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  1. Livingstone have a habit of treating other clubs and fans with contempt. Last season we were drawn away to Livi in the Cup. It was January - freezing cold but ok cause Livi have undersoil heating. As I was driving across the Forth Bridge on the way to the game it was announced that the game was off because no-one had switched the heating on! So it was all the way back to Aberdeen and back again the following week as the pitch had then thawed out. Hopefully now they can reap what they have sown - only one friend amongst all the posters on here. The quicker they are turfed out the league the better. It may not happen now but it sure as hell won't be long. And for anyone associated with Livi to breath the word corruption as if it were bad must be the biggest joke ever. Good riddance.
  2. Aye and the eejits were still signing players on full-time contracts after they were punted to the third (trying to apply pressure to the panel? "they won't drop us to the third cause we have so many players on full-time contracts") Any sympathy I had for Livi is long gone (I do feel for the genuine fans - we'll soon see how many there are ! and the players ) but I hope they get thrown out the league for the Shire fiasco - not one of Gordon's better decisions.
  3. Somehow don't think that will be required - Livi will be lucky if they can play in a junior league.
  4. None of this will change anything that is going to happen to Livi.
  5. Don't think they will get expelled. The SFL will be terrified that McDoog sues them - he has a habit of winning court cases.
  6. That's more money in the pot (or not) for several full-time contracts.
  7. I can'afford to pay my council tax anymore - what do I do to get it reduced? Load up several credit cards to the limit - take out a mega mortgage if I can get one - get a masive extension built on my house - stop paying electric and gas bills ! etc,etc.
  8. Don't feel comfortable about this.We have a team which would probably do quite well in the third but not the second but we cannot sign anyone because of the parasite's appeal. So we have played four games - could have to play an additional four if the appeal goes through. What a mess for Cowden - and Airdrie.
  9. Don't know about Cowden struggling now any more than they were at any other time! - It's always been a struggle. Also don't know anything about Gordon taking money out the club. He worked his socks off for twenty years. The only mistake he made was giving a relative the manager's job ( good coach - not a manager though) that was the end for Gordon at Central Park.However, something doesn't sit right for me anyway. He told me just before he left Cowden that he was "going to put his feet up" I for one was sad about that. Next thing, he is running around with a "Townie " blazer on and then he gets involved with Livi!!!! This I will never understand.
  10. We've all been there. and yes we have to keep things in perspective. But we are drifting off the point. How can Livi be throwing about full-time contracts when they have so much debt and other clubs be paying players a peanuts? How can anyone condone this?
  11. You are the desperate one pal - most Cowden fans not happy about how they were "promoted" We had a team which could have done well in the third but not the second. We still cannot sign anyone as we cannot be sure which league we will be in. Meantime the gangsters are throwing about full-time contracts like they were going out of fashion. We just have to get on with it. Maybe we'll see you in the second div. next season - you don't seem fussed whether your teams wins or gets fcuked - aye right.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Livi are apparently still offering full-time contracts - how can that be?
  13. We either have a Saint here or someone who is terrified Ayr will finish bottom! Take your pick.
  14. OK so we assume everyone that hasn't been caught is cheating - get real! Nugget.
  15. Think in Livi's case it was a bit more than "financial problems" How would you feel if your team got relegated because the team below you overspent to the same extent as Livi thereby avoiding relegation? And then not paying the bills? They got off lightly by being punted to the third! Maybe you are thinking that if they stayed in the first and got docked the twenty points that would be a cushion for Ayr this season? I'm sure Ayr would be only too happy for Livi to get the points deduction.
  16. Thanks for taking the time to reply and not teelling me to F-off. No I'm not tired of your resposes but it did look like you were being "consumed" by the sorry saga. Unfortunately I cannot type quickly, or correctly most of the time. Sorry if you are another one of Livy's casualties - there had to be more in it than the dislike we all have for that Club (not the players or supporters)
  17. Yes Duncan - this saga seems to have taken over your life. What exactly is your interest?
  18. I think , at the time, you were meant to play them. Whether or not Livi win the appeal has nothing to do with that.
  19. Will they also be penalised for not playing the Shire game - separate issue but this too should be sorted out asap - or not? Personally I think there will have been a lot of "behind the scenes" activity going on. As you rightly say the SFL have been found out yet again - incompetent, bungling muppets.
  20. Doen't really matter because that'll get kicked out then they'll appeal to UEFA, then NATO, then the UN or whatever else they can think of. So we'll be in limbo till Xmas probably!
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