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  1. Coaching under 20's to a full team are two totally different things. Sure, it didn't work with Potter at the pars but it may work for Nish. I think he'll be a solid player for us next season but needs a Gallacher type player alongside him. Not a headless chicken like Oyenuga and certainly not Higgins. We need to be shrewd and get young hungry players in. Maybe if Rangers go up, they might release Gallacher - he'd tear League 1 opposition apart and would be who I'd go after but he'd probably get a full time deal at a team like Falkirk.

    I've shouted at Nish plenty of times already, perhaps harshly, but given the fact money will be extremely tight, he may be the only viable option to manage the club. He'd get my support.

    Right now, I'd take survival next season right now. We are in a very precarious position.

    On the money there neebur. Good post

  2. :lol: I don't even know where to begin with that statement. He's not even the worst player who was on the pitch yesterday.

    He's nowhere near Zeph Thomas, Daniel Jurisic Sandy Hodge, Michael Renwick to name just a few.

    You're just blaming him for the defeat yesterday and not acknowledging the fact that others let the club down.

    No you are right he's the most talented 'baller to play for Cowden. He's won the Fa youth cup and played in Japan, we were lucky to have him. The fact he cannot pass or tackle makes no difference.

  3. Take it you're not a fan? :lol:

    Didn't think Marshall was too bad yesterday. Won a few 50/50's and at least showed some fight. I've never boo'd anyone on our team. What benefit does that bring to anyone? I would have been happy to have him back next season if we were in this league.

    You could go through the whole team and only a couple actually did well. Far too many players had bad days. Brownlie struggled, Robertson misplaced every pass, Buchanan had no support, Higgins was his usual anonymous self and Nish who cant win headers was made to try and win a header every 2 mins. We got our tactics wrong.

    But Marshall is the worst player I have ever seen play for Cowdenbeath Fc.

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