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  1. I enjoyed a very pleasanT day in Markie Dans in pre Covid times.
  2. Never been to Nottingham, I suppose my only non Scottish rinks to compare to thus far are Altrincham and Milton Keynes and Dundee kind of wins by default as you’re not sat behind a trawler net or frozen to your seat.
  3. Pretty much that. Always been fine to get them on walk up and the view is excellent from anywhere along the away side so I assume the home side will be just as good. My favourite rink to go to as a visitor.
  4. Van Veen to score and be sent off inside 20 minutes.
  5. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret watching it but can’t help but feel it would have been better served if it was done as a mini series that could have been broken down better as they jumped big portions of his career and that would have also allowed them to focus more on his post career accident etc but I guess it’s all down to however his wife wants to handle it. The whole situation with him is horrible.
  6. Watched the Schumacher film on Netflix. It’s just such a depressing story they’re all talking like he’s dead when obviously he isn’t but what a horrible horrible situation. Feel it was a bit scattergun in what it focussed on and skipped a LOT of stuff and really did treat his accident almost like an afterthought but it was good to see and hear some of the moments of the man in his prime as well as from some of his adversaries.
  7. I see that and raise you Stephen Craig who moved to Aberdeen because “girls on the beach on holiday have heard of Aberdeen and not Motherwell”
  8. If anyone is at fault it’s Lewis but it’s marginal, basically the very definition of a racing incident, they were both at it. I guess it shouldn’t make TOO much of a difference with Max as I think it was pretty much a certainty that they’d be taking an engine penalty at Sochi, this all but settles that.
  9. Is it not ten days since the onset of symptoms so you could count back to earlier in the week.
  10. Find a hack from a paper that likes to write negative stories about the snp on Twitter with open DMs and slide on in would be my guess. Chris Musson at the sun would be my starting point.
  11. Must admit I’m looking forward to booing that baseball wielding thug. Hope he’s able to play with that gun against his head.
  12. Hopefully part of the wedge is vaccine passports to log in to P&B and you can finally stop.
  13. Very enjoyable seeing the crowd having all fucked off quietly. Get it up every one of them.
  14. I recall her kicking about getting interviewed on the bbc with England tops on at Wimbledon during the Euros and before she lost so I’d say already happened.
  15. Re the tour championship, the handicapping really does make it pretty much a non event. I guess for tv purposes they wouldn’t do it but surely a seeded match play format is the fairest way if they want to do it, if they still want to have the build up tournaments start with 128 then to 64 then a final 32. If you want to give people a hole of or two of a start based on their season rankings then fair enough. Someone will no doubt tell me why they won’t or can’t do it but it would surely make more sense, nothing quite beats the drama of a match play situation (which Rahm vs Cantlay was ultimately over the last few holes).
  16. Conflicting emotions for us all of the Sondre money came out of the Pakora hut fund.
  17. The lando one? He said ‘blowy’ and then immediately realised he’s going to get ripped for it in his own immature way. Pretty funny I thought tbh.
  18. Looks like an absolutely class venue and the track in theory looks good but these cars just suck the life out it.
  19. That’s harsh. He was only trying to force his team mate into the pit entry wall [emoji849]
  20. They seemed to be allowing patg in the east stand. One of the gates had prices listed at it.
  21. Talking of pakora huts, were any of the kiosks taking contactless on Saturday? The wee one at the entry to the east certainly didn’t appear to be.
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