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  1. Fair point but Brown has serious issues with hip and previous pelvic injury. Davis has looked after himself and can still cut it quite easily at this level.
  2. He’s probably made the majority of his money while playing in the EPL, so wages might not be that much of an issue if this is his first venture into coaching.
  3. I’d be a bit sceptical of how we could afford his wages tbh.
  4. Who decided that young Dylan Reid came back ? Was it Queens Park or our management team.?
  5. He left ICT and went on loan to Clyde for the final months of the season. That fat seething mess Dodds wasn’t giving him game time.
  6. Folk should remember that players signed from a similar level by Robinson, while in charge at Motherwell were comfortably better than anyone we had at that time. We’ve not had a player like Ayunga so let’s give the lad a chance to show what he can do.
  7. He’s a genuine legend at St Mirren. Came back when Jack Ross signed him, and was the driving force behind the team who performed the great escape from relegation to playing his part as captain of the championship winning team the next season.
  8. I would love to see him come back to the club. Hopefully part of his journey to become our manager eventually.
  9. Fair enough, but inevitable when relegation is confirmed. Who would you be looking for to replace McGhee and give you a proper chance of a squad rebuild, capable of challenging to come straight back up.
  10. No wonder they are now cost cutting and clearing the decks with all the back room staff, if they are actually paying one guy £3.5 K a week.
  11. Father Time catching up with Charlie Adam as happens when you get to a certain age. In dead ball situations he’s still got quality but his body is telling him that he’s no longer able to maintain the required level of fitness by the look of it. As others have said it’s a bit sad to see. His contribution to our title winning season will always be remembered. He was outstanding for us.
  12. First player after Ronan we’d all want for next season. I suspect our old Gaffer will be trying to get him up to Aberdeen if he’s now saying that he’s likely to stay in Scotland.
  13. Once upon a time I was a decent left winger. About 4 stone ago
  14. Gerry was massively popular amongst staff and players when he was last with us mate. A good appointment for me.
  15. There’s a player in Erhahon somewhere and probably best he moves on to a fresh start. He’s never really established himself or sorted out his attitude. To suggest his colour has anything to do with his inability to show the correct level of performance required at this level is bonkers. He seems a nice bubbly type of lad and is only about 20 years old. He needs to do a bit maturing on and off the park, and sort out his issues to move on and further his career.
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