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  1. McCarthy had a wee wobble after a tremendous introduction to Scottish football. He’s our best centre back by a distance and has the potential to go on to a higher level. Hopefully he signs a new deal and continues to progress. He’d be a first pick for me week in week out.
  2. How long is Kennedy under contract for, and has he been told by Glass that he’s surplus to requirements ?.
  3. Sad news that we’ve lost another one of our 59 cup winning legends RIP Tommy Leishman. There’s a lovely tribute to him on the Linfield official site.
  4. Wigan coming in with a low ball offer deliberately trying to unsettle McGrath. As for Rotherham and the 100K bid for McCarthy 🤣 What a shower of chancing b*****ds.
  5. Embarrassing first half performance. Better get the finger out for the second half.
  6. I reckon anything that footballers do say in any given interview with the gutter Press, will be completely rehashed into whatever agenda they require for maximum click bait.
  7. I’d be surprised if we got him if Hearts are in for him.
  8. Far to late for us to arrange a friendly with the late cancellation of the cup tie. It’s not looking good for the start of the season if that’s a couple of teams already effected with Covid.
  9. I’d take 300K and a sell on clause for Erhahon, I’m not his biggest fan tbh and often think he’s overrated. But he’s young and if he can screw the nut and work hard at his game, then maybe he’ll progress if he gets a decent move.
  10. Happy to see Jim still wants to add a couple of players with pace to the squad. Young Henderson can’t do it all on his own for a season, and McAllister can’t be relied on to stay injury free. Sounds like he’s looking at the loan market.
  11. I’d agree on the back 3 I’m not a fan at all. I would be shocked and surprised if we don’t see at least 2 more signings before the league opener. We definitely need a replacement for Durmus.
  12. Stop all this negativity CS, are you Elvis in disguise.😆
  13. If the club were offered 500k then he’ll be gone. With a sell on clause and add ons that would be decent business.
  14. I like both kits especially the home top. I’d also agree that unless the strips are an abomination then it’s nothing to get fussed about.
  15. Indeed he has, and when his short term deal with Hibs runs out, he’ll reach the dizzy heights of league one in England with a better deal than he originally had with Cheltenham.
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