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  1. I’m a bit puzzled by a Saints Poster who doesn’t see the benefits of having so many players involved at international level. Each to their own I suppose, probably just scunnered with football in general. I think it’s brilliant for the profile and prestige of the club. Not to mention the possible financial boost, if both Aussie lads make their squad.
  2. I’m not so sure as Declan Gallagher has been capped before and played in important games at international level. Porteous would be a risky choice in such an important game.
  3. I wonder what happened to the footballing experts from Lanarkshire who told us our players were rejects and the manager would be hopeless.
  4. He ended up in Australia playing Pub football. Probably a level above his ability.
  5. You reckon ? In my 50 plus years of watching us, he’s without doubt the player with the worst attitude and the least talent I can remember. I’ve seen some others like Jim Gardiner and the like, but not one had his appalling attitude and sheer lack of talent with a ball.
  6. Alan Stubbs should have received a lengthy jail term for signing that fucking clown Josh Heaton. Easily the worst excuse for a pro footballer I’ve ever had the misfortune to see.
  7. Kieran Offord is definitely one we are going to develop into a first team player. You guys will like what you see as he is quick and can beat his man with ease, and he’s a good finisher. He just needs a bit more first team experience and some regular game time in order to get up to speed. Cracking young striker.
  8. Not in favour of allowing Kiltie to leave especially if it strengthens a rival club. Also we have a relatively small squad in which we will most likely require his services through injuries or suspensions. Having said that if both Joe and Gregg Kiltie leave in this window, I’d be gutted if we didn’t have at least one more signing lined up to cover left back.
  9. I don’t think Jack Ross has suddenly become a bad manager but he definitely started to believe in his own hype. If he hadn’t jumped ship from Saints for the poison chalice job at Sunderland then maybe serving his time at this level would have stood him in good stead for progressing a promising career at the time. I don’t care what anyone says he gave me and many other St Mirren fans two of the best seasons of recent times. The great escape and the title winning season are up there with my best memories.
  10. It’s exploitation of tribal instinct ? Is Keevins fucken serious. When a so called journalist can’t grasp the reasoning behind this move by our club it just goes to prove the point about our media in Scotland. Pandering to the sectarian hordes. Get that decrepit fuckwit in the sea.
  11. I feel pretty much the same, in the pre season games or league cup ties, Tait looked like he was done at this level and miles off the pace. But he’s been superb in the last few league games when it really matters. Similar to Marcus who looked as if his time was up. Great credit to both players for showing they can still contribute.
  12. Given that everyone is expecting Tait to make way for Tanser when he’s fit again, will Robinson change a winning team in order to shoehorn Tanser in because of the quality of his deliveries into the box While Tait no longer has the pace required he’s been playing really well in the system the management favour.
  13. Fortunately for Hibs we weren’t at our best. Still comfortably the better team and should have scored at least 4.
  14. Yeah my mate sent the pic via what’s app so I didn’t bother trying to open up the link, when I did try I then realised I’d been done like a kipper
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