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  1. Do you want to queue 16 hours? No thanks. I can take you straight to the front of the queue. Ok then. Perfectly normal. It reminds of the Panama papers. People get all uptight and cancel a few individuals. But don't do anything about the system that allows it. The Beckham family have done very well out of giving reverence to celebrity. I mean how does he always end up with the best seat at the likes of Wimbledon.
  2. She is effectively saying Colin Weir was a liar and he didn't want fan ownership. He just used it a sweetener to smooth the takeover of the club. I find that a little unlikely.
  3. How dare you. They were singing Lizzies in Ibrox, looking for her tax.
  4. If united want to disrupt the minutes silence a quick one word shout will do the job. Doesn't have to be offensive, anything will do. A loud "Buttercup" and all the surrounding Orcs waiting to be offended will go off on one and do the job for you.
  5. Aw f**k, just realised we go straight from this to Poppyfest
  6. Barring relegation the Dundee derby will be back next season. So the big question is do you think you'll stay up?
  7. Tommy Wright was getting pumped all over the championship with a budget twice everyone wlse. So yes take him.
  8. I agree he got the penalty decisions wrong. But I don't think Hibs were ever going to win the league anyway.
  9. Aye right so you did. Insurance job. Seriously you have my full sympathy. Shit thing to happen.
  10. The mentality to see out a match or to win a match comes down to talent, fitness and tactical awareness. If you lack any one of these you get found out when the pressure is on. We can all look at our own teams and see players who are extremely fit or talented or tactically aware but not many if any who combine all three. I think this a failing in coaching. Managers very rarely last more than a season so why should they worry about what's happening in the youth teams. Spend that budget on a couple of new players I'll look good and won't be here in 3 years anyway. I don't see that as a problem. Players will find their level in football. It young footballers are ambitious and want to improve their standing they will work at what they need to get there benefitting their present club. The problem with a lot of players in Scottish football just now is they didn't make it at their OF club of choice, but have enough talent to earn a living bouncing down the leagues like the ball on The Wall without over stretching themselves. Usually accompanied by a manager who has liking for them. Maybe the SFA and SPFL should insist a larger percentage of prize and TV money goes to youth coaching developmen.t I don't Know. I'll have another think next year.
  11. Just what I was thinking. It's not the gender of the pundits it's the quality that's the problem. I mean Alex Rae and Steve McManaman. It just seems like director with no knowledge of football has picked someone who fits their stereotype kickball supporter.
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