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  1. Townie banter. My sides are splitting. Who really gies a f**k about these Townies getting a rager on cos they're top of the Third Tier of Scottish football. We really are seeing the return of the glory days at East End Park.
  2. After the car crash of a season under Jimmy. Nishy has a major rebuilding job on his hands. Played poorly first half but good performance second half. Stranraer no 14 was their best player.
  3. Good to know. Thanks for your input. Appreciated.
  4. Cowden Fans please come to the meeting tonight if you can make it to see how you can help your club.
  5. Cowden316 seems a bit disappointed that we never gave an ex *** the job. Get a grip ! No competitive games played and you are disappointed. Fans need to unite and get as much cash to the club to help.
  6. My board room mole text me to say the board have awarded Jimmy Nic a new 12 months contract on 100k a year. Campbell, Kane and Marshall all on the retained list.
  7. I've got a voodoo doll of Marshall set up. I'm sticking pins in its knees at the moment.
  8. Naw lost interest after the bit where you slagged off Sandy Hodge. How dare you Big Sandy was quality for us. The likes of Marshall sums up why Scottish football is piss poor. No effort and thinking he can play, he thinks he is big time, he always takes the easy option in possession and is a coward. Hope he never plays football again.
  9. No you are right he's the most talented 'baller to play for Cowden. He's won the Fa youth cup and played in Japan, we were lucky to have him. The fact he cannot pass or tackle makes no difference.
  10. But Marshall is the worst player I have ever seen play for Cowdenbeath Fc.
  11. Yes me. He's a terrible football player and it's about time he jacked it. Ran around like a demented monkey and contributed nothing as he had done all season. Steph McConalogue put in a better shift than that wee prima donna.
  12. Oh cant wait till Livingston go bust again. Tho great effort from your players and gaffer to stay up
  13. The boys were hacked off but never should a player give the finger to his own fans. Marshall caused it cos he's a fanny who thinks he's a player.
  14. Colin Marshall showed no fight. He was drifting through the game and he chucked it. I hope he never plays football again.
  15. At least you passed it forward that time you had the ball.
  16. Colin Marshall. What a cretin. Hope someone ends him and he never plays football again. I just want to smash his face in. Two boys at end were gonna have a wee word with him.
  17. Any shite at the Rovers ticket office, say you phoned to them today and were told you can use the kingdom fm tickets anywhere in the ground. Got me in the away end.
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