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  1. I had to buy a ticket at that wee booth the other day, no machine at Carfin and you never see a conductor on that train and noticed they have a load of papers pinned up on the wall giving every station and details of what ones do or don't have ticket facilities and when they are or aren't staffed, the b*****ds.
  2. They were getting right sassy last night with people about everything, the ^CT guy comes across as a bit of a precious c**t. c***s on the train social media for this pish.
  3. They weren't buying that, even when presented with photos of him previously wearing poppies because they are indeed, mile oots.
  4. Excellent, goal difference remains positive and we've managed to wind up the poppy police too. Good day all round
  5. Declan Gallagher causing waves on social media for not having a poppy on his top for the pre match photo. He clearly has no respect for are troops.
  6. Yer standard Motherwell supporting mile outs on social media criticising Dec for not wearing a bit of paper on his top
  7. It's either that fucking granny or now TV. If the episodes on the patreon are all ad free including the free ones then that's about as good a reason to subscribe as any.
  8. I suspect that Baraclough being the u21 manager and having worked with both Robinson and Craigan there are stronger ties and pulls there to the overall 'system' than either Wright or Healy.
  9. Aye, if I recall Kelly was having a go at Eric Black and it ended up with Terry overhearing it and asking him to repeat it to him. Allegedly it ended with Kelly pinned against the door of the dressing room getting a right going over.
  10. First set of jags for the wee one today, she was a trooper and calmed down very quickly after it all. Just hoping the side effects don't come to much for her.
  11. They are apparently building a link road from the M74 to the M8 that is going to run up through ravenscraig. No idea where our how but that was the chat a few months back when they announced the start of the next phase which has just started. https://www.motherwelltimes.co.uk/news/traffic-and-travel/190m-road-will-link-motorways-1-4640530
  12. Don't think it is just the main stand, the pitch is a massive drain and the east must take a load upkeep as well, judging by the nick of the concourse yesterday after the rain. I don't think there is much that could be done with the main anyway due to the houses and given the estates now where the old college was, I think we would get a fair whack by developers to carry that further up, houses basically back onto the south stand now. A new stadium is hugely overdue and I anticipate it will be in this next phase of the ravenscraig development.
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