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  1. Well done to players, staff and everyone at Cowdenbeath FC for six in a row. Tough game and Edinburgh City are a very good side but great to see the players battle hard and win. Special mention to Robbie Buchanan, Archie Thomas and Chris Hamilton. In fact all the team were excellent. Delighted for Coxy to get a goal. Good times at The Beath !!
  2. Well done to the players & Gary Bollan & the rest of the management team for putting together five successive victories. We are playing some great football at the min. Nice to see us dig in and win against a well organised Albion Rovers team. In the recent past we would have lost a game like yesterday's. Impressed with Archie Thomas, Kris Renton, Connor Smith, Fraser Mullan & Mango Barr over the last few games. My man of the match against Albion Rovers was Kyle Miller. Puts in a lot of effort and links the play nicely and not afraid to put his foot in.
  3. I'm not interested in what fans of other League 2 football teams or "gangs" as Neilly likes to say think of Cowden's chances this season. It's utterly pointless in making predictions about where teams will finish until at least the 1st quarter is done. Until then its all bollocks.
  4. I'd doubt that the clubs who could afford the standard compensation would be interested in Swann. They probably have much better in their youth ranks already. He wasn't as good as some folk on here make out.
  5. So Goodwillie the Rapist came out on top in the League 2 Sexual Predator Derby. Well done Clyde.
  6. I'm gutted for the Berwick fans. Was hoping that a new gaffer would have motivated the players to roll up sleeves & battle but f**k me only 3 shots the whole game according to BBC stats. The players should hang their heads in shame.
  7. Good luck Berwick Rangers. Hope BRFC do the business today Come on Berwick !!!
  8. How do we know the kids were Clyde fans, They could have been dragged along by their misogynistic father.
  9. For a father of 2 young daughters, your misogyny is disgusting. I suppose you you wouldn't be too pleased if someone called your two wee daughters a similarly misogynistic term. Once again a Clyde fan proves that they are all absolute scum.
  10. Good to hear. Good luck in the play offs my Bully Wee pal.
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