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  1. I like him, really puts the effort in.Midfield has been a problem for some time.
  2. What paper should we read - the National?
  3. Players going down every time they lost the ball. Constantly feigning injury. Too streetwise for the Cowden lads. Two free kicks at the edge of the box, both hit sky high. Not good. Played really well at times. You just knew that if we hadn’t lost a goal in open play, the opposition would have been given a penalty.
  4. When I was a lad, you had to be “in the know” to get a job as a ball boy. How times have changed.
  5. Bottom line is that the local population/council have NO interest in the football club. Even although a successful club will generate a lot of of money for the town. Many of the loyal fans don’t even live in Cowdenbeath. Just look at the difference a successful club has made to Arbroath. There’s a real buzz about the place, kids out and about wearing the club tops,businesses doing well. Sad times, there is no quick fix.
  6. Would the missing players have made a difference? Doubtful. Yes it’s early days and the players are really trying but it’s difficult to be optimistic from what I’ve seen.
  7. We don’t have a playmaker and didn’t have one last season. Someone pulling the strings on the park who can make things happen. Every team has someone like that. When Colin Cameron came to Cowden, what a difference. I can’t see us winning a game if things stay the same.
  8. All teams have players getting injured, no excuse. It’s a real shame just when you want your team to do well in front of a decent attendance. Not many will be going back if this is the norm.
  9. That’s a shame. It’s certainly becoming too expensive to travel to every game.
  10. Really was an awful miss. As for the red card, Cowden would have had Toddy sent off every game last season if all referees applied the same rules. Keeper not too clever at two of the goals.
  11. Brilliant news at a time where money is tight everywhere.
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