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  1. Not sure about Orsi, but Carswell should also be on that list.
  2. Jim Fallon. Don't think it was quite as long as a year, it just felt like that!
  3. Can you outbid Manchester City or Newcastle United though?
  4. It was Alan Adamson, with Jack Ross as his assistant, that won promotion. Murray saved us from certain relegation when he took over (only 5 points on the board at Christmas) in our first season up. In his second season we almost made the promotion play-offs and in his final season, the year Hearts, Hibs and Rangers were in the league, he had us safe from relegation with 6 games to go.
  5. I'm guessing, from his previous experience at Alloa, that he'll be the vertically challenged one.
  6. Well, just off the top of my head, Gary Naysmith might be one.
  7. Tbf, we've completed 27 out of 30 league matches with 11 men still on the park. There's plenty other things we can criticise him for, like playing players out of position, not having a balanced squad and just tonight chucking his players under the bus.
  8. Don't remind me. The only good thing about that was picking up your cash from The Mart.
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