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  1. Thanks, fingers crossed he makes a full recovery.
  2. To be fair, QOS played very well. Nothing wrong with being ambitious, look at Cove.
  3. Take that as a complement. To be fair everything should have been shut down.
  4. The whole of Aberdeen was shut down because of the misbehaviour of a handful of players. Celtic (the SNP’s team) get away with murder. The amount of people involved in senior games are significantly more than any lower league games. If it’s about testing and the lower league teams can’t afford frequent testing why does it have to cost so much and why can’t the SG use some of the money the’ve got stashed away.
  5. If Dundee still had a fit Hemmings they would have scored many more goals last night. Just shows how important a sharp striker is.
  6. Very impressed with his performance, seemed full of confidence. We’ve been lucky with the keepers we’ve had the last couple of seasons. Anyone know if the cup game is ppv?
  7. That’s the point. Not the brightest are we?
  8. They are. Ability still there, just doesn’t have the legs any more, shame.
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