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  1. Keeper’s had a mare there.
  2. Looking at departures, do we presume Cornelius is offski? Bit odd to bring him on with 30 seconds left to play otherwise IMO
  3. That pass from Goss will haunt my dreams.
  4. You can absolutely see how without Casey and butcher we were so bad at the back.
  5. Never not until his snakeyness is passed on. My current expectations are we may soon have one in Max Johnsssston though.
  6. He had some interesting comments last night, tried to obviously media speak his way through some of the stuff but did let on that he’d had an argument the night before one of the managers got sacked about what was happening and was surprised when he then got sacked (presumably Alexander), that the biggest change he thinks since Kettlewell has came in is that the team understands the plan that is in place and in a choice of f**k, marry and kill the three bosses, he’d f**k Ketts, kill Hammell and seeing as he already argues with his wife would marry GA.
  7. If Ciftci got his hat trick against Accies in the last game those years ago, I fully expect Van Veen to hit 35.
  8. Cause a large proportion of them are, pardon the pun, absolute melts.
  9. We’ve been god awful. I’d be annoyed about losing that goal if I wasn’t too busy still pishin myself at United.
  10. Hovland is not the guy.
  11. Rory making his traditional Sunday back 9 push to a top 4 finish. Prrrrick.
  12. The ref and his assistants were good value all game, looked a few penalties in the county shout but my favourite moment of their incompetence was early on and we had played a ball back to Kelly which was at least 2 yards out of play at the by line with the linesman right in line and he did not put his flag up. Earlier this season, we lose that game 1-0 (literally because VAR didn’t exist) so was good to see us get the win but I think both teams could still be playing now without scoring.
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