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  1. Weekend Betting

  2. Pub Etiquette

    Was in there once but, was sitting on the other side of the partition. (It's a old bank, so, I assume it was where the tellers were.) Anyway, approached the bar from the side rather than head-on, got served straight away, to which a voice behind barked "Excuse me - there is a que!" - Barmaid immediately defuses the situation saying " There is no queing policy in Wetherspoons." - I was dying to wait for her to go back to the bar again so I could repeat! Similar situation in the Spoons in East Kilbride, it's only been open a year or so, but is an old shop / perhaps 2 knocked into one, so the layout is kinda weird, with a stairwell going up the middle. So, I wandered up to the empty bar (bar 1 chap getting served) and ordered a beer - old boy standing about 6 feeet back with a menu in his hand was apparently waiting to be called forward! A cheap boozer in the West of Scotland?? WTF?
  3. Free Money

    Offer on again on Wednesday for PSG V Liverpool
  4. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Only 10 for me too! got the second at 7/1 but they paid me at SP - I will take it though!
  5. TV License

  6. Free Money

    Totally within the "rules" - but, highlights exactly what you are doing, unless you do it every other day for large sums (I suspect you don't!)
  7. Free Money

    I would be wary of doing that! - One way to get your account restricted / closed!
  8. Midweek flutter

    Shame - not a bad book at times!
  9. Free Money

    2 France goals? - Maybe! Only a £10 offer?? - I get £25
  10. Free Money

    Unsurprisingly - (& welcome) On again for Sunday! (World Cup Final)
  11. Sky Bet Horses Offer

    Thee is racing on ITV today (Thu) - so the Sky offer is on!
  12. Free Money

    Same again for the Croatia game Wednesday!!
  13. Free Money

    It's on again for the Sweden game this Saturday!!
  14. Free Money

    It doesn't work as a "refund if lose" any more (About a year or so I think!) It is a "Risk free" bet inplay nowadays, so, if you lost it you lose no cash, but no refund!
  15. Radio Clyde - name needed

    I would suspect you are thinking of the late Jimmy Sanderson!