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  1. Yawn. Anderson gave the money, not Hearts. Irrelevant who he supports.
  2. 1 league win in 15 is it? I’m not superstitious. Those kind of stats don’t mean much but I’ll be happy to see that go to 15+1.
  3. At what point do you begin to turn into yer da? If you do, you must be stupid because there are so many warning signs here. Anyone worried, even just a little?
  4. It’s garbage. I’ve gone on a run of not listening to it for a few months. The wee bits I have heard send me further away from it.
  5. Going by last Saturday he’s not the only one. Some article, subscription only, saying that teams can’t cope with St Johnstone’s new style of play. Suggesting it’s devastating. Really? 🤣
  6. Might have fumbled a few of the saves Parish made, letting them squirm under him and into the net. Is he too tall and so it takes longer to get down to make a save?
  7. Cute that so many wee pandas are on here talking about the real Saints as if to deflect from their team’s completely impotent performance in today’s game. United trolling. Clever.
  8. Since when did Kilmarnock start poor and pick up? 18 months of SSC and everyone forgets they were in the bottom six and battling the drop for years.
  9. Almost as hilarious as what happened to your shambolic club. I can’t stand the OF but they’ve both got a few games in hand on the scale of losses Hearts racked up from March to July.
  10. I find it interesting. I like the new analysis on twitter but no idea whose doing it. Often confirms what we think but sometimes there’s a surprise or something we haven’t considered. Keep up the good work Randoom.
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