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  1. There’s been plenty complaints about the flags. Even if they were tied down when there is no racing it would make a big difference.
  2. It’s only because I think the winner of the Lowland league will be stronger than the teams near the bottom of league 2. If we can just get a wee run going and win a few games what a difference that would make.
  3. Can’t see it this time. Our only chance is finishing 9th. Last week I had high hopes that we had finally got things sorted. But losing again so soon after a really good performance is so disappointing.
  4. Agree 100%. Humping the ball up to our little strikers was a joke. Stranraer’s big centre half won every high ball without even having to jump ( if only Renton had been playing) Throw in’s have been a problem for a while usually ending up with the opposition coming away with the ball. The less said about the keeper’s kicking the better. All basic stuff. After that today how on earth are we going to get out of this mess? We weren’t even playing against one of the better teams.
  5. He was very good yesterday, must not get carried away though. Was playing against some poor defenders. Could have scored two or three.
  6. Why was Nat taken off? Glad to see him go, but he didn't put a foot wrong.
  7. You’ve made a fool of yourself, better for you to follow your fellow trolls.
  8. Stroll in the park against a poor Stenny gang. The commentator on PPV said at the start “ the Cowden front three won’t get anything from the Stenny back three. We’ll, two of them scored and the third one could easily had a hat- trick. Wish we had to play them another three times.
  9. Can’t possibly be any worse, but St Johnstone need all the decent players they can get hold of.
  10. If McGurn had aimed his kick at the ref, he would have hit him. Most accurate fielder of a ball in lower league football.
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