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  1. Only caught the start of the phone in today, first two callers from Glasgow and Ayr and we're close to having Yoon bingo 'more people voted for unionist parties' 'people didn't know what they were voting for' 'I voted Labour / Tory tactically' 'we'd be too poor to survive, we GET more back than we pay to the UK' Definitely some good bbc balance going on there.
  2. It would appear that the candidate with the lowest vote total in all seats and lists is indeed everyone's favourite fascist. 46 whopping votes.
  3. I assume the fact that the SNP didn't win 2 fptp seats in Lothian won't have any bearing on them getting an outside chance there of a seat?
  4. It was a battle between the tories and greens for the 7th seat based on last time, Labour lost their higher seat to the tories.
  5. Know a good few people in the 30-35 age group getting jagged in Glasgow today. They must be getting on with it now.
  6. Just a shame it wasn't at the expense of the serial tory failure.
  7. I thought they still expected 1 comfortably as if not then it means they've actually made a net loss in the area which can't be right?
  8. I can't see 65 but surely 64 with the 2 remaining Edinburgh seats and a list from both H&I and the South. Is there a list seat hiding in Fife?
  9. BBC still sticking with 63...SNP going to lose all 3 on the south list?
  10. BBC projecting 63 SNP 31 tory 22 labour 9 green 4 lib dem
  11. I'm all for us drawing the border from around Biggar tbh.
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