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  1. Tv doesn’t do justice to how good that Turnbull strike was.
  2. The person in the 21 plate BMW X3 driving along the M8 there in the outside line weaving into the middle lane and back and then straddling both lanes and then indicating to move over and then not only to nearly wipe out someone coming up alongside them by again veering all over the shop you were either drunk, high, incapable of driving in the rain or a combo of all of the above. One thing I’m certain of is that you are a c**t.
  3. Was that right at the end? Didn’t look much in it to me but I was in the middle of heading towards the stairs to leave.
  4. I think the St Johnstone fans finally got one right in Goss. Deary me he’s poor.
  5. Whatever the song is it’s getting sung now and to the tune of the great escape.
  6. That penalty shout. Criminal the linesman didnae see it.
  7. Alexander got his team wrong today. Goss in from nowhere and not starting Van Veen is mind boggling.
  8. There was definitely a song about someone being deid nae clue who. That was a fucking stunner. In the full way. Annoying as theyre shite, Alexander has got this team wrong big time.
  9. You mean the one that lasts for about 2 weeks, ends with howking up litres of gunk n coughing like f**k? Aye. Aye I have.
  10. Just a shame about Gasly’s nonsense penalty or we could have had even more Hamiltears.
  11. Just sitting here waiting on anything happening.
  12. Odds on bottas and max coming together early….
  13. See on Twitter that the People’s Champ Ryan Bowman was taken to hospital after a heart issue during the game vs Ipswich the day. Heart rate was up about 250bpm at one point. Hope he recovers well.
  14. Or, erm, a sporting league enforcing it’s own rules.
  15. Back to earth with a thud for Raducanu then.
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