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  1. Do you like the Scottish?

    That's hardly unique to Glasgow. It's just the shite social media and the press come out with after any tragic event anywhere. The London blitz spirit Liverpool uniting across the football divide after Hillsboro', Nice. NY after 9/11. Boston even made a film about their city pulling together.
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    I don't think he has ever came up with anything original.
  3. It's the same with the old firm as well. When they come to Firhill they're bigoted cults. Pitch invasions stabbing their own fans. you name we've seen it. Yet apparently the rest of the time they're angels.
  4. Must be that Jordan Jones guy. Start of Wednesday all the Killie fans hated him, by the end of the day all the **** hated him.
  5. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    So to sum up. Airdrie have some fans who behave like thugs. Everyone, including Airdrie fans, accepts this. Celtic have some fans who behave like thugs. Everyone, except Celtic fans, accept this.
  6. Unpopular opinions.

    Judging people as being ageist racist and sexist because of their age race and gender is a bit gammon if you ask me.
  7. Official worst town in Scotland

    I'd say that makes it 3.
  8. The Chooky Embra

    "hello I'm calling about the accident you had that wasn't your fault" "Yes I was driving through Norfolk and next thing you know the Duke of Edinburgh pulled right out in front of me." "aye okay no need to take the pish i'm just trying to make a living" drrrrrrr
  9. Worst Town In Scotland

    East Dunbarton and East Renfrew are just leaches that only exist because of wealth created in Glasgow and should have been incorporated into the city of Glasgow decades ago.
  10. It's closer to the the centre of Stirling than Pittodrie is to the centre of Aberdeen
  11. Worst Town In Scotland

    You are right, sorry.
  12. Worst Town In Scotland

    Latest scare story about Govanhill in the evening times. New affordable housing is to be built on Butterbiggins Road. Among the ET complaints is "Concerns have been raised regarding traffic at the site" The houses are to be built on the site of the former Larkfield bus depot!!!!
  13. I played on it with my works team. it was horrendous and funny in equal measures. Thinking you were Alan Hansen and watching your precisely hit ten yards pass run 30 yards out the pitch was painful, but watching your 20 stone right back trying to catch it and never quite get there was FAF. I went to first game at Forthbank, also v the Bankies.
  14. Worst Town In Scotland

    You kill 21 people....