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  1. Fantastic effort by yourself and others. What a difference from previous seasons. It's all good news from CP these days and at last we have something to look forward to.
  2. Certainly helps but sadly there doesn't seem to be much support from locals. Many of the fans we have don't even live in Cowdenbeath.
  3. Aye, a poor man's Renton. Should never have let Renton go.
  4. Says a lot about recent goalscorers we have had. Wish we could find someone like that again.
  5. Shame. Scorer of the best goal I've ever seen at CP and the only one where opposition fans (East Fife) applauded too.
  6. Is it that time of year again? Is that happening before or after Messi signs?
  7. Just to change the subject. Anyone got any comments on the game? Berwick looked very good when they beat us just a few weeks ago so yesterday's result is a pleasant surprise.
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