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  1. Second place is phenomenal. Hope the BBC take the hint that trying actually gets results. No reason we can’t win in a ‘normal’ year. To give some context to how massive that Ukraine vote was…
  2. Never had a bad word to say about the French. Lovely folks!
  3. What the f**k is happening
  4. All that military aid got us something!
  5. Having not heard a Mika song in about a decade, I forgot how many bangers he had.
  6. Haven’t seen a strategy so blatant since the breasted Polish butter churners.
  7. Voted for Moldova and Serbia to keep the batshit crazy songs/contestants in the running
  8. Serbia is like a Covid safety video from March 2020.
  9. That was our best effort in such a long time in my opinion. Actually put some effort in. Didn’t love the studio version but much better live. Left hand side of the board is the least it deserves.
  10. Swedish Jodie Whittaker surely??
  11. It’s nice to see someone actually having fun on the stage. 12 points to Moldova!
  12. Moldova are here to save us!!!
  13. It’s your aunts trying to sell you some crystals…
  14. CDs and DVDs. What a time that was.
  15. Not the worst performance of the night but, considering it’s nothing great and Germany’s recent history at Eurovision, this has last place written all over it.
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