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  1. Would that not be Rangers. From winning there 54th title. To oblivion in less that 2 years.
  2. I'm sure when Thistle got promoted in 1976 Alan Rough was the only fulltime player. Edit. The Hamilton team that knocked Rangers out the cup in the 80's was a mix of full and part time players.
  3. I was double jabbed by AZ and caught Covid. My symptoms were negligable compared to my two mates of similar age and fitness. They both caught it pre-vaccine and ended in hospital. So even by my small non scientific study you're talking shite.
  4. No one likes us. Not even ourselves.
  5. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. There quite obviously are a lot of dung players stealing a fulltime living in the bottom half of this league.
  6. A lot of folk on here won't remember a non OF team win the league. To win it with 3 of them is glorious.
  7. I don't know the sums involved, 20k sounds exaggerated, but I know a couple of folk who are moving out and renting for this. One I know is renting to someone with a business in the area who wants to move in to avoid commuting for the duration. I'm pretty sure he's not getting 20k as he can't hold his watter and would have love letting that detail slip.
  8. My MSP, John Mason, adding to his religious fuckwittery by admitting to taking part in an anti-abortion "vigil" outside a clinic and claiming woman are coerced into decisions. I have always voted for a party rather than a candidate, but I'm going to have to change for this weirdo.
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