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  1. I hate the premier league. Zero interest in that level of money in the game. I also detest the boring champions league. I may be in a minority. See that stupid advert for sky that the game is only live once? How patronising. Yes, Sky, it’s LIVE once, and I prefer to be present, not watching on tv. If it’s on tv there’s nothing LIVE about it.
  2. Ali Crawford to score the winner after Zander keeps United out with seven or more outstanding saves. United go on to finish fourth and Saints slide inexorably towards the play off spot.
  3. About time we handed these Highlanders a sound beating. What are the chances?
  4. And not have six stewards threaten me for telling them that my Hovis bread wrapper, believe it or not, had a sandwich in it. Disgusting way to be treated.
  5. Non-refundable tickets. What if you can’t make the rearranged match?
  6. This won’t be a meh derby. There will be goals, chances, flair and all in abundance.
  7. Anyone expecting a home shot, shot on target, goal, point or win here?
  8. You don’t need a defence against Davidson. No attacking threat a couple of your youth squad couldn’t handle.
  9. Perhaps my memory is failing me, certainly at home Hearts didn’t beat us for ten years? I do recall when we had a great period when we visited Edinburgh and rarely lost. Maybe I was including the other big team from there but the two teams are fairly indistinguishable.
  10. Never mind Hearts big game tonight, what about this domestic fixture? Used to go to Tynecastle, our favourite away ground, with a sense of anticipation. Under Tommy Wright we owned the Jambos. Now that CD has sucked any enjoyment and threat from our play, we go (some don’t even do that) with zero hope and with little expectation of anything other than a (heavy) defeat. It’s as miserable as I’ve ever been following the club and I recall the dark days pre-Geoff when we were in the bottom tier.
  11. Thanks, I wasn’t sure. Enjoy your season. 3-0 away at United is a good win regardless of their crisis. After hearts this week we play St Mirren. CD continues to kill our enjoyment. It’ll be a drab 1-0 either way.
  12. Joe was great for us. He also played his part when we won the cup double and finished top six. Gave away goal on last day pre split that saw us leapfrog St Mirren. Failed to intercept for Kane’s opening goal in semi final. Maybe committed the foul for Middleton’s free kick? Above all, he is very decent person is big Joe. Hope he does well wherever he goes.
  13. At least Randoom contributed something of interest, unlike said fans and some journalists.
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