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  1. Story of many of our seasons with long poor spells and long good spells. Imagine where a whole season of consistently playing well would leave us.
  2. Way too much. Bland, predictable garbage. Probably.
  3. Keep the ball you say? Scrap Holt, the youngsters do that better than anyone.
  4. Enjoyed a day at the seaside. Once Saints adapted to the conditions there was, for me, only one winner. The sending off, horrendous by Muirhead as the Ayr fans agree, came after our equaliser by which time we were on top. I thought Zander went down in stages for Ayr’s opener, the move leading to the goal involving some nice play. We created so many chances we could’ve scored seven, with Zander a spectator once we levelled and after the Muirhead red. Great day out. Impressed with club shop. Bit rude coming in to someone’s home and singing •••• yer Ayr, but I understand the throwback. Young team were great, no trouble that I could see. Stewarding companies have no clue how to control a crowd. You don’t alienate them with pettiness. At least speccy did give a wave and a laugh.
  5. Enjoyed the game and atmosphere. Very impressed by the Ayr United club shop. Puts ours to shame in terms of size and range of goods, which weren't all cheap rubbish.
  6. Would I be happy to sell one of our best players for a paltry £70k while we are fighting relegation? It’s all perspective and context. Glad to see you having something to fret over. I would laugh to see you robbed as we were. Some of the earlier posters here are in need of some humility and acceptance that we’re all diddies
  7. The juggernaut’s run out of fuel. Seems that SSC was a blip. Back to normal for the Killie bottom feeders hopefully, right beside us. Makes it more interesting.
  8. More likely someone from outside told them it was wrong.
  9. That you are prepared to say so is good, good on you for that. Others can continue their criticism of the club whilst underestimating the role/MO of the agent and overestimating the power of a smaller club like Saints. There’s a lot the club could do better but they can’t force an unwilling agent to talk early. As for Tommy’s comments, isn’t it true that he sometimes tells the media something that later turns out to be misleading? Give them nothing, they’re hardly any better than agents.
  10. Randoom, that’s a bit of an odd thing for you to [email protected] gave an excellent view of what was said at that meeting. Others present verified the point about an agent not even being willing to talk to the club.
  11. I checked. Is there really no sponsor? I’d be tempted as a kind of protest and wear it to St Johnstone games
  12. Some of our fans wouldn’t have “bomb-scare” Ambrose if it was up to them. They’d take Berra for his experience. It’s a mad world. (Randoom - I’m not referring to you here).
  13. Tribunals? Really? That’s the answer to incompetence these days? There, there, you take that bad man to the tribunal. How many in football do we see in tribunals? You’ve failed. Bye. Someone else is offering you a job or how much of your contract will you accept to go away? If somebody doesn’t get in there and sort it there’ll be no premier league Hearts. Levein and his sidekicks have taken them down far enough. As for Budge, she’s looking less the great businesswoman and saviour by hanging on to toxic Levein. What do I care? I support St Johnstone.
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