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  1. I was at this as a neutral today and didn't think Cowdenbeath were that bad. Certainly, they are not yet in the Brechin death spiral.
    Honestly in the first half I thought Forfar were poor. Their passing was terrible, and Cowdenbeath built nicely from the back. The issue is simple: Cowdenbeath move the ball nicely using marauding full-backs but they come adrift in the final third, lacking both a final ball and someone to test the goalkeeper seriously. Aitken rattled the bar shortly before half time but 0-0 at the break was a fair reflection of the game.
    In the second half Forfar played much better and you never felt Cowden would get back on terms once big Munro had headed home at the back post, from a poorly defended corner. The second gaol was really well worked. With Forfar in front, they knew they could simply absorb Cowden's powderpuff attacks forward and hit at pace on the break. A cracking ball in from the right after some good passing was turned past the goalkeeper and it was lights out.
    Aitken's free kick right on the full time whistle was a strange goal- it was well struck but seemed to go straight through everbody. Someone in the Cowdenebath wall was still being shouted at as the players trooped off.
    I can see Maurice Ross wants to play out from the back- the goalkeeper hardly hit a long clearance all day- and for the most part Cowdenbeath were OK at that. But really at a place like Forfar you need to mix things up between playing the ball out, and going a bit more direct. In any case it doesn't matter for the moment as there is no threat up front. Pretty clear what the new manager's priorities are when the window opens...would suggest even trawling the free agents to see if someone can come in and do a job for a few weeks. It doesn't matter how you want to play, fi there's no goal threat then...
    Routine win in the end for Forfar who are a strong team at this level with a few really good performers.

    Very fair post, can’t disagree with any of it. If you don’t shoot or cannot you won’t score.
  2. I suppose the manager needs to see all the players in action before deciding on his best formation. Our possession football frustrated Forfar and kept them at arms length for most of the game. Once we were undone at the set piece the game was up, for we carry zero threat up front. Taking off both strikers when we were two nil down seemed a bit bonkers but the game was done by then

    The young lad missed a sitter in the first half, as he did against Elgin. Unfortunately he isn’t very good. Surely we can drag in someone who can help us out. In the past we’ve done well with loanees not now though.

  3. What game were you watching ? The game was played in the cowden half

    We did quite well considering that we only had one forward and two of our best players were dropped. Still can’t see us scoring a goal never mind winning a game.
    Love the Forfar fans though, average age must be about 80.
  4. Reading through the Stenny supporters’ comments there’s a similar feeling amongst you that we (Loons) had last week. I’m sure that on form Stenhousemuir will give Kelty a good game just as Forfar did last week. We went in hope and with real optimism but came away empty handed. Kelty are champions, sure they’ve not won anything yet but they are unbeaten and the matches where they don’t sweep aside the opposition they have the mentality to grind out results. I could wax lyrical about the Loons being worthy of a daw last week and on midfield play and real scoring chances that’s true but when the going got tough Kelty found that little bit extra to see them over the line that champions elect always have. Good luck Stenny, I hope you prove me wrong as a win would retain my team’s slight glimmer of hope of catching them but I don’t see either happening.

    If Stenny have a go they’ve got a real chance, sit back and they’ll get overrun. Only a howler by the Cowden keeper stopped a draw recently.
  5. Clubs always talk up their young players.
    Out of the two at present Coulston looks the better out of the two.
    Their only signed until January so who knows what will happen.
    Maybe Rovers would have been better loaning them out to Lowland or EOS sides where they would have got more game time.

    Problem is they might well improve but can we afford to wait for that?
  6. I think you're being a bit harsh there on some of our players.  Our issue is our midfield which has far too many similar players in the centre and then no attacking threat on the wings.   I'd say Craig Thomson would get a game for most teams, Craig Barr as well. Liam Buchanan was banging in goals in the League Cup and early league matches.  Gavin Morrison is key for us and would get a game elsewhere easily.
    The problem we have is that we have continued to resign players who do nothing for the majority of the season.  Kyle Miller has been here a decade but I can't remember the last time he really got involved with a match.  Robbie Buchanan everybody here knows my feelings about.  Stunned to read somebody on here say he could play at a higher level - he's awful. 
    Bollan did a great job of attracting decent players to the club but it was never to actually improve on the weak parts of the team.  Craig Thomson signs when we have Mullen.  Hutton signs when we have Morrison.  Clarke signs when we have Swann.  The glaring lack of attention on the attacking side of midfield is going to cost us greatly.
    We are also missing Renton big style and he might not be back anytime soon.  

    Mullen has been poor this season and not in the same class as Thompson. As for Harvey, there is a player in there but not a full back. Clarke had been player of the year for another team when he signed. The loan players aren’t anywhere near good enough as are some others.
    It really isn’t looking good. Without Renton will we win another game?
  7. Gill made some really good saves. Noticed this more and more from Liam, he has the quality to let his goals do the talking.
    Ross has a huge job on his hands but like others have said, he can only work with the small squad he has. We all knew it was a disaster when Bolan resigned a group of players that finished second bottom. Looking at the bench today, there was no goal threat to bring on.
    Would still like to see Swann play further up the park but need to sign a left back.

    Anyone know why Thomson was taken off? He’s been our best player recently.
  8. Agreed fed up hearing the constant chat that we have a good team if that were the case we wouldn't be cast adrift 6 points at the foot of the SPFL.
    If we do survive the squad needs a complete overhaul in the pre season. 
    We lack strong leadership, quality, drive,winning mentality ambition and determination. 

    Losing Craig Barr so early didn’t help. Nil attacking threat and every time Elgin got a corner or a free kick near our goal it looked like they could score.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have no one who can replace Renton.
  9. Maybe low key as not much folk would be going up, I only know of two.
    As you say it’s a not lose game if we can win we’re level on points with Elgin and four behind Stranraer who lost last night.
    The new manager has had another week to implement his plans so hopefully can get his first win.

    I’ll be there, almost a home game!
  10. Big game (always is let's be honest) Saturday. We got our only victory of the season against elgin and I'm hopeful that ross can get a positive result. 
    Renton I think is out which is a blow.u see how bad we miss him when he ain't there. I fancy coulson to get a start instead of mahady. Same set up system wise I reckon also.

    Can’t see us getting anything if Renton is out.
  11. Certainly is a long process but for an error from the keeper , who had previously done well in the match, we may well have got a point from the league leaders certainly a lot better than getting hosed off the Strollers a fortnight ago.
    He made a few changes which overall worked.

    Wasn’t impressed with the Rovers lads. Was the same at Fraserburgh, both hooked at half time.
    If he has seen us play, then hopefully he will realise (unlike Bollan) that we don't have the players to play hoofball. At least he seems ready to go with a formation that suits the ability of the players available, rather than impose one.

    Harvey is the classic example. On his day he can go through a defence like a knife through butter. However, when he doesn’t have the ball he looks lost.
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