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  1. Glad that Stirling don't offer streaming anymore. How shite were we today?
  2. We just seem to be getting worse every game. Strange team selection from manager today.
  3. Recruitment for lower league clubs can be a lottery at times. Stenny seem to be having the negatives of a high turnover. Swift seems not to know his best team. Cowden are still struggling because we kept most of the jobbers from last season. Cannot be easy for the boards running our clubs.
  4. Well done to the players getting the finger out second half and I did not believe my eyes Bollan making 3 subs today.
  5. Where's Neilly and his bitch Vimto with some classic quotes from the Big Book of Stenny Banter? I'm seething btw
  6. Highlight of today's game was the GIRFUY from the Cowden kitman to that moaning b*****d Swift after the Cowden goal. Then the ref sent him off I'd be worried if I was a BSC Stenny fan with that gang playing.
  7. Declan Hughes - has he played for Stenny this season? If so, has he done well in the games. Always found that he drifted out of games when he was at Cowden.
  8. Should be a solid signing for Stenny. From what Iittle I recall he is a box to box midfielder and he chipped in with a few goals in his time with us. It was a difficult time for him at Cowden as we ended relegated in both of the seasons he played for us. Hughes was in and out of the side. I think he ended up playing for EK against Cowden in the relegation play off game and he didn't do much in that game.
  9. The tragedy and devastation of a suicide is immense. It's shocking & horrific and it leaves you numb. On average a suicide can affect & impact the lives of 135 people according to a recent study from a US university. If what's been said by one human being to another human being about a suicide attempt is proven, it leaves me speechless & disappointed. Calm heads need to prevail now and we need to see how the SFA & the clubs concerned handle the situation. Let's hope something good comes out of this sad & unsavoury episode in the game at our level & we start putting in serious measures to look after our players mental & physical health & put an end to incidents like this & others. It's just a game at the end of the day and it should be fun but at times like these, it's grim
  10. Are we playing Stranraer this Saturday? It shows on their website that they are playing Cowden this Saturday but on our website fixture list it shows as our next game vs Edinburgh City
  11. That's how I feel when I see your smug celebrity dish pop up on the TV.
  12. Well done to Dale, Nelly and Craig for the camera work & commentary on today's game.
  13. Well done lads !!! Great result for the Cowden away at Edinburgh City. Really impressed with Mac Whyte, what a game from the young lad.
  14. Has Bollan signed on as manager for next season? Are the club planning any announcements re Squad in the next few days?
  15. Think its Callum Smith that plays for Hamilton Accies. Think they got him from Airdrie.
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