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  1. Ooft, got away with that. Could have been a far different outcome with another ref.
  2. As a sporting nation that is always the perpetual underdog, being the villain across the globe is a nice wee change for us.
  3. USA v Tonga and Wales v Uruguay have both been confirmed as going ahead, despite Canada v Namibia being cancelled. Only our game to confirm one way or another. If you want a good omen, we just beat Japan in curling...
  4. The “should have beaten Ireland” narrative is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. From the moment the groups were drawn and the fixtures were out, it was always incredibly likely that Scotland and Japan would both need a last match win to qualify. You plan for the whole group, not the first 75% of games. Also, I bet the game goes ahead and it ends up being a fucking draw.
  5. Then top the group and avoid New Zealand? I like this option. Let’s pick that one.
  6. Some start for Fiji. Let’s see what they can do with an extra man.
  7. Does anyone watch The Circle? I can’t believe Beth keeps trying to have her own sob story because she’s “too pretty”...
  8. Would be really nice to go one play without making a mistake.
  9. This must have been about a year ago. Sitting across from this fairly posh, middle-aged woman at a table on the train who was talking to some support person on the phone about being locked out of their account. There’s a brief period of silence, she looks around the carriage, and then: “Margaret Thatcher. So, obviously she wasn’t *actually* my childhood hero, but...” I figured the P&B masses would judge this, very obviously, security question answer as fairly cuntish behaviour.
  10. Move over Nicholas Soames, the (9th) Duke of Wellington has resigned from the Tories. One on the 92 elected (by themselves) hereditary peers.
  11. Some lovely clearly past caring remarks from Bercow. Saying that it’s important this Parliament elects the new Speaker so whips can’t influence newly elected MPs and that MPs are representatives, not delegates (all whilst staring at the Tory benches).
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