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  1. Very fair post, can’t disagree with any of it. If you don’t shoot or cannot you won’t score.
  2. The young lad missed a sitter in the first half, as he did against Elgin. Unfortunately he isn’t very good. Surely we can drag in someone who can help us out. In the past we’ve done well with loanees not now though.
  3. We did quite well considering that we only had one forward and two of our best players were dropped. Still can’t see us scoring a goal never mind winning a game. Love the Forfar fans though, average age must be about 80.
  4. If Stenny have a go they’ve got a real chance, sit back and they’ll get overrun. Only a howler by the Cowden keeper stopped a draw recently.
  5. Problem is they might well improve but can we afford to wait for that?
  6. Aye, but it’s not too good if the away support is bigger than the home support
  7. I dread to think what the crowd will be at our next home game!
  8. Mullen has been poor this season and not in the same class as Thompson. As for Harvey, there is a player in there but not a full back. Clarke had been player of the year for another team when he signed. The loan players aren’t anywhere near good enough as are some others. It really isn’t looking good. Without Renton will we win another game?
  9. Kelty Hearts av. age 26.9 Cowden av. age 27.6 Not that much difference.
  10. Every time there was a thrown in he was surrounded by Elgin players. No one else seemed available.
  11. Anyone know why Thomson was taken off? He’s been our best player recently.
  12. Losing Craig Barr so early didn’t help. Nil attacking threat and every time Elgin got a corner or a free kick near our goal it looked like they could score. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have no one who can replace Renton.
  13. Hard to take. Elgin not brilliant, didn't have to be. Cowden keeper had a great game.The two Rovers lads way out of their depth.
  14. Can’t see us getting anything if Renton is out.
  15. Agree, thought he was our best player yesterday. Always looking for the ball.
  16. Can’t see that happening. We need points now. If Renton had been playing today things would surely have been different.
  17. I didn’t after seeing them both playing at Fraserburgh.
  18. Wasn’t impressed with the Rovers lads. Was the same at Fraserburgh, both hooked at half time.
  19. If we could only play like we did in the away game.
  20. Harvey is the classic example. On his day he can go through a defence like a knife through butter. However, when he doesn’t have the ball he looks lost.
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