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  1. The membership numbers is certainly overblown. SNP membership at the 2014 referendum was 25000. It rose rapidly from then to a peak of 125000 in 2019 and is now at 72000. To put that into context the latest House of Commons Library figures are:- Lab 432000 0.9% of electorate Con 172000 0.4% of electorate SNP 72000 1.8% of electorate. (16th Mar) Labour has fallen from 523000 since Starmer took over.
  2. Lineker never used the word Nazi. It would have been justified, but he didn't.
  3. It's the hearse for him. Or as we Glaswegians say "back o' ra van."
  4. You've just reminded me of Your arse in parsley! No idea where it comes from.
  5. I'm of an age where that expression sounds more natural coming from a grand parent that it does coming from urban London.
  6. It shows how good Pele was. Banks was the greatest keeper of all time for saving a Pele header and Bobby Moore the the best defender for winning a tackle against him once.
  7. Aye you're right, guys like Messi and Modric won't make it.
  8. Did you never leave the house when you were a kid?
  9. Yes I don't think hawks cook their food.
  10. I thought he was trying too hard on twitter. Site crashes after St Mirren and England defeats. Your fooling no one. Just rename it Jellied eels and Mash.
  11. If people think they are hard done by they should take a pay cut so they don't have to pay all that extra tax.
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