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  1. That’s really unlucky, so many players injured at the same time.
  2. If you don’t shoot, you won’t score and if you don’t score you won’t win. This may be a shortened season but a long one for Cowden fans.
  3. Problem is we haven’t come close to scoring. Even at a penalty shootout we only managed two goals.
  4. Only seen him in the game v Hearts. Played very well.
  5. Surprise, surprise. You’d think they’d be one of the first teams to get this going.
  6. Yes, very good. At last we have a left back. The keeper looks good but we have to find someone who can score.
  7. Very good. He isn’t a big lad but reads the game very well, not many will get past him.
  8. Would have taken both of them. Weren’t they interested or going to cost too much?
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