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  1. McCarthy has been a revelation since signing in the last window. What a player we have in him. I’d be more than happy to get Davis or Shaughnessy to play beside him.
  2. I guess this might put an end to any speculative hope of a Harry Davis return ☹️
  3. You’ve done it now, all of those Weirdo Hearts fans on Twatter will now go on a full scale meltdown blaming St Mirren for causing the flash flood.
  4. Agreed, I’d expect the likes of Hibs and the Dons to be interested.
  5. I think both home and away strips are excellent. My boy has asked me to get him both kits so they must be decent if the young generation approve .
  6. Touch of class from Vaclav, he’s going to be almost irreplaceable. What a keeper he is, he’s got everything to his game and crucially he’s comfortable with taking the ball on either foot. His distribution kicking and throws outs are top class. I hope he does go to Düsseldorf as he deserves his chance of a big move.
  7. Hold that result, just seen Craig Gordon social distance queuing at the Phoenix Asda.
  8. Exclusively revealed by the Sun on Twatter. Hardly a credible source. 😏
  9. Graeme McPherson on twitter says he watched Accies on a good few occasions last season and that he would be an excellent acquisition.
  10. What a lift that is to actually win when it really matters. It’s pretty much in our own hands now, but the injuries to key players could still hurt us. McCarthy Durmus and Young Cammy McPherson are vital players to lose at this crucial stage of the season. Sam Foley Jamie McGrath and Jak were outstanding tonight. No failures in what was a battle.
  11. Our lack of cutting edge was always going to come back and haunt us at this stage of the season. Time for Jim to abandon the stay in the game mentality, and get the players fired up to win the game whatever way they can.
  12. No chance, we are by a mile the team certain to finish bottom.
  13. We’ll do well to keep the score line respectable. We can’t score goals and we will do what we usually do. Try to stay in the game for as long as possible. If or more like when we lose the first goal, then the game will effectively be over. 0-1 Saints.
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