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  1. Feel for McInnes. Only Kingsford seemed to be on the agenda for such a long time.
  2. Hasn't started in last 4 games which we have all lost!
  3. Every game now is a must win, until we get a few points on the board. I hope Morrison is fit and gets a game soon.
  4. Wasn't for this, but to be fair, he has played well in all the games I've seen. We probably would have been in an even worse position if he wasn't there. We still have to play three of the better teams and could well be sitting on the same points total after the first quarter. It's easy to blame the manager, but some of our passing has been awful and many goals have been scored against after individual errors rather than good play by the opposition. For goodness sake get a grip before it's too late .The players are there.
  5. I don't know why we took them on other than to make up the numbers. Started against Fraserburgh, were ineffective and replaced at half-time.
  6. Wondered where you've been hiding. But you are quite right.
  7. Craig's ability NEVER been in doubt. But something not right. We were so much on top first half against Annan yet could have lost by more.Against Stranraer we really should have got something from the game. Against Stenny with many players missing we did really well. It's puzzling.
  8. Not questioning anyone's ability. But something isn't right. Any ideas?
  9. The players we have should be good enough to do much better. Unfortunately we don't have a Chopper/Toorie who can lead by example.
  10. Our midfield is one player. Hutton, he runs himself into the ground. Having too many players who can't pass a ball more than a few feet and usually behind the target doesn't help.
  11. Have you checked your security updates? Cannot open any forum pages on a brand new iPad.
  12. Depressing. If Morrison isn't fit, get someone else. We need another decent midfielder now.
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