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  1. I was happy to oblige in your otherwise shit existence as things go at the moment. It’s probably more fun trolling on here, than watching Aberdeen.
  2. Glorious to see Curtis Main and Declan Gallagher get the goals.
  3. What a clown he is for that elbow on Charles Dunne. Definite red card.
  4. Is there a possibility that Reid has signed for Palace and then he returns on loan, to the end of the season?
  5. He’s more likely to earn us a fair wedge in future transfers. It’s a shame he was never given more game time.
  6. Some real petty shit going on with our fans about both players. Both are really good players who can excel at times operating in the same position within the team. Ethan has been excellent this season he’s young and still learning his trade. Hopefully he’s does progress and gets a bigger move after doing well for Lincoln.
  7. That was enjoyable to see us extend our unbeaten run to 10 games at home. The plucky stoolmen couldn’t cope with big Curtis Main, what a boy . Sweet revenge for playing the b*****ds off the park first game of the season.
  8. That’s probably what I’ve read on here or on Twitter. I thought the lad had already signed a PCA with the club you mention.
  9. If I’m not mistaken the lad you refer to has signed a PCA with a club in Europe.
  10. Interesting if part of the deal is County taking on either part or all of his current wage packet. I’m assuming if it works out the deal might become permanent.
  11. It would appear that Scott Tanser has now become the main target of the boo boys. There were more than a few who who turned in some woeful performances today.
  12. That’s comfortably our worst performance of the season and far from a reflection of how well we’ve been playing.
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