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  1. Not if maintained properly. I've never heard of the floodlights failing at Celtic Park or Ibrox. When you look around some grounds you can see where they lack maintenance and upkeep. Understandably given the lack of money around, but my question was an honest inquiry. The SFA insist in 'quality' and standards - how do they measure the efficiency of the things they insist on? Vale and Whitehill could be emptied because they don't have lights - others have lights but they can't be depended on.
  2. Not the first time the lights at Gretna have failed. When it comes to licensing, is there any requirement to prove the lights are up to the demands?
  3. I read on here earlier in the week that the management team at VoL had resigned after the game on Saturday but I've never seen any confirmation since. Nothing on the club facebook or club web page? Anyone shed any light on the situation?
  4. It was me CJ Always enjoy your reports so you have at least one avid reader out there
  5. Yet Dunipace only won 5-0 after 90. Does that say something negative about them? Show some respect to a team who are trying to hang in there every week. Teams like Craigroyston and Peebles make the leagues what they are. East of Scotland football stepped up massively in quality lately and there will be humpings and bright moments for a lot of teams like Peebles. If they keep plugging away then fair play to them. Others haven't survived which is a pity.
  6. I've seen situations where the person concerned has refused the assistance of others. Could be the lad didn't want touched until the professionals arrived?
  7. My understanding of the shambles was Bonnyrigg didn't meet the criteria that was set (albeit with a major last minute change). When the Rose advised the SFA that they'd have the lights up in time the SFA basically said "Hard lines - and you can't appeal the decision." Now common sense has prevailed but I wonder what the events were surrounding the turnaround. Did they admit they were being stupid, did they acknowledge that their process was 'illegal' / open to challenge, did they concede in any way that they were wrong....or did they just saddle up to a Bonnyrigg representative and say "Here's that certificate we were talking about, I managed to sort it out cause I ken a guy who kens a guy"?
  8. Did the SFA ever give an explanation as to why they went from "No chance, and there's no room for an appeal" to "Well done on your promotion"? I find it concerning that such an important organisation can be in such a mess yet unaccountable to anyone.
  9. Are Lowland League players not insured?
  10. Since Sir Peter was pushed out - Whitehill have been everyone's whipping boys. Bring back Peter and there will be no SFA u-turns and Whitehill would be gifted the lights currently in use at Hampden Park.... just to keep the peace!
  11. I didn't say they needed an extensive background in Scottish football - I said "....people who genuinely have the good of Scottish football at heart and as a priority."
  12. The sad thing is the cabal that is the SFA hold all the aces. Clubs could and should appeal the decisions and publicly embarrass the SFA - as some have done; but their cards will be marked and you can guarantee that any opportunity the SFA get to 'pay-back' will be taken. What we really need is a root and branch review of the SFA and the appointment of fresh blood - the appointment of people who genuinely have the good of Scottish football at heart and as a priority. If football at this level had any morals no club would take up any invite from the Lowland League to fill in space No.16 as a protest to the treatment of Bonnyrigg Rose.
  13. If Linlithgow apply and are successful - who takes their place in the EoSFL - Leith as the second best 6th place team?
  14. I seen a post on Berwick's Facebook page from Paul Harvey calling Little a snake and saying he was supposed to be joining Harvey next season. The post has now disappeared
  15. Did you also note that Johnny Harvey 'liked' the post? I wonder what bit he's liking, dig at the board, his efforts....or the players letting him down? Or it all!
  16. Meanwhile in a parallel universe far far away..... Tsk Tsk CJ, pay attention to detail
  17. It was after that game that Harvey told 'the Penicuik 3' to request to be released from their contracts........ Harvey and 'The 3' should never be mentioned at Penicuik Park, unless you can handle the backlash.
  18. A point to note about Harvey's successful path - his right hand man at the time was Keith Wright (Ex-Hibs striker) Could it be that Keith was the brains behind the project and now that he's gone; Harvey's been exposed? As for boards lack of action. When Harvey brought a senior citizen into the changing room to try and motivate the players to realise how much Berwick mean to the supporters etc. That was basically Harvey admitting he no longer could. The board should have recognised that fact. And as for player turnover. Harvey is well know as being arrogant and hard to get on with. It's his way or the highway. He's chased players from all the clubs he's been at because they didn't buy in to his ways. At Berwick the only players he could convince to join him at aren't good enough. What makes him (and others) think that this will change next season?
  19. Do Linlithgow have a youth tie-up? I'd say both Penicuik and Broxburn stump Linlithgow on that area? I'd also suggest that if there's a requirement for youth development - there should be some consideration given to the number of players developed over the years who've went on to play with the team. Too many teams playing without few, if any local players.
  20. Berwick thought that when they replaced Robbie.......
  21. I'd say it also shows the value in having a budget to spend on players?
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