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  1. They certainly aren’t that will be the poorest ground in the league next season unless they get some big bucks coming in. Compared to Cove and Kelty’s grounds it’s night and day. Good luck to them though.
  2. Aye. When I saw the Bonnyrigg keeper last week I thought he would struggle, at least a stone overweight. However, was more than competent and his kicking was excellent.
  3. I’d have taken a two goal defeat. But three is a big ask. Having said that, Bonnyrigg are nowhere near as good as that Cove team were.
  4. Hope TOB is ok. And good luck for your next game. It’s been a long time since we’ve battled against each other, how times change. You have the backing of many Cowden fans
  5. If only eh? It’s a well known fact that if the game had gone into extra time Cowden would have scored another five.
  6. What a pile of dross. Hope you didn’t waste too much time on this.
  7. A week before the second leg of a playoff. You can bet that if someone even breathes on him he’ll be rolling over in agony. Idiot.
  8. Wish I hadn’t seen that. I always liked Deano. Shame, not his brightest moment.
  9. If you are more than 3ft tall you should be OK.
  10. Said it many times, even today. Harvey can’t tackle.
  11. Every corner kick would result in a penalty if that was the case. Even just standing in front of an opponent stops them getting the ball never mind all the shoving and shirt pulling. If a ref wants to give a penalty to a team all he has to do is wait for a corner, that ref wasn’t even bright enough to do that.
  12. Deano was winding Harvey up right from the start but Buchanan losing the ball didn’t cause the sending off. I do wonder about the penalty though something not right there. Yet again we lose a goal from a set piece- a header from one of the smallest players on the park.
  13. I’m fed up moaning about Harvey playing as a full back. Can’t tackle, can’t head the ball, can’t take a throw in to one of his own players,little positional sense. Yes he has ability and can drift past players but a full back no, just no. The manager surely can see this. Not that it matters now.
  14. Picture quality excellent. Still can’t see why it was a penalty though.
  15. Aye, a header from just about the smallest player on the park and an exCowden player as well.
  16. The West terracing after all the years of supporting Cowden and such an important game. Poor show.
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