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  1. Graeme McPherson on twitter says he watched Accies on a good few occasions last season and that he would be an excellent acquisition.
  2. What a lift that is to actually win when it really matters. It’s pretty much in our own hands now, but the injuries to key players could still hurt us. McCarthy Durmus and Young Cammy McPherson are vital players to lose at this crucial stage of the season. Sam Foley Jamie McGrath and Jak were outstanding tonight. No failures in what was a battle.
  3. Our lack of cutting edge was always going to come back and haunt us at this stage of the season. Time for Jim to abandon the stay in the game mentality, and get the players fired up to win the game whatever way they can.
  4. No chance, we are by a mile the team certain to finish bottom.
  5. We’ll do well to keep the score line respectable. We can’t score goals and we will do what we usually do. Try to stay in the game for as long as possible. If or more like when we lose the first goal, then the game will effectively be over. 0-1 Saints.
  6. Huge game for us where we really must get 3 points given the next match is at Celtic on Saturday. League status was always the priority for me, getting to the cup quarter final was great but this game is far more important. Let’s hope we turn up and find some cutting edge.
  7. He’s been superb of late, he’s got genuine quality if he could just up the consistency, and stay in the games for longer. But I suppose that’s what you get with wingers.
  8. I wonder how the wee Greenock virgin will react when the two gangster brothers ditch the bus company, and plough the rest of their dirty money into gaining control of Morten.
  9. It could have been a whole lot worse for Kearney, he could have been employed by Morton and forced to live in Greenock for 6 months. That’s something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.
  10. It’s worth pointing out that this is JG’s first season as a full time manager. The way things are going it’s going to be another scrap at the end of the season. If he can get us to tenth place and keep us up without being involved in the play offs, then that’s a successful first season in anyone’s book. Could be a big ask mind you the way things are going.
  11. He’s been superb since joining the club in the window. Totally agree that he’s a future captain. If he continues with this rapid progress, then we’ll struggle to hold on to him for the duration of the two and a half year contract.
  12. Tbh we deserved a Pen for the fact McCarthy tucks his shirt into his shorts. One or two fellow buddies have mentioned this to me at recent games. He’s old school and to be honest he can tuck his shirt in every game if he continues to impress with each performance.
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