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  1. Russia

    Hoping to go to Russia for a week next yea. Plan is to fly into Moscow Sapsan train to St Petersburg and fly back from there. 3/4 days in each city. Anyone used the train? Any recommendations how I should split my time. Should I spent the extra day in Moscow or St P.
  2. I think a lot of pubs, both in the city and in the suburbs will be looking to run their own shuttle buses. Pick up/drop off from the pub, guaranteed custom for the pub and a guaranteed hurl out to the fitba for the fan. Means you can get your few pints as well. Plenty busses run from pubs in Glasgow to OF home games every week. Including the Star and Garter 400 yards from Firhill. c***s.
  3. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Squeaky bum implies you have kept at least some control of your sphincter. I'm pure shiting it.
  4. Celebrity c***s

    Yes it was a Shih tzu.
  5. Not quite true.
  6. Considering your budget compared to the rest combined. I would say that's a bit OTT for what you've actually achieved.
  7. What about the UFA sending off? Does that count as being hounded out of Europe or just Russia?
  8. The Official Thread for Everton FC

    Thank f**k he doesn't know the password to the real Everton thread.
  9. Firhill is a copy of Leitches design by someone who used to work for him.
  10. I think he saw Ra and thought it was Celtic.
  11. Trade Unions

    I believe that is illegal. And if you vote against your will in a referendum, well.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    When I saw this yesterday I thought what a boring way to spend an evening. Several hours later I wished I was at a tile unveiling.
  13. ffs. What's your safe word.
  14. I'm a bit indifferent about Caldwell. But fair play to him for setting fire to the Falkirk support.