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  1. Free Money

    Correct - Barcelona V Liverpool 8PM Weds
  2. Weekend Betting

  3. Pub Etiquette

    Was in there once but, was sitting on the other side of the partition. (It's a old bank, so, I assume it was where the tellers were.) Anyway, approached the bar from the side rather than head-on, got served straight away, to which a voice behind barked "Excuse me - there is a que!" - Barmaid immediately defuses the situation saying " There is no queing policy in Wetherspoons." - I was dying to wait for her to go back to the bar again so I could repeat! Similar situation in the Spoons in East Kilbride, it's only been open a year or so, but is an old shop / perhaps 2 knocked into one, so the layout is kinda weird, with a stairwell going up the middle. So, I wandered up to the empty bar (bar 1 chap getting served) and ordered a beer - old boy standing about 6 feeet back with a menu in his hand was apparently waiting to be called forward! A cheap boozer in the West of Scotland?? WTF?
  4. Free Money

    Offer on again on Wednesday for PSG V Liverpool
  5. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Only 10 for me too! got the second at 7/1 but they paid me at SP - I will take it though!
  6. TV License

  7. Free Money

    Totally within the "rules" - but, highlights exactly what you are doing, unless you do it every other day for large sums (I suspect you don't!)
  8. Free Money

    I would be wary of doing that! - One way to get your account restricted / closed!
  9. Midweek flutter

    Shame - not a bad book at times!
  10. Free Money

    2 France goals? - Maybe! Only a £10 offer?? - I get £25
  11. Free Money

    Unsurprisingly - (& welcome) On again for Sunday! (World Cup Final)
  12. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Thee is racing on ITV today (Thu) - so the Sky offer is on!
  13. Free Money

    Same again for the Croatia game Wednesday!!