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  1. He’s been injured for a large part of his time with us. Doesn’t seem to have happened for him. I’d say it’s best for everyone if he moved on in January.
  2. I’ve sat in the main stand through a good part of the Danny Lennon era. There were roasters back then and there will be roasters nowadays. It happens in every ground in the country, it’s not exactly exclusive to St Mirren. I often think how would the folk who shout abuse at managers and players, feel about random punters turning up at their workplace shouting abuse at them.
  3. The old guys who sit behind the dugout in the main stand are supposed to be relentless with the abuse towards, just about everyone from players to management. Thankfully I sit in the west stand.
  4. It’s a pity Marcus Fraser went in a bit too quickly on Kent. Had he let the useless twat just run on a bit and leave him to do what he usually does, like f**k up the final ball. Then we could and should have had all 3 points. I can’t think of a worse refereeing performance than what was on show today, from Glancy. He wasn’t even subtle about either.
  5. The Daily Ranger has previous for unsettling opponents of the dead club, especially when said dead club are in dire need of points. So in order to secure a win for said dead club the powers that be, have Given brother Dallas the gig on VAR. You couldn’t make it up.
  6. It looks like Robbo will be off to Luton. It’s a no brainer for him as he’ll no doubt be on a much bigger wage. Club captain and fans favourite in his time at Luton. Not sure who we would go for as a replacement if it happens.
  7. Watching the game back on alba. That’s 100% a red card for Mitchel.
  8. I’d say that we’re definitely going through a tough spell where players form has dipped. Away form is very concerning but if we can give the starting eleven a shake up, then there’s no reason why we can’t go on another run of better form.
  9. I’d agree my language was harsh in describing Erhahon as a waste of a jersey. He’s got so much ability but can’t seem to find consistency to his game. My main gripe is that he completely falls out of games and doesn’t appear to do any of the basics in an effort to help the team. Of course he’s not alone and as a collective the team and manager have lost their way somewhat in recent games away from home.
  10. Baccus was not in the game last week at Hibs, same again today. Erhahon completely missing in both games. It might be harsh but it’s true.
  11. We have been dug shit for weeks, let’s not kid ourselves on. Baccus form has dipped and Erhahon is just a waste of a jersey at present. Gogic is not a centre back and Fraser is miles off it. Dunne was also rank rotten today. Combine all these players off their game with a manager who won’t change a system that doesn’t work, and you have a team sliding back to the bottom 6. The fact that Shaughnessy isn’t walking into that defensive line up is also a problem.
  12. Gogic is not a centre back. It was painfully obvious on Saturday. Big Declan Gallagher is our main man in defence, without him starting then we should be playing Shaughnessy. Midfield were hopeless on Saturday too. When Ethan has a poor game it’s like playing with ten men. He doesn’t try to play himself into the game, he just disappears. It was a very poor performance all round. It’s a wee bit concerning to see Robbo changes personnel but won’t change formations when it’s not working. Teams have sussed how to play us away from home and it’s pretty much hard to watch us soaking up sustained pressure and giving up Possession for the majority of the game. It feels like we just invite relentless pressure, hoping we get lucky with a breakaway goal. On sat it never worked and we had no plan B.
  13. It’s a shambles that it’s been allowed to go ahead all things considered. We all know the human rights issues don’t matter to the corrupt elite who run world football.
  14. Paul McNeil is one of life’s good guys. See him and his boy at games and I follow his journey on Twitter.
  15. Aye but it all ended as good mates after a wee heated discussion
  16. If VAR are going to look at incidents as far back in the build up to a goal. Then we are fucked, if a player trying to fend off someone who is actually fouling him with a brush of the hand then it’s a farce. If that had been a Rangers player in the build up to that goal then it would have stood.
  17. Glorious to see the tears dripping from this post. Cry some more
  18. That was eye watering stuff today. Easily our worst performance to date. The players should be embarrassed by that display. If we play like that against a decent side then I’d be expecting to lose. As for the match official, his performance made a shite game even more unbearable.
  19. It will only be an issue if it has an effect on the outcome of the title. Either half of the cheeks will inevitably cry to the relevant authorities if it costs them points. The blue bigots in particular will have lengthy statements already prepared.
  20. Hatley fits the criteria for commentating on a Rangers match,. He appeals to the majority of their fan base who are just angry simpletons.
  21. Planning permission has been granted to begin the work involved.
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