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  1. So sorry to Emma, who was a worthy runner-up, but the “on this rectangle of possibilities” line from comms was the moment of the final.
  2. Like any sensible person I watched the game on BBC but now I know the result I might watch back the ITV footage just to laugh at Sam Matterface. Also delighted for Chiellini more than anything else. At 36, is this likely to be his last game for Italy?
  3. More than anything, that game was a massive missed opportunity. We’ve played worse and scraped by games before. Our finishing really let us down. Can’t miss so many decent chances in an international tournament.
  4. We’ve had far better chances than the Czechs have had. I think that makes it even worse.
  5. One of those days, isn’t it?
  6. Czechs have only just been the better team imo and just happened to take their chance well. Still fully think this game is winnable, just need to make some subs and be prepared to attack more.
  7. O’Donnell very much playing like he’s won a raffle to be here…
  8. I’m just about past my pessimistic stage and have settled on, no matter how it goes, at least we’re finally here. Going to just try and enjoy it as best as I can.
  9. Killie have swung a couple decent balls in to the box but, that aside, they’ve been very, very poor.
  10. Worth remembering that San Marino sent Flo Rida and they still did better in 2019 when they sent Serhat, the Turkish dentist, who just sang “na na na” for three minutes.
  11. And three non-English songs, no? Must be the first time since participants have been allowed to sing in any language?
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