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  1. Lowest scoring team in the top flight, I’d say we are bang in a relegation scrap. I don’t know where the next 3 points are coming from and it’s highly unlikely that it’s going to be at Tannadice, where our record is nothing short of abysmal. How long does it take for JG to find out his preferred starting eleven, and why is he constantly playing defensive football with players who quite clearly are not comfortable with this tactic.
  2. I honestly can’t see a player in Erhahon. Unpopular opinion but I just can’t see a player in him.
  3. Mason is a waste of a jersey offers nothing and was the main reason the smallest player on the pitch scored the winning goal. Livingston are a good side but in the second half they were there for the taking. Sadly for us we never turned up today and haven’t done so since we knocked out the Govan tribute act. Goodwin got the starting line up all wrong and he knows it. Erhahon and McPherson were up against far too many experienced players in the Livi midfield, Goodwin should have went with Flynn and Foley. Gutted that he never set us up to win the game from kick off.
  4. It’s a bit of a footballing cliche but confidence and belief has got much to do with how a player performs. Davidson has faith in Shaun and he is reaping the benefit of a manager who trusts him. I can still remember him telling me that Ian Murray didn’t bother contacting him or his agent after going on trial with St Mirren. Hearts then had him in for 6 weeks and did exactly the same. He’s going to boot my nuts for divulging this info.😂
  5. When he was an apprentice engineer working beside me, he played for Queens Park part time under Gus McPherson. He asked me to come and watch him and tell me honestly if I thought he could make it as a full time pro. He was 19 and I told him if he continued to work hard at his game, then he had all the tools to make it. His attitude is first class and he’s very humble guy. I’m so happy that he’s proving so many people wrong.😃
  6. I’m made up for my pal Shaun Rooney who had the game of his life tonight, he doubted himself at one point when he had trials at St Mirren and Hearts before Dunfermline signed him. He’s a great lad and deserves every bit of success that comes his way, especially after coming through some very tough and tragic personal tragedy within his family.
  7. We’ve managed to do the hard bit by knocking out Rangers, it will be a real sickener to lose out on a place in the final after coming this far. Its a one off game and anything can happen. I just hope we turn up on the day and don’t take our recent league form into this cup semi-final.
  8. Why not ? I’ve already donated money towards it. They’re only asking for £5 or £10, most guys would piss ten times that amount against a wall. If folk want to help out then fair enough but don’t berate anyone willing to help.
  9. I find it unacceptable that we have players who clearly don’t match other teams work rate. Why cant we roll the sleeves up and match the opposition work rate. It’s never going to go all your own way in games. But at least show some desire and hard work ethic If we aren’t firing on all cylinders.
  10. Put the smart money on Livi who are bang in form. St Mirren are massive underdogs given how utterly shite we’ve been since that Quarter final win over the Govan tribute act.
  11. Not surprised that we continue our abysmal record in Perth, we’ve been utter shite since knocking the tribute act out of the cup. If you like a bet then stick the smart money on Livi to win the semi-final at Hampden.
  12. Adam Hammill done it twice in the same week v Hearts on the sat and then midweek at Easter road. Both better than Shankland’s effort last night.
  13. What’s actually funnier is that FTOF is in fact correct you can clearly hear the crack from Mugabi’s boot as it connects with Erwin’s leg.😂
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