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  1. Thought Ayr were unlucky at the end not to take something but we invited the pressure. Their no 12 is a player.
  2. Nish's plan to punt Caldwell on to act as a target man for the last 15 mins failed as he's not mobile enough and he's lazy. As for Chris Kane, just don't do play him. He's a shite football player and a paralympic sprinter has better ball control than him.
  3. If only he'd played for Livi at some stage of his career Nisher would have him signed by now.
  4. Spot on assessment of the Nish appointment there.
  5. Craig Sives has been injury prone throughout his career. It's a brave loan signing. Otherwise it's the youths we will have to rely on
  6. Imagine a diddy wee club like Cowdenbeath FC having the sheer audacity to charge extra when a big club like the superb footballing gods that are Dunfermline Athletic come into town. We need the cash to pay off Nishy after the 8 nil gubbing we will get.
  7. Nish needs to go. He's fucking useless. 5 points out of 33 points.
  8. It's cos he's a terrible football manager. If we loose tomorrow he should resign.
  9. Not seen you at the games for a while Lawro. I've let it go. What will happen will happen
  10. We had a quality team that should never had ended up in the play offs that season. Jimmy never took us any higher than 8th place in his 2nd season in charge. A very bad appointment.
  11. The last two managerial appointments have been absolute disasters for the club. We will get relegated again this season as recruitment by present manager has been poor and the fact he's not good enough. The facts are we have collected 4 points out of 30 points and I'm quite happy to channel these views via the supporters council. Nish needs sacked end of as if we stick with him we will be playing Lowland League soon.
  12. Best wishes to Airdrie gaffer and credit to Airdrie players 2nd half after that shock. Nowt much to say about us, why waste my breath
  13. I ken Al. I'm a terrible Cowden fan. Wonder what today vs Airdrie will bring having the genius that is Nish in charge.
  14. No amount of money can improve the footballing side of the club whilst Colin Pish is left in charge.
  15. I give my time and money to the club. Players of that calibre won't sign for us whilst Nish is in charge. He can't improve them.
  16. Well done to you. Nish needs sacked. 62 goals against says it all.
  17. Colin Cameron won div 2 and kept Cowden in div 1. So his track record was decent at us. His blend was spot on for those two seasons. You obviously have no clue, stick with Nish ? You're absolutely clueless.
  18. Gary Naysmith would not take the Cowden job. We'd do too much damage to his growing reputation. If we do get rid of Nish it will be someone equally uninspired.
  19. Its not gonna happen. We'll stick with Nish and surrender meekly in the play offs.
  20. I'd go for Dick Campbell. Christ this is the same board that emptied Colin Cameron for the same losing streak despite him getting us promoted and safe the season before.
  21. Normal service resumed. Nish needs sacked. Another 4 goal loss with 62 goals against. Will the board please act now?
  22. Nish needs sacked. He's an absolute incompetent at managing a football team. That is evident by playing Kane, CJ and El Zubadi all at the same time. 8 games with no wins surely means the sack?
  23. Look at the games ahead and we need to act now. Nish is not up to it. Cut your losses and sack him. The standard is getting worse by the week. Be brave, bold and decisive Davie.
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