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  1. Take a break from the politics bud. How do you think Aberdeen will get on against Melchester on Saturday?
  2. It's highly unlikely the SNP will get more than 50 MP's. But this has generated a good bit of publicity and has got the number 50 into peoples head so that when they get the expected 45-48 the Tories will say it's a poor result for the SNP.
  3. ffs It's like listening to an old firm supporter. It's not just about Tories and SNP
  4. Is this a great myths of our time thread? I've got another one " The Tories are the party for small businesses" The same people who spout that, also complain that they can't compete with the unfair tax breaks and avoidance of Starbucks and other multinationals. Remember the offshore tax schemes that everyone was up in arms about a year ago, heard much about that this election. Also that they're customers in a poor area have no money to spend. Imagine that your political heroes have screwed them to the bare bones.
  5. It's not a football match. Who ever gets in we're all in the same boat.
  6. Why don't we just surrender to complete diddiness and ask to move it to Parkhead.
  7. Let's be honest. It would have done more harm if he ate it.
  8. I love politics. You say it wasn't a big fat lie. Then explain why it is in fact a big fat lie. Inflation has gone mental I paid £20 for a loaf this morning. gave the man £20 note and got £19 change. Shocking could have got nice meal for that.
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