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  1. Are you that WUM Lord Pity me from Black & White army ? Because this is exactly the type of shite he spouts on that site.
  2. An honest answer would be that our failings don’t come as a surprise to the vast majority of realistic buddies. For years our club has been a graveyard for strikers, aside from Michael Higdon and Gavin Reilly in the championship winning side from two years ago. Our successful academy at Ralston has failed to produce a striker since Barry Lavety way back in the 90’s.
  3. I’m not sure what’s going to happen in this game, as regards to how we set up it might actually benefit Jim’s favoured system of playing on the break after surrendering the majority of the ball to the opposition. If as we expect to be under pressure for the majority of the game we can hopefully hit them on the break using Durmus and McAllister to create openings, for Junior and Obika to squander. 0-1 Saints Sam Foley to score.
  4. Waters is a dependable left back but doesn’t offer enough going forward. Both he and McGinn have to better offensively if we are to create more chances in forward areas. The last two home games demonstrate the point as both have failed to deliver any decent ball into the box.
  5. I’m not confident at all about today’s game. I can only see an away win. We look like a well organised side who knock the ball about well, but crucially we have zero goals in the team.
  6. I’m personally devastated that Hamilton are one point ahead of us 6 games into the season.
  7. No case to answer for Kyle McAllister, so all of the pathetic wee whinging grass bags can move on to the next target.
  8. That has to be the worst game I’ve seen since the last time we played Hamilton. Make no mistake we were absolute dog shit from start to finish. The fact that we couldn’t score against ten men says it all. Now for my gripe, Accies were wasting time from around 15 mins into the game, and that could have been stopped had the inept wee fanny of a ref done his job and booked the keeper earlier in the game. We are toothless and lack any kind of cutting edge in the forward areas. Long season ahead and the honeymoon is over for Goody, this is nowhere near good enough.
  9. Just seen someone post that we’ve shifted 4988 home tickets for today’s game. That’s good going all things considered.
  10. The boy was desperate to get away as Stubbs had already made it clear he didn’t rate Stewart. Another monumental f**k that was trademark Stubbs.
  11. Big Ross has always had great potential and given time I think most of us buddies knew he would most likely fulfil that potential. It’s great to see him prove that imposter Stubbs wrong, in letting him go. It was a travesty that he was allowed to leave or more to the point pushed out the door by a man who will never manage at this level again.
  12. I reckon the big fella might be blootered judging by the way things have went on this thread.😂 On a serious note I don’t think we can judge where anyone will finish until after the second quarter of games.
  13. I’m not really interested that you seem to be looking for a bite. It’s five games in and our strikers haven’t taken enough chances. That’s my concern. The last thing we need is to bump another manager after 5 games. We need stability and I’m sure Jim Goodwin will get it right given time.
  14. Five games in and it looks like yet another season of toiling at the bottom of the league again. I genuinely thought recruitment was good this season but performances and results have told another story. Where do we go from here if we can’t find anyone who can score goals.
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