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  1. Surely winning a few games is better than being lucky to get a draw, as some posters have stated.
  2. Game after game we are saying the same things. What level of teams to we have to play against to give the team some confidence? It’s getting beyond a joke now.
  3. Meanwhile Brechin are having a great season. How come? Don’t think anyone is throwing money at them.
  4. I.e. “there can’t be many grounds where watching football is so bad” or something like that. Well I’ve been to Cove’s ground several times, it’s poor for spectators for the level they are playing at.
  5. Original post slagging off CP. Just trying to explain that there are other grounds that aren’t too clever.
  6. No it’s not. It’s very poor for the level they are playing at.
  7. You been to Cove? Don’t bother unless you are 7ft tall.
  8. Not quite right. It’s not about making a fortune more about cutting costs. Has anyone taken this further? Nothing wrong with asking some questions. The length of time now to repay for solar has been reduced significantly.
  9. Covering the stand roof with solar panels would save a fortune. Moving kick offs to mid-day would be worth trying? We are now in difficult times and everything should be considered. On another matter. Why do we always kick off towards the High street? I’m led to believe that in the past Cowden always started the game attacking the Chapel street end.
  10. I wouldn’t go to New Central Park. It’s just as bad as Cove for watching a game.
  11. Think you are. It there’s no fitba to look forward to what else is there? I’m sure the buses will still be heading to Glasgow every time the “big”teams are playing.
  12. Just watched Iain Davidson’s clip after yesterday’s game. Came across really well. Managerial material for the future?
  13. Davo is very important but not one of his best games. CC had some decent players but were hanging on a bit at the end.
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