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  1. You won’t see Kyle in the stripes again. I’d be surprised if the club didn’t sell him now that he’s got less than a year of his contract to go. No gate revenue coming in for this season and bottom of the league.
  2. Piss poor from Goodwin that’s he’s not addressed the left back centre back issue. Add to that we have Foley and McCarthy not performing anywhere near the levels of last season. Get us a proper left back and another centre half pronto.
  3. I need to eat a bit of humble pie after slating Zlamal in this thread last night. Aside from not coming off his line and taking the cross for the first goal, he was excellent last night. The difference was him having a few days training with the squad. Fair play to the lad he proved me wrong.
  4. Get that useless Hearts dud to f**k. Alnwick would have come off his line and taken that cross before it got to Duffy.
  5. Cammy being slightly better than Sheron is good enough for me. Sheron is nowhere near good enough for this level.
  6. I fear a similar scoreline that Ross County suffered against Celtic. Shaughnessy will make a difference but only if Sheron is punted and Cammy McPherson brought in to shore up midfield. Id also drop Obika and start with Erwin and give Connoly a run from the start. Durmus and McAllister are passengers thus far.
  7. I won’t bother watching the game then, he is beyond shite. Get him despatched back to the rats of swinecastle.
  8. Game over, yet another shocking performance with more than a few passengers nowhere near good enough for this level.
  9. The creepy and vile scumbag has now been plastered all over twitter by folk disgusted with his vile tweet. He’s deleted his Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  10. How can you even try to justify that tweet about Tony’s dead son you fucking bellend.
  11. Just seen this from a Hearts fan on Twitter. What a vile sub human scumbag he is.
  12. Unless there are 3 or 4 other players testing positive, then the game will definitely go ahead.
  13. There are genuinely Hearts fans on Twitter gloating that we have two players testing positive for this horrible disease. I despair at these people who are clearly the absolute dregs of society.
  14. Erwin will be a very decent addition to the squad for me. The left back rumoured to be coming in will also offer plenty of experience and give us more balance in the squad.
  15. That’s a great signing for Ayr, so long as you play Jack with a more experienced centre back alongside him he’ll be solid. No nonsense old fashioned type centre half, but gives it his all in every game. Great servant to St Mirren and I wish him luck at his new club.
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