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  1. Fair bit of hatred spouted towards the old firm on this thread. Different story when your club asks Rangers or Celtic to send a team through for a pre-season money maker friendly. Just saying.......
  2. Seems it only needed to be clear to George to get the wheels moving. Or, perhaps George knows that the teams in the league will support the proposition? On the other hand, if this is voted down then George is obviously out of touch with the teams in the league and should review his position.
  3. Like, say Duns or Selkirk? What signifies 'ambition'? Vale have their own ground, they've bent backwards to get floodlights fitted - the money spent on maintaining their ground and getting the lights could have been spent on recruiting better players? They have as much right to be in the Lowland League as any other team - until they are relegated the right way. It might be next season, maybe not. "They've finished 4th bottom or lower since 15/16." Perhaps some negative comments and attention should also be paid to Dalbeattie - a team who've also graced the bottom for the last few seasons?
  4. In fairness to andrew21 he does make a fair point. Vale are the whipping boys on this forum and it's the same rubbish that's spouted. 'Saved by the pandemic', 'get them to f**k' etc. And now we have "Here’s hoping all their whinging has cost them any goodwill they had from the majority of LL clubs & the LL board." A very strong statement from someone who then offers up the 6 year history of his club. Vale were founding members of the Lowland League and have 'survived' in the league since it started - 8 seasons. As their manager pointed out they have a track record of surviving the drop. It's easy to say they were saved by the pandemic the last two seasons - but nobody can say 100% that they'd have been relegated in those two seasons - yes it looked very likely....but it was never 100% fact. Perhaps they'd have repeated the Houdini act? Oh, and Vale were formed in 1891 - will BSC be around in 130 years?
  5. Worldwide pandemic claims the lives of thousands. Virus spreading an alarming rate through simple contact. Countries shutdown to try and slow the spread. In other news: Fury at tier 6 decision to null and void season. "Another wasted year" claims Bigbro19
  6. Just reading Morley's post Big Dougie, he indicated that that may be the thinking......
  7. Can the league afford to take the SPFL to court? Talk's cheap.......
  8. Bit disrespectful to all the clubs playing in those leagues - and those running them is it not e.g. Tranent?
  9. Who'd be brave enough to tell Ando that the season can't be completed but Vale will have to go.....
  10. Is this really necessary? Casey Jones will be allowed to attend games as he provides match reports and updates. I'm sure he doesn't have to be a committee member to assume that role.
  11. Might have been a good time to have re-cast the Vale of Leithen v Heston Soccer Shop cup game?
  12. I'm thinking that whatever was done to allow the clubs to stream now - should have been discussed and sorted before telling the clubs they couldn't....and then they could. For me the people in these positions should have pro-actively sorted out permission, realising that the streams are so important. The fact that they didn't makes me think they are in a position that they really shouldn't be in....
  13. It's been reversed now, glad that common sense has been applied It really concerns me that the people in charge of our game thought it was acceptable in the first place! Surely someone, somewhere should have said / recognised that they were killing the one source of fund generating some clubs had?
  14. As announced by his new club yesterday, Jordan Smith has joined Tranent Juniors. Smith who joined in the close season is reunited with his old Tynecastle boss Calum Eliot at the Belters and we would like to wish him all the very best at his new club. We would also like to acknowledge the people behind the scenes at the Big T in the way the transfer was handled.
  15. Pretty sure the Vale players will be loving the ignorant and disrespectful comments above. Hopefully the innocent East Stirling players aren’t on the end of a dull one when the teams next meet.
  16. Don't know why 'we' quote the rules when discussing refereeing decisions, they seem to play to a different set most weeks......
  17. Rubbish - they're unbeaten against the Border Amateur teams if you care to take the time to look at their results properly.
  18. That's from the Berwick Rangers' fans Facebook page......
  19. Brora v Morton Attendance: 497 https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/match/2019-2020/scottish-cup/brora-rangers/greenock-morton/168309 Tweedmouth Rangers v Oakley was postponed.
  20. So many missing counts - is it too much trouble to ask that clubs provide or gather this information to help Burnieclub78 continue their excellent work. It's all for the good of the leagues and game at this level.
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