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  1. 10 minutes ago, Francesc Fabregas said:

    Stenhousemuir have signed Declan Hughes from BSC Glasgow. I understand he had a spell with Cowdenbeath. Is he any good? What kind of player should we be expecting?

    Should be a solid signing for Stenny. From what Iittle I recall he is a box to box midfielder and he chipped in with a few goals in his time with us. 

    It was a difficult time for him at Cowden as we ended relegated in both of the seasons he played for us. Hughes was in and out of the side. I think he ended up playing for EK against Cowden in the relegation play off game and he didn't do much in that game.  

  2. The tragedy and devastation of a suicide is immense. It's shocking & horrific and it leaves you numb. On average a suicide can affect & impact the lives of 135 people according to a recent study from a US university. 

    If what's been said by one human being to another human being about a suicide attempt is proven, it leaves me speechless & disappointed.  

    Calm heads need to prevail now and we need to see how the SFA & the clubs concerned handle the situation. Let's hope something good comes out of this sad & unsavoury episode in the game at our level & we start putting in serious measures to look after our players mental & physical health & put an end to incidents like this & others.

    It's just a game at the end of the day and it should be fun but at times like these, it's grim


  3. 2 hours ago, big al said:

    I’m sure I saw Barry Smiths laddie playing for Accies, the young attacker we had on loan from Hearts. 
    Bit weird loaning a young player  to a team in a higher division if it was him.

    Think its Callum Smith that plays for Hamilton Accies.  Think they got him from Airdrie.

  4. Looking at the voting slip from Dundee FC on BBC website John Nelms has pick a tick in the reject proposal box. The ICT and Partick Thistle show an X in reject proposal box. Have SPFL rejected Dundee FC's vote as a spoiled vote because of the tick instead of the X. I am only asking because in elections when you do the count when a tick shows on the ballot paper I thought the count rejects it as a spoiled paper? 


  5. Stenny spending the cash on dross like Spence, Wilson and now Harkins in a sad attempt to stay off 10th place at the arse end of Scottish Football is funny as f**k. Disappointed to see them get a point in their 3rd league game against Cowden. I thought we'd have Stenny on the mantlepiece this season as they are shite. 

    Maybe their season would have worked out better if they paid us a transfer fee for one of our squad players. 

    The seethe from Neilly and that Vimto fud is simply pleasing this evening. It can't be easy having Davie Irons as your manager. 




  6. Having seen both sides recently, Brechin City will beat Stenny today.

    Stenny are awful, the worst side in the division and their new signings are utter garbage. Greig Spence will do nothing in a relegation dogfight and Wilson has to be one of the worst centre halfs in Scottish football going by his performances last season vs Cowden.  Stenny will finish bottom this season and face the dreaded play off

    Brechin were well organised in their games against us this season and in Paul McManus you have a decent striker which will help get you safe. Good luck City


  7. Well done to players, staff and everyone at Cowdenbeath FC for six in a row. Tough game and Edinburgh City are a very good side but great to see the players battle hard and win. Special mention to Robbie Buchanan, Archie Thomas and Chris Hamilton. In fact all the team were excellent. Delighted for Coxy to get a goal. Good times at The Beath !!


  8. Well done to the players & Gary Bollan & the rest of the management  team for putting together five successive victories. We are playing some great football at the min. Nice to see us dig in and win against a well organised Albion Rovers team. In the recent past we would have lost a game like yesterday's.

    Impressed with Archie Thomas, Kris Renton, Connor Smith, Fraser Mullan & Mango Barr over the last few games. My man of the match against Albion Rovers was Kyle Miller. Puts in a lot of effort and links the play nicely and not afraid to put his foot in. 

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