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  1. Just hope there aren’t any Cartys there.
  2. Yes he’s gone elsewhere, don’t build your hopes up. We will need at least a couple of experienced players to get anywhere.
  3. Wasn’t there, however, that’s what I was dreading. Someone like Mango would have made a big difference but the manager seems to have other ideas. We have to get behind the team but it will be a rocky road.
  4. Was going to go but asking £10 is pure greed. No thanks.
  5. That was an exception, there always are. We have had so many excellent keepers.
  6. There will be plenty of half decent keepers available. There always are.
  7. Look at what Stenny fans have said. Hope he (Hughes)does well, but can’t see it.
  8. Hindsight is a great thing. Can remember someone saying “we won’t finish bottom”
  9. Lots of good guys gone. Maybe our squad wasn’t as good as we thought it was.
  10. Don’t know anything about the lad from Clydebank but Hughes was poor when at Cowden. Maybe he has developed in to a better player. Good luck there.
  11. That’s a real shame, his playing days are over but so much to give a young keeper.
  12. Morrison never looked like he regained his fitness after injury. Toddy was poor after a good previous season. Harvey looked lost most of the time but Mango is still good enough to play SPFL.
  13. Any of last season’s players remaining?
  14. Harvey hasn’t played well all season. A wasted talent and definitely not a full back or “wing back”
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