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  1. Carlos was very good, must be a nightmare to play against.
  2. I was worried when we signed Davo. I saw him last season and he was poor. However, he really was excellent today and well deserved mom. Just can’t believe it’s the same player he strolled that game.
  3. Doesn’t make sense. Surely the worst thing that you can do is slag off your own players. Were there no directors there?
  4. It’s not because Stirling are so good it’s because we are so poor. Even the couple of games we have won could have gone either way.You could have written the post before the game. We have had many good players on loan over the years, doesn’t seem to be working anymore.
  5. They might be fit but they aren’t footballers.
  6. This is so disappointing. We’ve fallen so far in recent seasons and still not reached our level. We are signing players but they just aren’t good enough. Where is this going?
  7. Brechin currently three points clear at the top of the Highland league not having dropped any points. But as already stated, you never know.
  8. I saw him “playing” a few times and have to agree, but you never know.
  9. Correct, he has been done for a while. Very strange signing.
  10. Remember Markus having a bad game just after he arrived. He was getting stick from one fan in particular. Well we all know what happened there. If only we could get someone like that again.
  11. Bo’ness fans giving the low life big licks. I’m surprised he didn’t get carried out.
  12. Your No10 looked exactly like the type of player Cowden need. We just have a group of players doing their best without anyone pulling the strings.
  13. Headline I the Evening Express “Dons boss looking for third place or better”????
  14. You could hear the loudspeakers in Kelty!
  15. Thanks, means we don’t get stuck with players no longer required.
  16. Even having “as many chances as they did” is scary
  17. Keep that post, it’ll save you writing it again. After the excitement last night it looks like not much has changed. A team that has been getting hammered looking better than Cowden?
  18. Makes a change. There were so many games last season where we lost games in the last few minutes or just bad luck after being the better team. Bit disappointing to read that we are still persisting with long misplaced passing. But hopefully a win and maybe a good performance on Saturday will set us up for future games. And tempt me back again!
  19. How bad have we become when fans are dreading games? Unbelievable.
  20. Aye, and that’s what we are up against. Surely a home win.
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