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  1. I for one am not underestimating any of these teams. It will be tough, these teams will be up for it. Just hope we are.
  2. Dalbeattie Star will be a tough game. We need a win, otherwise it's last season all over again and Cowden will be relegated to Eosfl. I know we are up against but so are other Lowland League teams. Ross needs to start delivering results fast.
  3. What's the players performance like tonight? Knew this season would be a struggle but I didn't think it would be this bad. We've had enough games now for the team to gel and start playing. Excuses stop now. Not a great fan of Ross. He needs to get us results soon.
  4. 1 point from 5 games is disappointing. Good signs from the team but we need to stop the rot fast. Saturday will be a tough game, 3 points is a must
  5. That was fucking painful following the game on Twitter. Wasn't there but did we just chuck it away through mistakes and by being soft? I know it's a young team but it's basics to defend a lead. Massive game next Sat for Cowden vs a team that has had a poor start too.
  6. Face facts there is no connection between the town and it's football club. Leaving vs staying at the ground, both arguments have their good and bad points. Leaving means we save costs but imho the current owners would love it as they could sell the land to build houses. I help out but if we could get some more folk to volunteer, it would be a big help as the current board are in need of a helping hand.
  7. From folk at the game on Saturday, who were the best players for Open Goal Broomhill? Just interested for their game tomorrow night.
  8. Have we signed Jonny Jarron on a 1 Yr deal or is it a short term contract? Seems strange not to have announced his signing on twitter.
  9. Jonny Jarron ex Edinburgh City defender. We have previous for making a last minute signing vs FC Edinburgh City United Rovers or whatever they call themselves........
  10. Will the club shop have a card machine ready for tomorrow or is it cash payment only?
  11. I will be getting the shorts too. Still have the training top from the time the JB sponsored them. BTW Harry Osbourne said yer a fanny .
  12. Cannae wait till Saturday to buy the new Cowden Tap. It's another beauty.
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