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  1. See. Told you he’s rotten. Scotland call up will prove it.
  2. I don’t want to listen to some non-football person we’ve never heard of talking about how they used to walk their dog in some park, what they did at school or what their favourite biscuit is. I like to hear people talk about football, not the most unrelated of subjects.
  3. I can’t imagine why they invite a singer on to a show about football (I know she’s married to a player). This show is trying too hard to be something by having little known non-football people on. For me, it adds nothing and wastes air time. She should stick to singing. Plenty people who aren’t so fussy and so they’ll listen to her bland tunes.
  4. Doesn’t matter if it’s 2019, we’re talking about OTB right now. It’s a tired, dull format. Past its sell by date. Often there are long periods of drivel with no mention of football. Some obscure guest or one of the two C’s havering about something from decades ago unrelated to the game.
  5. Highly qualified to comment. Maybe she could write a song about it - it’d be like all her other songs: I wouldn’t listen to it either. I thought there was a confidentiality clause?
  6. Takes it over £30. So I’m out if that’s the case.
  7. When I go to Cowdenbeath I know to expect Cowdenbeath levels of facilities. When I go to Aberdeen I get ripped off by their overcharging for worse than Cowdenbeath levels of facilities.
  8. That’s just comparing prices. Pittodrie facilities are abysmal.
  9. Something, at long last, we can all agree with!
  10. £30 in the top league is my limit. Once it hits that, Celtic opening league game, I refuse to go. Don’t know when I last missed a Saints game at Celtic. Will now. Scandalous. Who will be next? Looks like Hearts.
  11. Hope they get relegated. Again. It would be a just outcome for this dishonesty.
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