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  1. And what makes you think Alan Johnston is going to do a good job, yep he did well with QOS at this level but does mot mean to say he is going to do well this time around. Same with Nish, just because he did guff with Son's youth does not mean to say he will do the same at senior management.

    Will give him 100% backing.

    Lastly on your last point if we are genuine relegation fodder, it will be a great chase to avoid the relegation play off place with the Pars.

    7th in a mostly part time league ffs :lol:

    Spot on assessment of the Nish appointment there.

  2. No it wasn't - his job was to keep us up in 2013/14 and he took on a team in second bottom spot just 2 points ahead of Morton. He then kept us up = a good job. That was what he was appointed to do. 2014/15 was a different matter although his record and indeed the current manager's were both a good deal better than what Dick Campbell produced for us in the bottom tier[/quote

    Imho when we are knocking about the arse end of Div 3 next season with Nish Arbroath will be at the top and challenging for promotion. Another chance missed to get a solid footballing base built.

    When Jimmy Nic was appointed 2nd time i felt it was a backward step. It proved to be correct as we are still suffering from it. He was responsible was the ending of the professional set up we had in training and in the squad. Taking 7 weeks holiday between play off game and start of season meant bad recruitment choices which meant loans being used to plug the gap. It summed up his lack of professionalism. We had one of community coaches scouting the opposition. His signings such as Marshall and Halsman disrupted the team spirit. His treatment of existing players was poor and resulted in good players leaving, see Thomas Flynn and not playing our best defender Darren Brownlie. His signing of Robbie Thomson and Iain Campbell were favours to old friends imho. The 10 nil defeat was the biggest embarassment and he still did not have the decency to resign unless he got a pay off. He also put Northern Ireland above club and wasnt present for a game. He also damaged the club car. He signed Chris Kane. He was an unmitigated disaster 2nd time round

    Colin Nish is part of the same clique. I was prepared to forgive him the early season drubbings off the Pars but the 7 nil game at Peterhead rang alarm bells for me. His coaching seems uninspired and tactics and game mgmt are poor. Our players cannot do the basics right. See the goals lost this season. The players we have apart from Kenny, Dean, young Sneddon and Greig Spence are not good enough. They will end up playing amateur level soon but a good manager would get them organised, hard to beat and playing for the jersey. Nish can't do any of this. We have collapsed since New Year and i am expecting another relegation. The players do nothing to give me any hope. When we go down the fight goes out of some of them. The level of apathy amongst fans reminds me of the last days of Welshie.

    Now CC I'm not getting at you or the other directors because you are to be admired for the time and money you have all pumped into the club to keep it afloat. I would like to thank you for your graft.

    I like you want the best for Cowden but i feel certain players and managers are taking the piss and for me the buck stops at Nish's door. This is not happening at the minute. For me Dick Campbell would have stopped the antics of some of the journeymen and got us fighting fir survival but it wasn't meant to be.

    Rant over and I'm not saying anymore on the subject. I'm just going to be praying for a miracle that we dont go down this season. I'm just fucked off with it at the minute but I'll still support the club and give my time and money to help you CC

  3. The last two managerial appointments have been absolute disasters for the club. We will get relegated again this season as recruitment by present manager has been poor and the fact he's not good enough. The facts are we have collected 4 points out of 30 points and I'm quite happy to channel these views via the supporters council. Nish needs sacked end of as if we stick with him we will be playing Lowland League soon.

  4. If you are a Cowdenbeath supporter, support the club without complain about Nishy all the time. I mean if you have a time to complain, donate some money to club :lol: Then the club may be able to get Andy Murdoch back _ he has scored for QoS against Hibs last night....

    I give my time and money to the club. Players of that calibre won't sign for us whilst Nish is in charge. He can't improve them.

  5. What is this fascination with Dick Campbell getting the job?! Purely because he's available is the only reason I can think people keep going on about him.

    Shite result tonight but was expected. Dust ourselves down and roll on Airdrie on Saturday. Need to get the home form back.[/quot

    We'll get beat by Airdrie. Dick Campbell would get the def and mid working and battling. We're too soft

  6. Were you not watching a game in Central Park when Dick Campbell lost his temper so badly. If I was a football player, I do not want to work for a team has such a ba*****.

    Personally I hate men has a short / bad temper :P

    Nish needs sacked. He's an absolute incompetent at managing a football team. That is evident by playing Kane, CJ and El Zubadi all at the same time. 8 games with no wins surely means the sack?

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