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  1. Today was the best Cowden have played this year. Players getting tired the last 15mins but we were the best team for the rest of the game. One more win should just about do it.
  2. Should have watched it. Cowden could, should have had several more. Elgin keeper had two excellent saves.
  3. Pep Guardiola couldn’t get a result with our team. Don’t think any of them can pass a ball more than five yards. No-one can shoot. Never mind scoring a goal, we can’t even get a shot on target. It’s just awful.
  4. Just gets worse and worse. When was the last time we had a shot on target?Like watching schoolboys. Another waste of two hours.
  5. And I was going to pay to watch. Thanks for that, hope all Cowden fans note this😜
  6. Snow up here, don’t know what it’s like elsewhere.
  7. If some of those playing on Saturday were dropped, would that weaken the side?
  8. Is the game still on? Weather horrendous up here.
  9. Well you’ll be right about the Cowden score.
  10. Two players that made all the difference. Cox and Mullen. We have no RB and Harvey isn’t a LB. And no one could put the ball in the net even if it was on the goal line.
  11. Really cannot see us winning any game this season. Unbelievably bad. Did the players know this was an important game? You wouldn’t think so.
  12. If they get decent sponsors they will be OK. But where from? No one has money to throw around these days.
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