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  1. Is he the guy who claimed he was held hostage in the car park after a game?
  2. No idea, is both the answer to your question and the only reponse to that guy.
  3. I've just watched the lob from Jones in slow motion. The amount of loft he gets on it is truly phenomenal and at its maximum elevation it very, very nearly goes out of the picture frame. I'm pretty sure that no part of his boot makes contact with the ball and it looks like it hits him just above his ankle. A still photo of it would have made for a cracking "Spot The Ball" competition in The Evening Times.
  4. No problems at my end. Excellent quality and balanced commentary, streets ahead of many I've seen this season.
  5. I think there's zero chance Duffy will be staying on, whatever the outcome.
  6. Aye, you're right, except that DGW doesn't have a criminal conviction to his name.
  7. Huh? What about Alan Lithgow, Adam Strachan, Dougie Hill etc., if you're going to set up camp on that moral high ground?
  8. Does that raise the prospect of having a limited number of fans at the games? I thad a feeling that the guidelines were being relaxed from around that date.
  9. After listening to his interview just now, my heart is bleeding for Maurice Ross. 🙄 Definitely never, ever comes across as a borderline sociopath/psychopath.
  10. Maybe we can beat Chelsea to the signing of Haaland now?
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