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  1. Highly unlikely, especially given that it's midweek. Our home game against Kilmarnock on a Saturday in last season's competition was pay at the gate.
  2. Aye, I know. I guess I just don't have a sense of humour. I know how ardent a Sons fan you are and it's extremely disheartening to think that some sort of compromise or accommodation can't be achieved that would allow you and your daughter to continue to attend games. I sit about 20 seats along from where the drum is and while I'm not mad about it (I do think it's great that we have a band of enthusiastic young fans though and hopefully they can convert even more of their pals to come along), I can at least tolerate it. My daughter who is 24, finds it more annoying than I do, so it's not exclusively grumpy old man syndrome kicking in. I can't remember, because I'm never along at that end, but is the section where the PA announcements are made from screened off behind glass? If it is, would it be possible for you to watch games from there (assuming that it provided sufficient sound proofing to counteract the noise of the drum)?
  3. I find that I get a strong emotional response to the supporter who squeals like a stamped on puppy every time the opposition keeper takes a goal kick. Does this count as misophonia?
  4. Doesn't he come with a history of being injury prone?
  5. Not so bizarre, when you consider the poster's previous record.
  6. Pettigrew or Brennan? The last few pages haven't been incendiary enough for my liking.
  7. Add me to the pile too. Destroy them please Killie! Feel free to absolutely smash this rabble, hopefully it'll be a brackets scoreline for you in both legs.
  8. He would probably do the job that Jacobs has done for you. Hope he stays with us though!
  9. Carswell to Queen of the South is a rumour.
  10. Looks like the goalie must have had quite a "spring" when he jumped for a ball!
  11. I saw all of his matches with us and his distibution was generally quite disappointing. I'm not sure he would fill me with confidence playing at Championship level, but as a full back combo alongside Cammy Ballantyne, he represented a big upgrade on anything we had in the first half of the season.
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