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  1. Don't think we'll win another game. I'm done.
  2. Was excellent at the start of the season, gone off the boil now. Subbed on Saturday.
  3. The very fact that we have to go back a number of years says it all.
  4. They should have been confident after the Edinburgh game they were streets ahead.
  5. At the start of the season I was confident we'd be finishing in the top four. But for some time I've been leaving games thinking the opposition are better than us. Yesterday was unacceptable. The manager did make the correct substitutions but even more would have been required. Once again it wasn't the loss but the way we lost. What on earth are we doing in "training" some players can't pass a ball more than a couple of metres, shooting what shooting? After the game against Edinburgh City I thought we had turned the corner but yesterday showed how bad we are. Never felt more like finding something else to do on a Saturday.
  6. He's been like that for a while, not the only one though.
  7. Just home. Sorry, it's a 2 1/2hr drive for me. Stenny well worth their win.If they had played in the second half like they did in the first they would have scored five or six Thought 16 was outstanding. Cowden were awful, no plan other than hoofball. It'll take time to get over that. Happy now?
  8. Let's all hope tonight's result doesn't bring us all down to earth.
  9. It was Renton I think. Best we have played since the Kelty Hearts game. Apart from the City goal no kamikazie defending either. Yes we should have scored more, if Harvey could shoot we'd have had goals to spare.
  10. Strangely enough Stenny will save us. If not we deserve all we get.
  11. Can't see us winning another game. We are in big trouble, only Stenny can save us.
  12. Last time I was at Forthbank Stirling were hot favourites. Coxy put an end to that. Another 3-4 would be nice.
  13. New iPad, phone cannot access P&B. Neighbour, who is an IT consultant says P&B has security issues. Any ideas?
  14. If Aberdeen can't win this one, it really isn't looking good for Glass.
  15. Why on earth have a trialist sitting on the bench?
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