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  1. Don’t think social distancing would be a problem for Cowden or Brechin!
  2. Why should Dunfermline, Falkirk and Dundee be playing in the top league? Just because they have been good in the past? There are plenty other teams that, historically, have been very good.
  3. Correct. Hearts pointing the finger at everyone else. They and they alone are responsible for their league position. If they had finished higher up the league they wouldn’t be giving a toss about reconstruction. If they or anyone else is pushing for changes, make their thoughts/ ideas known before the 21/22 season starts.
  4. Never realised how thick English was, he’s been getting pelters on other threads too. As for Craig, he really didn’t seem to realise that it wasn’t just about Hearts and to think he was the Scotland manager. As someone else said Donald didn’t even get out of second gear. It’s not just Cowden fans who should listen but all football fans.
  5. Dear, dear did you even understand it. English didn’t.
  6. Threatened by Levein! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08h145s
  7. Luc Bollan released by the Dons. Thoughts?
  8. Nothing to do with Budge. Don’t you understand what this is about?
  9. Neil McCann (who?) says it’s OK a great idea, aye right.
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