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  1. Have you checked your security updates? Cannot open any forum pages on a brand new iPad.
  2. Depressing. If Morrison isn't fit, get someone else. We need another decent midfielder now.
  3. Not convenient at all. Just the opposite. Ask any of your fans that were there.
  4. I was in line, yes it was over the line by some way but would it have made a difference? We were poor second half.
  5. Aye, could have been out of sight after ten minutes. After that we seemed to get lost resorting to route one which the Annan defenders dealt with. We looked shaky at set plays and couldn't deal with Annan's crosses whereas ours were all over the place. We really need another decent midfielder if Morrison is unavailable.
  6. Kelty are good but not like Cove were. Stand off them and they will do damage. Get in about them.
  7. Watching a different game from me. Can't remember Cowden keeper making too many saves.
  8. I did find it strange. Gary B would have lasted about ten minutes.
  9. Love your nonsense. Certainly aren't getting any wiser. What's your shoe size now?
  10. Didn't you say something like that the last time we played each other? Cowden, if all are fit, will give your gang a good game.
  11. None for diving though. Austin hasn’t been playing, you’ll get your share, don’t worry.
  12. If they are both playing, your keeper better be good at saving penalties.
  13. PPV was terrible. Never even saw the goal. Don’t know what the camera person was doing.
  14. Hope you are right. Fraserburgh scored six against Brora on Saturday.
  15. If we treat this as a training game fine. Hope Morrison is back soon.
  16. It will be a much harder game than it was on Saturday. Only a full strength team will give us a chance.
  17. Trashing the changing facilities didn’t help. Neither did the manager’s interview on radio. Horrible club.
  18. Hope that doesn’t happen to Kelty. They are a breath of fresh air, unlike that lot from Cove.
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