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  1. Bottas only getting a 5 place drop for that, the same as Stroll, is a joke.
  2. In a competitive game as a substitute with 25 mins to go the answer should be absolutely zero. By all means clap them after the whistle but as a sub going off? That’s embarrassingly tinpot.
  3. Nah. Once you sign for any old firm team you’re persona non grata til you come back. I’ve never forgiven him for the one time he didnae dive in that home game vs Odense.
  4. Motherwell fans: clapping Jamie Murphy off the park. Same Motherwell fans: leaving before the end. Absolute footie pyjama wearing bedwetters. We’re going to be fine this year, little bit box office tae. We just need a coupla extra bodies to have any sort of plan B option as I’m fairly sure KVV as an attacking mid isn’t ideal. All things considered Bevis was very good, looking forward to seeing him and Ojala.
  5. Guid game, a draw would have been fair but if any team were to win Hibs probably just shaded it on the second half. Ref was atrocious both ways but we’re always that little bit less streetwise when it comes to it. KVV is excellent value and will get many yellow cards this year.
  6. Probably because the UK gov could and likely would take it to court to challenge it as being out with the parliaments competencies. See the UN rights of a child bill. Unfortunately too many in politics and the media are stuck in the mindset of a war on drugs to really take it the other way and actually legalise it to try and take it out of the hands of criminals, they’d still much rather punish those addicted as an easier target.
  7. Same Joel Sked who balked at oor Graeme for suggesting we could finish top 6 whilst happily declaring hearts should finish top 6 cause their squad was about the fifth best in Scotland? That Joel Sked? The hearts squad largely unchanged that lost vs Brora? That Joel Sked?
  8. He was only there to get directions on how to get away from there.
  9. Playsport has a 9 hole course, used to be a member, layout as I recall is 4-3-4-3-5-3-3-4-3. It’s got a short game practice area and a decent driving range.
  10. There has never, not even once I would be confident in saying, been an instance where a Motherwell fan has not got a ticket to a game they wanted to attend at fir park when any went on a general sale.
  11. I’d hope they’d have catering open now given the relaxation to level 0 since the plans announced for the league cup games, to have circa 7k folk in a ground with only a few water coolers (that don’t cool) isn’t going to cut it. Re masks, they’re needed when entering and moving about but they didn’t care when folk were seated, again.
  12. Stands to reason that by going to 1m we can get double in easily in each stand plus the main can be used in full again judging by the fact the players were back at the dugout again.
  13. Talk is 2-2500 in the away end next Sunday.
  14. Punt McGinley as quickly and as far as we can please.
  15. That looks like the very stuff. And it looks like an absolute b*****d to get rid of by the looks of that.
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