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  1. Before St John's time, there were rumours of match-fixing when B Division champions Motherwell in their last game of the season, played bottom of the table (and headed for C Division) Dumbarton at Fir Park on 10 April 1954. The match ended 6-6, Motherwell having led 6-4 at half-time. This was at a time when Dumbarton were having difficulty meeting wages, the players having been unpaid for a number of weeks. This was only resolved a couple of weeks later, immediately before Dumbarton's final league match, when the Supporters Society came up with much of the outstanding amount.
  2. I think at least one of these, perhaps Maley, is on amateur terms.
  3. We played Aberdeen last season in the last 32 live on BBC on a Saturday with a 12.15 kick off (which was our fourth game in a week and less than 39 hours after we had completed our game against Airdrie on the Thursday night).
  4. I imagine you'll get about 900 tickets.
  5. Sounds like another Scott Lambie masterclass.
  6. Looks to be an awful lot of grass on the pitch for early March?
  7. I think Willie Waddell left Killie after winning the league in '65, so it was maybe Walter McCrae you were thinking of?
  8. Think the year may be wrong, as there was only one Scottish Cup tie involving a Rangers in Februray 1967 and that was at Easter Road. I'm guessing the photo was taken in 1966?
  9. A couple more. No hint of yellow in that strip.
  10. Some colour footage of Boghead, possibly Sons v Albion Rovers on Wednesday 12 August 1959 in a League Cuo group game.
  11. Our site says you can purchase at their reception before the match.
  12. We'd put 8 past another Hibernian (Smithston) in the previous round. Just a shame we ended up losing to Hearts in the final!
  13. It's definitely Murdo's brother Ally. He'd already established himself as a first team player by then.
  14. Never seen or heard Easter Road being called "Hibernian Park" before.
  15. Looks like it was Tom and not Colin McAdam who played that night. Murdo MacLeod was a Sons player at the time, signing for Celtic a day or two later.
  16. If Stein had scored, he would have equalled Hughie Gallacher's individual record of scoring 5 in one game for Scotland.
  17. 3 ) Ronnie Simpson & Jim McCalliog 4 ) Frank McLintock 5 ) Martin Buchan 6 ) Stewart Houston 8 ) Willie Donnachie No idea who 1 ) is.
  18. What would be the situation if you've actually already been educated in Montrose though?
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