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  1. Last time I checked, he was also ahead of Jim Lister in the Final vote...🤡
  2. 9,661 at their home game with Stenhousemuir in the same round last season.
  3. Hmmm Could have been a whole lot worse. At least we'll make a little bit of money from this one.
  4. He might be a player, but he's not very good at defending. Which is a problem when you're playing left back.
  5. Peak Carswell > peak Turner. I don't think so.
  6. Joe Nuttall, Amadou Kassarate and James Okoli.
  7. I honestly don't recall that tie, but I don't doubt that you are correct Lionel. Don't blame you for casting this from your memory, as it turns out that this was during the dog days of the McCabe dynasty.
  8. We played them at home in a replay not so long ago, after a draw at Station Park. I think Brian McPhee scored a terrific equaliser in the first game. Might have been 2007?
  9. Last club was in Iran, and apparently unattached at the moment.
  10. Hope the grass isn't too long for Ray's liking on Saturday.
  11. You forgot, Saturday evening Radio 5 Live football phone in.
  12. The window for loans doesn't open again until January. Only an emergency loan for a keeper is allowed just now.
  13. And only three weeks until we play them again. Used to be back to back for a few seasons.
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