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  1. Second place is phenomenal. Hope the BBC take the hint that trying actually gets results. No reason we can’t win in a ‘normal’ year. To give some context to how massive that Ukraine vote was…
  2. Never had a bad word to say about the French. Lovely folks!
  3. What the f**k is happening
  4. All that military aid got us something!
  5. Having not heard a Mika song in about a decade, I forgot how many bangers he had.
  6. Haven’t seen a strategy so blatant since the breasted Polish butter churners.
  7. Voted for Moldova and Serbia to keep the batshit crazy songs/contestants in the running
  8. Serbia is like a Covid safety video from March 2020.
  9. That was our best effort in such a long time in my opinion. Actually put some effort in. Didn’t love the studio version but much better live. Left hand side of the board is the least it deserves.
  10. Swedish Jodie Whittaker surely??
  11. It’s nice to see someone actually having fun on the stage. 12 points to Moldova!
  12. Moldova are here to save us!!!
  13. It’s your aunts trying to sell you some crystals…
  14. CDs and DVDs. What a time that was.
  15. Not the worst performance of the night but, considering it’s nothing great and Germany’s recent history at Eurovision, this has last place written all over it.
  16. Armenia had big Hey Ho from the Lumineers vibes imo
  17. Less talking, more looking at the 2 Italians for 3 minutes in the next song, please.
  18. As you can see from Switzerland, the other semi-finalists who didn’t quality were robbed.
  19. This is a really lovely song by Portugal. Much better than that dross they won with a few years back.
  20. This is truly dreadful. I love it.
  21. Quite like Czech Republic but think it’ll get forgotten about by the end.
  22. Genuinely think the UK will do a decent job this year. And I don’t usually buy in to the UK hype. We don’t usually do well because we send tripe. The song has really grown on me and the UK have actually made a proper effort this year. Good staging and Sam was going all around Europe promoting it in the past month. Some great vocals which I think the jury will respond to well. At the very least, we should be aiming for the left hand side of the board this year. Got a huge reception from the crowd at the jury final last night. I actually think (with the notable exception of Germany which I think could end up right at the bottom) the Big 5 have all put in decent songs this year. EDIT: I reserve the right to take all this back if we end up last
  23. Diodato finally getting to perform Fai Rumore is proof that Italy would have walked it in 2020 had it happened. Really like their entry again this year. They just consistently nail it.
  24. So sorry to Emma, who was a worthy runner-up, but the “on this rectangle of possibilities” line from comms was the moment of the final.
  25. Like any sensible person I watched the game on BBC but now I know the result I might watch back the ITV footage just to laugh at Sam Matterface. Also delighted for Chiellini more than anything else. At 36, is this likely to be his last game for Italy?
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