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  1. Didn't he play against us for Arbroath as a trialist a couple of seasons ago at The Rock when we won 2-0?
  2. Sound feed is about 30 seconds behind the action too.
  3. Mine too. It's like watching stop- frame animation.
  4. Scored by my old P.E. teacher. Despite being a P.E. teacher he was a good guy.
  5. Also, what happened to Donald Morrison?
  6. Alan Adamson was our manager then, not Ian Murray. In Ian Murray's first eighteen months we played exciting, attacking football, which took us within a whisker od the promotion play-offs. In his last season, that went out the window and we adopted a much more cautious approach, which in the main, was tedious to watch.
  7. You can add David Wilson to that list.
  8. Very much doubt we have the finances for 4 or 5 more players, but I hope I'm wrong. Going by what Duffy said a few weeks ago, I think you might only be looking at a couple.
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