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  1. Scott will be deployed as a winger who can do a job up front if and when required. Goody does love a versatile player.
  2. Middleton only has a handful of first team appearances with Rangers, and when he’s been out on loan. He’s either going to get a chance at Ibrox or he’ll be punted as it will harm his career if he’s not getting a chance to settle with a club, and get a proper run of games. I agree that it’s more likely Jim will be going for Kennedy who he previously tried to sign on a PCA. Experience will definitely be what Jim is looking for, and he’s gone on record before to say that he’s always admired Kennedy as a player.
  3. Give it a rest with this talking sense stuff, you’ll get nowhere with our fans who love a moan without knowing the facts.
  4. John Needham is a damn good choice as our new chairman. Gordon Scott will remain as a director after handing over the reins to John. What a job he’s done in not only stabilising the club from a very precarious position, but he’s been the main driving force behind the fan ownership, right from the start. Bravo to the outgoing chairman and the previous board for all they’ve achieved in time slot that’s way ahead of schedule.
  5. I was in from the beginning and also have a spot on the wall. I know there’s a huge issue with the attendance limits at present. But you can’t take away from this monumental achievement in the clubs history. Lets hope board and fan relationship will improve now.
  6. McCarthy had a wee wobble after a tremendous introduction to Scottish football. He’s our best centre back by a distance and has the potential to go on to a higher level. Hopefully he signs a new deal and continues to progress. He’d be a first pick for me week in week out.
  7. How long is Kennedy under contract for, and has he been told by Glass that he’s surplus to requirements ?.
  8. Sad news that we’ve lost another one of our 59 cup winning legends RIP Tommy Leishman. There’s a lovely tribute to him on the Linfield official site.
  9. Wigan coming in with a low ball offer deliberately trying to unsettle McGrath. As for Rotherham and the 100K bid for McCarthy 🤣 What a shower of chancing b*****ds.
  10. Embarrassing first half performance. Better get the finger out for the second half.
  11. I reckon anything that footballers do say in any given interview with the gutter Press, will be completely rehashed into whatever agenda they require for maximum click bait.
  12. I’d be surprised if we got him if Hearts are in for him.
  13. Far to late for us to arrange a friendly with the late cancellation of the cup tie. It’s not looking good for the start of the season if that’s a couple of teams already effected with Covid.
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