plan for next season. Btw you want one example of changing a manager with 11 games to go Nedo Sonetti saved Lecce 1988 by doing this. I don't care about othet clubs. Getting beat 10 nil means he should go
  14. Cowden 316. Nicholl needs to go end of. Lee Makel has been frozen out of training. Jimmy ignores him. Change the manager and stop the rot. We have 66 goals against us and signing another fullback isn't gonna sort it. Stop sticking up for him. He's destroyed Cowden and if he stays he will destroy us more
  15. 21 goals for 66 goals against. Jimmy Nicholl should show some honour and resign instead of hanging on. It's pathetic of him. What little respect I had left for him after he walked out on us after relegation 2010/2011 has gone. Give Lee Makel his chance and prepare for next season. We are down. We are in a false position and the team with the lowest goals for with the highest goals against gets relegated. Jimmy Nicholl is the man responsible for this mess.
  16. Jimmy nic needs to resign. Three home defeats on the bounce. Walked out after he relegated us once and will do it the same. Signing a townie reject and from a lower league says it all. Hes a dinosaur.
  17. Instead of fannying about with an appeal why arent the board calling Jimmy Nic in to explain his signings and tactics and then sacking him and giving the job to Lee Makel.
  18. What has happened to colin marshall the lad who played in japan. Has he signed up for us
  19. Major improvements required from the team. Yesterday we made a very ordinary team look very good. Disappointed with the desire and fitness of the players. We are short of at least 5 players. Midfield we were over ran and too easily bullied. Congrats to Brechin they just wanted it more.
  20. Think Sutherland will do well for us. He looked good against St Mirren. He's worth a punt. I think certain football players won't sign for us because we are part time and for other non footballing reasons. They're idiots who's abilities are often talked up by the press and who are in fact shite. We just need to see how Kane and Greg benefitted us and themselves. Also can anyone tell me where higgins jr came from in fact what's his first name.
  21. Its sad to say but some poor unfortunate will be scammed into supplying them with goods and services without an upfront payment. However, this seems to be a common practice in the world of business - winding up companies with loads of debt and turning up in a different guise six months later. What these people don't realise is that without the goodwill and support from a local community, most clubs will find things even tougher- shame on clubs like Montrose, Albion Rovers, Cowdenbeath, Raith Rovers, East Fife and the rest but once again Livi walk away smelling of roses.
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