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  1. No way do we want Dick Campbell. The guy is a complete buffoon.

    As for being fickle, we have been awful from the start under Nish. As I have said before, we only glossed over the awful form when Murdoch played for us.

    Don't care if he's a buffon. Dick Campbell would have that side well drilled and do the basics right. He had Forfar challenging for promotion consistently. You say nish has been poor from the start but give no options to him. Great logic there !

  2. The Cowden fans are so fickle.

    A few results and Nish has settled in well and turned it round after a tricky start and now he must go as they have had a poor results. You have a poor team in a dog eat dog league it's no surprise results are going to be inconsistent.

    8 games with no wins is unacceptable at any level in football. Stenny have punted managers for less. When as a fan you volunteer, put yer cash in and that shite is served up it makes you so angry. The defence we have means we start with 1 goal loss already. They cannot do the basics well.

  3. Hi there, TheMessiah here, did you intentionally capatalise the word "football"?

    Also, quick follow up, why are you such a seething mess?

    Thanks x

    If you are going to be a grammar Nazi might want to learn to spell the word capitalize properly first.

    Why are you proud of a shithole like Slumfermline ?

    My comment has obviously touched a nerve my little Townie chum.

  4. Wonder if this latest signing has meant directors hands in pockets again?

    Well I'm Gona hand my roof fall form into the bank tomorrow. No idea how well the scheme is going?

    Any news on length of murdochs loan?

    I will tell my Dad that you have signed up. Thank you Al. Scheme is going well. The bonus ball has proved popular but £20 pm scheme is a bit slower, few notes of interest. However, folk cannot fork out for everything so I am going to see if I can get people signed up to help with Friday match day prep and general maintenance at the ground. If people can give a bit of their time that will help the club.

  5. i was there on both occassions. The trouble at first match was some Smokie Ginger overweight wannabe punching an old Cowden fan cos he was English. He was then dealt with by the fan's son and he had to get some screaming harpie of a woman to prevent that Cowden fan's son from humiliating him even more.

    Second time the same individual was out from revenge and led a motley crew of scummy Smokie middle aged and old men to start more bother. He was then humiliated again and your stewards proved incapable of dealing with your troublemakers and they started shoving innocent Cowden fans, in fact they acted as back up to the Arbroath old team. Now son you need to let this go cos it's doing you no favours at all. In fact it is making you ill and it was years ago.

  6. Loving the Townie patter merchants on every Cowden thread. The glorious 18th May 2014 and the Pars complete and abject failure on that day must have really hurt. Really fucking hurt. My favourite Townie is the one who was boasting about his intellectual prowess. Now son doing your highers again doesn't make you Einstein or even Dr Brian Cox.

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